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  1. Looking to get a new forum of mine hosted, how do i go about it? does anyone here apart from slush puppy do it? kinda want it done today or asap if anyone has a hookup that would be sweet,
  2. Just as the title says, looking for someone to make me a banner, I'm not too sure of the dimensions but its for my forum, here is the link: www.oi-rs.com i would like the colour to go with the forum, please pm me or comment here if you can do this! looking to get it done [email protected][email protected]@!
  3. Hey guys, looking for a team that i can pk with, not into this huge clanning business and i don't really have the dedication for it atm. Just looking for a team to pk with when I'm online, which is pretty often but i don't have a set schedule. Multi/singles/deep anything that looks like fun. My stats are 90 range 94 mage with barrage/81 str 44 prayer 72 cb. Add me ingame @ Remique or post on here if you have anything i may be interested in! peace
  4. What is your real life name? George What are your hobbies? Ice hockey / being a nerd Answer here What is your RuneScape history? Started in 2001 when I was a mere foetus but quit about 537458 times since then. Was in foe in 2005. Dabbled in other clans but nothing srs Answer here What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Maxed 1 def hybrid Answer here What clan are you in? N/a still thinking of one I want to be in Answer here Anything else: add me in game if you want to hook up: Rsn:Slummy Answer here
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