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  1. Evade

    Dynasty | New LPC | Welcome to our kingdom

    Failed on rsps will fail on osrs.
  2. Looks like you guys had a good trip. Good Job.
  3. Wasn't cd that clan that would bring more mains than pures?
  4. Looks like a nice trip guys. Nice job.
  5. And look at the others you promoted lmao. Your website is terrible and your life is worthless.
  6. WOW GOOD JOB SLUSHPUPPY ON DDOSING A WEBSITE! (wants to reform pure community but ddoses. ) Behave In A Threatening Manner Threatening to attack, ddos, hack or threatening to break other Sharkbrew rules, including encourages others to engage in such activities. (2-4 points) lmfao this site is fucking terrible the admin cant even follow the rules he wrote
  7. Evade

    Why people are leaving SB.

    Must be mad you got banned already
  8. Evade

    announcement SharkBet - Bet On Major Clan Events!

    Sites dead and this wont be used