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  1. Give us a couple of weeks, we just fed the bears. Look picture down below.. we training cubs to catch fish! And maybe we should starve you guys out, just like you hide from the sharks for months haha so pipe down... Oh btw fudog Rage has a prep every week, call out your leader to actually prep others in the meantime? You sound bored haha 😂✌️
  2. playing with mains and still bad at the game ✌️😂

    1. lnfamous Jet

      lnfamous Jet

      Rage openly bring zerks to fight other pure clans! Not suprised

  3. Goodfight y'all looked fun. unfortunate I wasn't there ;double training session killed me
  4. @Big Meatwith a blue cape disgusting.. :spit:

  5. Stutterpking at it finest. Hopefully they fix this crap till next week.. oh btw; KINGS OF ZEAH! hahaha
  6. sup lost to much members to compete.. I think they took the correct pill.. 😛 Lovely returnfight with foe & hopefully in the future other clan's step up and pull a bit more so we can have huge clusters 🚀 no need to pull 20 only
  7. Strong technobeats.

    Strong bears 😎🐻

  8. gz eu! and thanks for making this event happen slushpuppy THEE FINAALLL COUNTDOWNNNNNN ooooooooh
  9. as expected.. bark for us NA 🏆🥇😂
  10. join rage 😛 #ontopic Brigada looking strong! nice performance
  11. I woke up to take the dub. Good shit everyone who was there! Brotherbears looking strong
  12. Bearclan Rage 🥇🏆

  13. glad to share action with the family.
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