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  1. this post gave me cancer
  2. Poshstronaut

    pure/midweek/verified BT Clears XL Down 5 Was EZ!!!

    LOL NBK was a clan of nobodies are u kidding me ? Would never agree to a prep or mini, stay irrelevant posting vids from 2k17
  3. BT has been hitting xl nonstop every weekend why would we be hiding behind them?
  4. Poshstronaut

    pure account ex-mf looking for a warm home

    Come to Foe brother Foe-rs.com
  5. Poshstronaut

    What's Envy's next move?

    the true laughing-stock of any clan scene
  6. Poshstronaut

    Foe vs Apex P2P Mini 4-1

    Well done FOE
  7. Poshstronaut

    Im Whip

    Welcome back my friend whip! Anyone saying this dude isnt trustworthy is full of shit! Good loyal dude Let's pk again sometime msg me on disc
  8. Poshstronaut

    midweek [11/12/18] Noxious Monday Ft. 3hit, Ambush, Blitz, FH & Randoms

    oh yeah gz noxious good midweek
  9. Poshstronaut


    throw in the towel ascent
  10. Poshstronaut

    xlpc 💀 Noxious xLPC - 50-65 CB Pure Clan 💀

    Good luck dudes. your discord link is broken btw.
  11. Poshstronaut

    thoughts on eop becoming a main clan

    becoming? lol always been jeez
  12. speak up eop :D

    1. PICwarior381


      Shut up posh or imma camp your ass <3

    2. Poshstronaut


      what did u join eop or something pic got damn

    3. PICwarior381


      Rather kill myself than be eop or foe

  13. Poshstronaut

    Caw Caw!