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  1. ok now fight fi or rage u dumb gloryhunter bot
  2. gf ly also reminder fo got 4-0ed by zenith and 4-0ed by ly 2 weeks ago in 20 opts p2p
  3. lmfao the victim u remb early 2020 how we fucked this dude was brutal bro
  4. they guy who did break u in sup dumb gloryhunter, i legit gonna break ur neck in fo aswell and nothing u can do about it
  5. dont break ur clan is not allowed to do 10+ opts against us and im about to send u into retirement or into a new rd version if u think otherwise hl a fi kids lawi/jon/nate or who ever to mini 1 hour after sunday trip no way u allowed to do it
  6. lmfao why this @Teleportingpiping up we legit bullied u out of sup with ur weak ass mentality and soon we gonna bully u out of fo dumb belg
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