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  1. Skip to 2:14 ish. I'd probably slap him in the face multiple times or choke him out.
  2. Best @ / @@Kim / @ Worst @@Break - that's not hard.
  3. @Lenin , there are alot of downsyndrome kids commenting that don't know anything about the "pure clanning community" and post cancer comments. Try to post this same thread onto the oldschool forums aswell.
  4. Grats @Entangle for triggering an entire clan FT

    1. Entangle




      the actually think they closed doom

  5. You should turn your drawing skills into something more if you're able to. (Designing stuff etc) ??
  6. 1. you started quoting me 2. you started to reply on my status updates. 3. i like to trigger people that talk brown sticky stuff. 4. i like to trigger people that are nh. Look at the way you're typing right now', not quite sure if i'm supposed to be the mad person here or you. Also BSERS talked brown sticky stuff to me , so i'm gonna talk brown sticky stuff back lil man.
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