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  1. could u guys apply for amb so i can give u ur points?
  2. puppyslush


    o? derbs is back? also ditter is back to pure clanning?
  3. Yeah they don't. it's just simply an activity/pull aggregator. However do you think we can measure weekend trip performance?
  4. So it's based on opts Midweek: opts/10 * 0.2 * 3 Weekend: opts/10 * 1.50 * 3 I am open to adjusting them
  5. Definitely there will be points decay. The system is still in beta stages so I am ironing out the kinks
  6. hey, even for expose topic containing wrong doings of others, please kindly make sure that ALL personal info are removed. Thanks.
  7. idgi, so an LY member is leaking to CD but also leaked the logs to you?
  8. not getting what the pic has to do with your meat
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