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  1. Albania

    Which Clan?

    you have lost every single rivalry ever, and closed 20 times since opening the first time, thoughts?
  2. Albania

    pure lol ir

    lol ir
  3. clanless atm bro, but open to olympus reopening <3
  4. how can JaJa win when they have only been fighting pures?
    1. We are EoP

      We are EoP

      Are you returning with a games neck? l0l

    2. Albania


      that was the beginning of the fight m8

    3. Big Bad Eagle

      Big Bad Eagle

      holy fuck lmfao

  5. Albania

    M3rcy, keep returning bro.... You got this!

    speak up @Repa o wait everyone wants u to stfu nvm xD
  6. apex pulls have decreased, but quality has increased...
  7. Albania

    Biggest slump?

    cp after all of their contract kids left lmfao
  8. i would personally bring back old MPC, 2k16, even going back to 2k15 was hella fun, everyone flaming each other, big pulls and no1 giving a fuck and making all types of rules. wbu?
  9. Albania

    MFW reddit

  10. Seems like FOE won saturday, last weekend EOP came out with mains, and yesterday the favor was returned, some of the members are being emotional according to my sources 🤔

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    2. Danrics


      nothing personal, just your display pic is CD.... the way you're getting so DEFENSIVE would probably explain why you've used a main or two before :P 

    3. Albania


      erhm... we've all used a main before mate dont act as if you havent lol, but yes i indeed did start the sentence by saying cd is a main clan, ty 4 pointing that out. 

    4. Danrics


      No I haven't haha, yes thats not a problem, you asked me why i'm bringing CD into this and my explanation was a response to that.

      But thank you for re-observating that for me.

  11. @Whoppa @BvG @Niblet just bring back the clans pls missing old times

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    2. IamjohnC


      Rage bullied clan's 1v3 suck our toe's

    3. Jamer


      good times man

    4. 'Jamie


      eop have always sucked quote if mad retard