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  1. No way Fatality spams in ferox, just to run away and end while foe goes into multi! Stupid victims lmfaoooo Wonder why they left each cluster for a bank while Foe stayed in the wilderness eliminating all BP and LY dogs on site LMFAO Keep lying to your members LOL
  2. No way FI spammed at us in ferox and wouldn’t follow out into multi, then ended their trip, LOL
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, December 12th: Final Ownage Elite set out today for the final trip of 2021 peaking at over 60 strong. Our goal today was to remind the entire Pure Community that the roots of FOE remain the same no matter what happens. If you are reading this, we most definitely killed your Anti-FOE clan in 2018, 2019, 2020, now 2021 and will continue to do so. And that's not even counting before 2018 when 90% of you newfags didn't even clan LMFAO. That said, we set out ready to fight Fatality, BP, Rage and LY 1v4 (the weakest Anti-FOE alliance ever created full of cosplaying, victim clans who are fucking trash) and to cement another end to the year as the Greatest Pure Clan of All time. Our sights were set on Fatality, who has been the biggest victim clan (losing multiple rivalries) for the last 7 years since Chris resigned in 2014 after being humiliated by FOE. Nothing has changed to this day. We knew that Fatality tried to hype up the weekend as the last trip of the year but they just got shit on like dogs after peaking at only 50. Big let-down ngl. We started our day with a nice hit at gdz on LY/BP and cleared them instantly, For some reason Rage was there and got fucking obliterated LMFAO. But that was just short and sweet. The real fight began when we teled up to gdz knowing FI was there. Their low iq ranks think they could fight FOE 1v1 AT GDZ LMFAO and gave us what be basically wanted. We easily began sweeping them from the hut as they started to run away LOL. We pushed Fatality ALL over the map; from gdz all the way west to lavas, then west to spider hill, then south to mossies, then south east to vents and towards dwarves, then south east towards 26 hill, then south to sperm and ghost hut. The entire time they were begging for BP and LY to save them because they were getting farmed and pushed around the map. It didn't matter to us, we just focused on Fi forcing them to teleport out multiple times to get a mini regroup while we farmed their trash clan. FOE NEVER BANKED ONCE BTW. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN A 1V1 BTW DOGS While Fatality got their fake ending spams in edge (just to return to the fight and teleport out again), FOE was dismantling BP at sperm fully clearing them. Legacy tried sniping the trip and did absolutely nothing except get shit on as usual. Towards the end of the farming fest, after everyone teled out and Final Ownage Elite was the only clan left in the wilderness, we approached Fatality at ferox to go for round 2. After flaming the fuck out of them for being dogs, we spread at CA... WHILE Fatality FUCKING ENDED LOOOOOOOOOL. Your low stamina clan has been and always will be dog shit. We look forward to continue demoralizing you over and over for many years to come. Cya next year victims. ~Parviz ~Pete ~K2P ~Gerald
  4. Looks like @K2Pbullied all anti-foe off this topic just like we did Sunday, lol! Easy
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