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  1. Gf all except you @Brandonaka e-pussy, aka phd of cwa, aka hotgun.
  2. Bragging about being rich on a java based dungeons and dragons medieval times simulator? Stop typing at me ly sympathizer.
  3. The clan world seems to think otherwise, ly sympathizer.
  4. It's funny your attempts at diverting the point. Your dogshit clan paid me for locations you already had. Ty for 80mil
  5. Ah yes, 80mil = 25 bucks ?
  6. When [cp]sam decided to leak our logs
  7. I'd flame your callers but I don't even know who they are lmao.
  8. Bradyb has seen the light. You can too. Join fi.
  9. Good decision brother.
  10. You think I tried for your dogshit clan l0l? This is me trying... belieber = @Bradyb
  11. Greetings Mother Fatality and pure community, I am coming to you today to tell a story about the clan who call themselves legacy (lowercase as a sign of disrespect). Earlier today I got into a flame war with some +1's in said clan, so the big bad [cp]sam decided to flex his noodle arms and leak my entire operation. Not anticipating this, my mission was cut short, but I have gathered enough information to share it with you all. As many of you know, a fellow clanmate of ours, I won't mention his name (starts with L ends with alo), joined the clan with intentions of leaking to ly. Knowing this, I decided to reach out to braindead ly ranks, to see if they were stupid enough to pay for the same leak twice. (They were) And so began our agreement. I got to come to Fatality events to kill dogshit clans, while ly ranks paid me to give locs of a clan who pulled 10-15 more than them, all while pocketing 15-20mil a trip. The total payout from giving locations to ly was ~80mil, split between my Warlord and Chief @Lee Then another ly rank approached me when I was recently promoted to Elite. (Him being the only legacy rank I respect as he seems like a nice guy and from what I hear from the countless ly refugees leaving their clan, he is the only competent rank. It's nothing personal friend, just business) This rank asked me for any propaganda he could use from my newly required Fatality Elite Boards. For those of you who do not know, Fatality Elite Boards do not exist, so it was quite comical. As I mentioned earlier, my mission was cut short by [cp]sam so I couldn't write up a fake topic to sell to him; this was quite unfortunate as he was offering me 50mil for a "juicy elite board topic". As you'll see below, I stalled several times to give Lee and I time to come up with a topic to feed to their desperate ranks. The last bit of content I have for you all is to display just how incompetent ly ranks are at the game. I was invited (along with many other "cwa prods") to several of their preps and was able to capture the audio of one. Let's just take a look/listen in to what goes on in this absolute dog shit thing they call a clan. Thanks to those of you who read through it. Hopefully this is an eye opener for those of you still stuck in legacy. Our giant green doors are always open. Sincerely, Nathaniel John Beast, 2nd of his name
  12. Bro I never heard of siege or vendetta what are these?
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