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  1. Hi there, Chasing a quality clan that pulls deece numbers when needed, maxed or close to maxed members & does revs/multi pk trips/inners (big emphasis on revs). I'm wanting a clan that doesn't throw a million requirements at you, understands that we have lives & commitments outside of the game but want to enjoy some quality when you are playing! Iv previously been in misfits prior to it closing, I regularly lead revs trips with a bunch of like minded pkers daily (4-8 strong generally) & understand how to call/keep things tight when against other teams. Currently practicing my bridding (maybe a 5 out of 10? Don't quote me on that), I want to run with the best of them & learn to be the best I can be alongside my clan mates all whilst making bank. I'm AUSSIE based too & understand it's hard to find clans with an Aussie presence, I can start something special in your ranks for the Aussie scene or I'm hoping you already have some form of Aussie member base. Check my stats out of you like.. user is X ii i. 81 cb, 60 attk 99 str 99 range 92 hp 92 mage (94 within a matter of days) 52 prayer 1 defence with DT done. Let me know if you want to know anything more & I'm looking forward to being a part of something special again! Cheers, X I.
  2. Hi all, As above.. Chasing a maxed/High stat 1 def pure clan that has the numbers! I'm based in Australia & try to get online as much as I can, when I do I enjoy regular revs trips, wildy roams and am always down for a war. Im on disc (not vocally but can listen to calls). I'd like a clan that has high numbers online most of the time so there's always action.. & regularly organizes trips, iv seen so many colored hats and to be honest, I have no idea which one to choose! Currently 81 combat with 60 attk, 98 str, 99 range, 94 hp, 52 pray, 88 mage & currently working on 99 mage/strength. Look forward to the replies!
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