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  1. t0ne

    nmz botting

    How'd it work out?
  2. Blake Lively mmmmmmm. I'd give up rs for her.
  3. Is this still a thing b/c I am down with the clown.
  4. t0ne


    @@Break Thanks man & thank you for the welcomes bros.
  5. t0ne


    G'day sharkbrew, the name is Tone. I have been playing Runescape on and off since 05/06 and have been playing OSRS since 2016. All but my first account ever have been pures of some sort and my only account on OSRS is a 1 def d claw pure. As of the beginning of 2017 I have focused more on skilling and bossing setting goals for myself to keep the game fresh for me. I am going for max minus def, pray, and attack along with 100 kc for all bosses. After I finish that I will go for all boss pets as my end goal for pvm. Sprinkled in at the end of skilling will be some more pking when I only have Hunter and Slayer left. I will use these last skills for some fun anti-pking in the wildy. The cc I normally hang out in isn't very pvp oriented and I am hoping to join a clan that I can pk with and not just get gang gang gang'd out in singles with no one out there with me. I won't get to Hunter or Slayer until 2018 next time so I won't post in the 'Looking for clan' section until the time comes. Any of ya'll into things on RS besides pking? I think pking is the best part of the game, but I am also interested in the other facets. Hope to get to know some of you. -t edit: here is a pic of my stats https://imgur.com/a/j4mat
  6. Was out of town for a bit, thanks for the replies guys! I will message some people in-game today about joining and not participating in Wars.
  7. Hello, I am normally on most days and have the most time on the weekends. I am 77 cb and this is my main account. NOT looking to war AT ALL. I am however looking to go on trips to multi to various wildy hotspots in p2p. Stats: 60 Atk 91 Str 1 Def 93 Ranqe 52 Pray 94 Mage 87 Hp Please feel free to PM me or post here! t
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