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  1. Hey all. I am a very old school player attempting to make a comeback. A little about my clanning past: I started my pure career in the original SO ( supreme ownage). After being a part of that clan for a while and learning the ropes I decided to make my own IO ( intense ownage). It had a ton of success for about a year, after which I decided to leave and join fatality due to Fi's SO roots. I stayed with FI for a REALLY long time and became a really well known pker at the time. After about a year or two I was promoted to High Council in fatality. I hung around anothe year as HC then decided to take a break from RS. After my return a year later I joined MM with a good friend and pk'd with those guys for a while until I decided to call it quits again. Long story short I'd like to help a smaller clan out while I work the rust out from my long layoff. Past clans: SO, FI, IO, MM Past pures: 0o0 End 0o0 , Chef Current pure: 0o0 End 0o0 Stats: 60 atk, 85 str, 80 range , 77 hp, 1 def, 65 mage (working on 94)
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