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  1. You literally tried to steal danrics joke which was already bad. Your jokes are as trash as your clan trying not to clump.
  2. That feel when you get Giants Clubbed a 31 in a mini lmfao

  3. Gj Kaney Waney, only fucker I know who smokes kids while baked.
  4. Lmfao UB clumped and got smoked again just like last week. Ty for range xp.
  5. Shouldn't you be streaming with a click bait title, pretending you're drunk again?
  6. Another win for the Olympus Pure Clan.
  7. most cancerous thing ive ever seen and i have stage 3 lung cancer.
  8. Another win for the Olympus Pure Clan. That's so weird why didn't UB clump up like they did on the weekend trip?
  9. Why though? If you're clearly upset or mad when you get asked if something is wrong, could you not be a complete zuck and say how you feel? We're all virgins because we're in a Runescape clan so my question is, why are you such a bitch by saying nothing is wrong when it is, and I know you've have done this before. Flame me.
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