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  1. grats, use this as an opportunity to quit the game and better yourself
  2. Ecstacy

    Nominating callers for GMT/EST event

    Merica F2P Primary Caller: Nate Beast Backup: y4nk Backup: Pibb Backup: Robbyy P2P Primary Caller: Nate Beast Backup: R3v3nged Backup: y4nk Backup: Butplay
  3. Ecstacy

    cwa GMT vs EST pure event

    would be fun
  4. Ecstacy

    Florida Mass Shooting & Gun Control

    nigga lost and did the ultimate rage quit
  5. Ecstacy

    team Knockout - P2P Clan Wars Team

    lmao I remember this shit
  6. Ecstacy


    they not worth the time and effort
  7. things looking up for the fatality franchise
  8. Ecstacy

    Fatality as of June 2018

    fatality is not afraid to dive into the luxury tax with their free agent signings and I respect that
  9. Ecstacy

    why does fi struggle?

    they been slumping ever since they tried to "tighten the leash" on TLP only reason they were a powerhouse in 2013-2014 was cuz TLP closed into them
  10. Ecstacy

    Who should challenge FOE next??

    TLP would be in there like swim wear