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  1. hassan & the boyz are back!
  2. 3:10 this is kinda the biggest gwas in 2019 haha! o m g that's insane BEARS ARE LEGENDS
  3. Rage members are the sexiest online and offline takes notes.. To be fair our fattest,skinniest members even look dominating asf, hide your e-girls we're coming 😂
  4. Goobjob on typing and pressing enter!
  5. Retards retaliating to mains. Pathetic 😂

    plata o plomo?

    Come to the bearcave for non-stop clean action.

  6. Rage is back, and all we do is prepping each week? how is your clan doing? hahaha
  7. Strong bears ❤️ I made 50 bears happen
  8. We're becoming stronger & smarter by the day. 🐻🤤 Join the bearcave for W's
  9. Wish ly pulled more.. Thanks for the action! Rage #1
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