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  1. ah yes thank u single strip i was waiting for this
  2. are you guys making propaganda videos for your runescape clique lmfao big neck
  3. whahaha all that talk but refuse to prep sup or foe ironic p2p us thursday 6;30 est gl pussy
  4. lmfao i broke u so hard that u wont prep apex in p2p and now make fake propaganda topics silly clown
  5. It is Sunday, the 5th of August. We pull an impressive 73 and peak at 80 mighty sharks. With this pull and yesterdays momentum we were set for a great trip. We jumped straight in the action with a 45 min return fight at gdz clearing AAO, IR and Supremacy and showed Foe that avoiding us in clanwars will not stop us from gwasing them. Videos @Shoan ake mine The trip started off with a huge cluster at gdz. The main fight was between Apex and Eop and we went back and forth for a good 45 minutes. Clans with small boats aproached and tried to mingle with us. When this happened we shifted our focus and quickly cleared them off the map. AAO were our first victims when we gwased them at gap. Supremacy and IR made the same mistake later and got disciplined quickly. Thanks for the clean fight Eop. After regrouping we meet AAO at corp hill. We clear them in no time and continue fighting Fi at 18 port. We push them off the map and head to ca where we find Mf who freeze up and tele upon seeing us. It's been 1.5 hours and Foe finally found the courage to fight us. With their poor calling they quickly found theirselves clumped up and ready for slaughter. It will be a very LONG time untill they prep us after this GWAS. Another cluster commenced at ca and we jump in with no hesitation. We clear AAO and Misfits multiple times. Foe arrive late once again and we quickly clear them as soon as they do. This results in a return fight that lasts for a long time between Apex and Foe with slight tingling from AAO. Due to superior member quality and calling Apex easily come out on top eventually. Pictures
  6. dont even bother to quote me u legit where crying on ts when nox demoted u from apex emo wreck
  7. biggest prep loss streak in pure clanning history (0-46) lmfao u clan was legit garbo matched u should merge with envy
  8. ty for free win eop is legit garbo in p2p clw tyen era under ub/apex is legit 7-1 in p2p preps vs eop
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