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  1. Don't complain about mains when you're clearly using mains
  2. imagine being that paranoid about our 7 leaks in your clan you resort to illegal activities on the internet in 2019. its a yikes from me dawg
  3. !loc CD P2P aftermath 

  4. Then spartan boys are difffferenntttt gg pure community see ya next week
  5. go ahead broski do your thing. keep this same energy tomorrow @ 2pm est
  6. You seem upset. Btw why do you act as if hittin is involved in your dogshit clan lmfao? dumb cringe kid
  7. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord After a week of popping bottles to celebrate independence of America, Legacy easily massed 70 Spartans ready to face anything the wilderness had to offer. CD decided to have signups this week in the hope of catching the Spartans slippin...jokes on them because they were forced to team with Apex/Fi less than an hour into the trip. Oh yeah and btw CDEAD didn't have the balls to fight us away from a return location lmfao. In the last month we've managed to reduce CDead to using less than 10% pures on their weekend trips & forced to forge an alliance with Apex/Fi. Gz Legacy Prior to any APEX/Fi/Rage Intervention Cya next weekend 1 server clan CDead @JD POV Interested in joining a clan that doesn't need other Pure Clans assistance to compete? www.legacy-rs.org
  8. HEY. CDEAD. Kthxbye

    1. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett


  9. Nice losing topic lmfao stay ez losers cya next week since you wouldn’t dare to pipe in p2p
  10. Ur doom brothers are in legacy check us out www.legacy-rs.org
  11. HEY. CDEAD. #pickthetime let’s prep losers

  12. Cd is a dead clan we are in your heads rent free stay ez
  13. Can’t wait to see who Critical Brain Damage begs for help today 🧐

  14. Favorite part was when I 1v1ed cds leader in front of our clan and he planked lmfao
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