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  1. Don’t make me expose you with logs 

    you begged me for a rank and cried when I kypd you

    You quit your irl job for a 1999 Java based medieval game and still lose to my clan

    Pay your mother rent man, or you gonna be back to playing on coffee shop Wi-fi from the bench outside l00000l

  2. Quit his job to reopen cdead for the 11th time after 10 failed attempts. Is about to get kicked out of his house by his mother after failing on the rent.

    Who am i?

  3. 48db6732071f6f95088e06167be98c19.png


    Pay him or pay ur rent

    choices @TBR

    1. TBR


      Yazmin stop sucking off foe my guy! They won’t save you

  4. Yaz


    Lol cdead got rolled into a blunt and smoked 💿 = dead go get a better day job instead @TBRoh wait u quit ur job lmfaooo
  5. I rolled CD into a blunt and then smoked them

    Pay ur mother the rent

    1. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      keep going i think it's hyping up your clan to bring it back

    2. Fear The Beard

      Fear The Beard

      l000llll its over yaz

  6. Yaz


    This is an op update you can still have 5 binders but each one is 3x more effective now

    The fact that these weird ugly virgin fucks think they have any chance versus CD is mind boggling

    Just listening to how these kids sound makes me wanna neck it especially that cookiez kid holy fuck 

  8. TBR get that cock out of your mouth

    why do you sound like that lmfa000

  9. Cd fucking smoked in p2p

     TBR shaking irl

    imagine sounding like that hahaha 

  10. Hahah @TBRI’m living in ur head rent free why do you sound like you have a cock in ur mouth when you speak why did u quit ur job to lose to my clan
  11. Bark for me doggies

    we all know you cant use ur cringe mains in P2P lmfao

    1. Zeke & Friends

      Zeke & Friends

      Keep telling yourself that

  12. Look at all the CD rats coming out of their holes looooool


  13. Tbr quit his job to lose to my clan hahah

  14. Yaz

    it comes to no suprise

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Come get this man, hes drunk 🤣