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  1. How do you guys balance full time employment and clanning?

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    2. Godfather


      i'm nocturnal and normally work nights anyway so it works out.

    3. Jamz


      ill know in a month

    4. Scims


      By not working a job

  2. I feel bad for cdead members 20 pulls and ur own rank team dox innocent members
  3. What rises must fall and falls must rise same cycle forever hope foe isn’t dominant for a while, because eventually they will always go back to #1
  4. Didnt @Elvetry and make his own community pure  clan forum but fail horrendously?


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    2. ╲⎝⧹NL_Ronald⧸⎠╱ส็็็็็็็็็็
    3. Elve


      @yaz can confirm that i didnt create and am just a admin of a community discord. which is exactly where it needs to be. dribbler.

    4. Yaz


      @Elvelove u brother keep me stocked 😂😂😂

  5. I came out of retirement for that one 

    gf Fi!


  6. In today’s news Cd losing ly winning Water is wet
  7. Why would fo prep outrage they have everything to lose and nothing to gain
  8. You quit your under-minimum wage job to play runescape and now you cant afford to pay your mother rent. Keep using libary public wifi. Keep muted because no one wants to hear that disgusting voice. Keep providing me with members. You had very little to begin with and i even took that from you.
  9. How you gonna afford jb tickets u struggle with rent
  10. Ace ur a meme lord lmfao
  11. Don’t make me expose you with logs 

    you begged me for a rank and cried when I kypd you

    You quit your irl job for a 1999 Java based medieval game and still lose to my clan

    Pay your mother rent man, or you gonna be back to playing on coffee shop Wi-fi from the bench outside l00000l

  12. Quit his job to reopen cdead for the 11th time after 10 failed attempts. Is about to get kicked out of his house by his mother after failing on the rent.

    Who am i?

  13. 48db6732071f6f95088e06167be98c19.png


    Pay him or pay ur rent

    choices @TBR

    1. TBR


      Yazmin stop sucking off foe my guy! They won’t save you

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