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  1. Down Opts

    cwa Fatality vs Supremacy 3-0 P2P Prep

    Lol gj [Fi]
  2. Down Opts

    Apex Members, Please Explain v3 [No Bullshit, Just Results]

    Apex hasnt lost to foe in 2 years in p2p lmao no wonder why they wont prep
  3. Down Opts

    Fo keeps donating

    foc got focked today
  4. foe broke 4 times today was ez for Apex

  5. foe just got dicked lmfao 

  6. Nice to be on top

  7. Down Opts

    Despite everything....

    Been in Apex for almost 4 years, we don’t bring mains in capes, however, we do bring alts to scout kill between hits
  8. I was there and can confirm
  9. Down Opts

    Apex Hosting

    @Yuno yo stop by apex teamspeak i need to talk to you thanks