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  1. Smh what a shitty vid, you used 9 glory’s and can’t keep up with your main group😂👍🏼. This guy needs positioning lessons.
  2. Yikes ly shitty 2.40 pov🤭
  3. Dimitri

    Status Update

    Goodluck PA🤙
  4. Dimitri

    Can team Revolution stop bullying Apex?

    Hi I’m just here to tell you that ly sucks d. hf and gl clanning.
  5. Who is this ly low iq brain posting Fi winning topics😂
  6. Hahaha this vid shows you getting pushed to singles every fight😂😂😂. You just made a winning topic for Fi🤣
  7. This Rivalry is to ez for Fi.
  8. Dimitri

    Lol fatality

  9. Dimitri

    lol ly

    Ez for fi
  10. Dimitri

    weekend Fatality Sunday Ft GDZ Smackdown

    Goodjob FI!!