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  1. Killa#9261 for a way out

  2. Chase the money Chase the money
  3. Yaz


    CD isn't a clan wars clan, never has been
  4. Gz rage big winner bear clan
  5. Good idea, good for clans, good for the scene
  6. Yaz

    Open 3 weeks

    Cd trying to get noticed. We got bigger fish to fry lmao.
  7. Yaz

    Legashit Threatens CD With Mains

    Imagine taking brady flames seriously no1 is surprised CD is gonna try and use mains
  8. Yaz

    CD raging on discord.

    Loooool @Ace Kravegonna sort them out dw
  9. For revs the best clans are Dc, legacy, onslaught, and team rev
  10. Yaz

    What do all of these clans have in common?

    CD brings 20 tanks and has closed 5x Ace scammed for 10 dollars No1 is winning this one
  11. I am a male and was born without a penis. The doctor said it would never grow back and I’d have to get s prosthetic penile implant. Out of frustration I refused. I was 34 years old without a penis. Until one day it started growing. Not just growing my dick is now 13 inches. The only thing I did differently was join a osrs pure clan called Legacy. Please no copy pasta. 

  12. Yaz

    cwa Legacy Vs Fearless 3-0 P2P Prep

    You seem mad elve, it's not that deep man