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  1. Delete the gif and ill join ur clan
  2. 😕 im not even ly anymore off im team
  3. Did you know? Joining sko automatically increases your dick size 4 inches and makes you better looking irl? Look into us and drop a intro on our forums.


  4. Didnt u try creating a clan with all of sko ranks and they couldnt be asked with u and left u to make a better clan? confirm or deny Ty for fights rage/imt hopefully tmrw 0 mains and 100% clean action
  5. Wow im a gr8 p2p warrior and a gr8 p2p caller. btw maybe if ur ags hit when u tried sniping ppl we wouldve won smh. Also nice dying to 4 ppl twice i thot u were gud?
  6. 😕 Nox its okay maybe another clan will close into you again soon and youll win for a weekend

    <22:19:29> You were banned permanently from the server by "Nox" (bradyb)

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Bradyb


      dog walked apex all weekend but then again nothing new for apex, if its not legacy its another clan doing it... Has apex ever won a rivalry? l0l0l

    3. Deserie


      You never fought us this weekend but thanks for the free smoke at revs + clw this past week. Let me know when you take a W off us l000l.

    4. Deserie


       How did IR's dick taste @Bradybl0000000000000000000000l

  7. Heard apex got dog walked by foe all day? Feelsbad

    1. Deserie


      I heard Legacy just ended 30 minutes early on their first official trip? Feelsrealbad

    2. 13 Defence

      13 Defence

      Lmao, heard your remembered as Derbs autistic brother.

    3. Anthony Joshua

      Anthony Joshua

      I heard 3/4 of apex ts has you on mute l0l

  8. Blue hat storm coming 


  9. Foe been at the ditch longer then a normal weekend trip would normally last 😕 just get off so i can chuck

    1. kyleG


      apex has been longer 1 iteming in foe capes then actually using gear

    2. Down Opts
  10. What kind of #1 p2p clan ends 30 mins into a trip with no fight?

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    2. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      Just remember, it took two clans mass joining you guys to have a single good weekend in 6 months. Grats big guy you got to be in the wildy on a weekend fuck yea!

    3. not rockman leader

      not rockman leader


    4. Bradyb


      Foe has always had performance issues... Must suck being virgins

  11. Supp/foe can you guys stop hiding im bored as fuck, just get same cape and fight us

    1. not rockman leader

      not rockman leader

      they dont trust their members ability to clan without the use of mains :S

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