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  1. Gun violence in the US is not that big of an issue when you remove leftist cities like Chicago from the mix. Sure, it's more prevalent if you don't have a national gun ban but you gotta remember US population is 320m. Sweden is 9m and has grenade attacks every day nobody talks about because it's refugees doing it, and the media wants to paint it as some leftist utopia. Gun ownership exists as a hedge against tyrannical government, personally i don't want the most powerful country in history to risk turning into a fascist sh1th0le led by SJWs so I'm against the US having gun control. The other problem is there's so many guns that there will be a huge dark web market for unregistered guns, people will have no problem buying a gun if they want one, just look at the gun violence in Mexico when firearms are banned there, no gun stores in the whole country yet people just get them under the table from the US. Of course you never hear about when guns saved somebody because it goes against the acceptable narrative. Not long ago some psycho from my town traveled to America to kill his 14 year old e-gf and got shot in the head while trying to break in lmao.
  2. This is gang shit if i've ever seen it
  3. It's good that you split the categories but there should still be an option to hide pure aftermaths on sidebar imo.
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