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Everything posted by Yaz

  1. Cringe circle jerking clan rage lmfao

  2. Same mains cycle month on month

    one claims says the other

    both abuse 

    new players suffer 

  3. Spartan btw 

  4. Legacy on my chest

    I fucked ur clan while u were in diapers 

  5. 💨 💨 💨 🔥 

    Lightwork for the Spartans 


  6. How cringe can you make your propaganda campaign 

    Do better Rage 

    1. Bruta


      ur brainwashed by cp samir l00l

    2. BvG
  7. @Nibletyeet or be Yeeted @Lord Ex is coming home soon, he just doesn’t know it
  8. Stfu no1 is brainwashed, we don’t just flood sb with random shit. We don’t depend on having a top post to feel a sense of self worth. Please exit my mentions, and go back to circle jerking with your cringe ass squad
  9. you wrote this post but LY will still pull 80 and smoke all clans Dint make me come out of retirement just to end your clan not to mention all the fucked things you said./did as an Ly rank
  10. WHo do I flame now

  11. Fifa 20 just came out and it’s lit 🔥 


  12. Welcome to the community of trolls, keep your wits about you, everyone here is filled with propaganda. love you @Grey Wolf
  13. How do you guys balance full time employment and clanning?

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    2. Godfather


      i'm nocturnal and normally work nights anyway so it works out.

    3. Jamz


      ill know in a month

    4. Scims


      By not working a job

  14. I feel bad for cdead members 20 pulls and ur own rank team dox innocent members
  15. What rises must fall and falls must rise same cycle forever hope foe isn’t dominant for a while, because eventually they will always go back to #1
  16. Didnt @Elvetry and make his own community pure  clan forum but fail horrendously?


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    2. ╲⎝⧹NL_Ronald⧸⎠╱ส็็็็็็็็็็
    3. Elve


      @yaz can confirm that i didnt create and am just a admin of a community discord. which is exactly where it needs to be. dribbler.

    4. Yaz


      @Elvelove u brother keep me stocked 😂😂😂

  17. I came out of retirement for that one 

    gf Fi!


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