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Everything posted by Yaz

  1. I got recruited from a Cp YouTube video in 2009
  2. Was pretty litty most action btw caught clans in massive clumps
  3. legacy saved the pure scene btw

    1. Jaya Bee

      Jaya Bee

      agreed ty for fights bois

  4. Yaz

    weekend Legacy F2P Saturday FT Sup,Fi,IR

    Ty for action ty pure community
  5. Yaz

    Legacy Vs Supremacy 11v11 P2P Mini 2-1

    Gg soup!
  6. Yaz

    Supremacy Vs. IR 2-0 (small prep)

    We just beat you guys 12 v 12 shall we call it small prep too lool
  7. Legacy btw

    1. Blue


      long live legacy

  8. Good job FI nice to see @Leedoing work
  9. What a trip we revived the scene and then dominated it
  10. Legacy revived the pure scene

    and then dominated it

    1. toenail884cutter7


      welcome but idk bout that

    2. IMT
  11. Imagine not being a spartan 

  12. Yaz

    20 def movement?

    I got maxed 20 def and maxed 1 def Wsup
  13. Yaz

    watfuk is this lmao

    Legacy revived the scene
  14. Legacy really did save the scene