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  1. Large vouch I like that you're keeping a portfolio so you can slap the link to that shit on a resume if you ever decide to go pro
  2. ready to dust off the addy
  3. will the runescape clan play runescape against the other runescape clan? I'm moist with anticipation
  4. can only imagine the lack of preps that go down per week nowadays
  5. never liked their clan culture but did have a few pretty good friends in there throughout the years
  6. grats, use this as an opportunity to quit the game and better yourself
  7. Merica F2P Primary Caller: Nate Beast Backup: y4nk Backup: Pibb Backup: Robbyy P2P Primary Caller: Nate Beast Backup: R3v3nged Backup: y4nk Backup: Butplay
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