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  1. gf, although we went 2-0 in sets and perfected you 2x gz apex http://clan-apex.net/community/index.php?/topic/19317-apex-vs-sup-p2p-mini-2-0-sets-ft-2x-perfection/
  2. Good action - not sure you can claim a win after your clan getting farmed for 2 hours though... check out my POV
  3. Apex hasnt lost to foe in 2 years in p2p lmao no wonder why they wont prep
  4. foe broke 4 times today was ez for Apex

  5. foe just got dicked lmfao 

  6. Been in Apex for almost 4 years, we don’t bring mains in capes, however, we do bring alts to scout kill between hits
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