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  1. ALSO the 7pm Easter Time is a shot in the dark for a set time. If you guys feel a different time is needed for a more viable turnout please let me know. This is for you guys! Im just hosting it Thanks
  2. If you guys are really wanting to do this.. and we get enough people I can do maybe instead of a 10m weekly Prize to a 25m Bi-weekly tournament! That way it will give us more time to develop this server. And give you guys a chance to practice. The 25m is not set yet but if interested please join our discord server! I will keep everyone updated on there:) We need atleast 24 people to start our first LMS Tournament!!
  3. HOSTED BY WULY :: Starting Details: ON MARCH 29TH (7pm EASTERN!) We will be hosting a Tournament in LMS! The 1st Place Winner will be awarded with 10m! Entry Reqs: No entree Fee! Anyone is able to join this tournament. You MUST however be in our community discord channel (Clutch Company 1v1 LMS Tournament) We will be giving our ranks for the first place all the way down to 10th place for bragging rights in our discord server. We need 24 entrants in order to start the first lms tournament! (INVITE YOUR PK FRIENDS) We hope to continue to do this weekly and in even greater hopes to bring the 1v1 scene to the next level! I have picked a world (390) Which is a lms server that is non active so we can get a full game in with all the entrants! Contact Information :: Discord Name (Wuly#1341) add me for any questions or request a invite! If you wish to contact us in another way or have any questions about our discord channel. Our Clan Chat is always open. Clutch Co Our Discord Channel Link Will Be Provided Below! GOOD LUCK! https://discord.gg/Q6RWud
  4. REASON BEHIND THE DRAGON SWORD! I currently have not completed Monkey Madness yet. The reason being because, I want to provide a way for returning to the caves. These "caves" provide a bursting place for training mage. One of the best training spots. That I wouldn't want to lose, before obtaining barrage. (94 mage) Once, i've completed this task. I will snag the Dragon Scimitar. And, eliminate stupid, dumbass, pkers. Hope you enjoy this commentary. My best video yet!
  5. thanks guys. Ima train this account up and put in some work on the next vid. Expect bigger hits!
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