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  1. CD most active, good looking and richest btw 

  2. Albania

    :pray: for LY

    oh shit..
  3. Albania

    Rage Vs 3hit | 2-0 Sets

    mans didnt even eat once
  4. Albania

    Did someone say CD opening?

    still dont know who u r tbh
  5. I really dont get why ROT are wasting their time lmfao
  6. Albania

    Critical Damage LPC - Abdullah Returns

  7. Albania

    Which clan?

    not quite sure who you are
  8. CD IS BACK BABY Site: https://criticaldamage.org/community/ Teamspeak3: criticaldamage.teamspeak3.com Discord: https://discord.gg/9kUSgE
  9. Albania

    keep piping up.

    chinaman has been awakened
  10. Hows that for some damage?

    1. Free 6ix9ine

      Free 6ix9ine

      lol how many times has cd closed? Just give up already lmfao. IMT would throw u away in the trash if you ever to re-open anyways.. kiss the ring faggot

    2. Albania


      wtf is an imt?

  11. @BvGjoin legacy ❤️

    1. BvG


      sorry friend i am a mighty tiger

    2. SAiiC0


      shut up nigger

  12. Albania

    xlpc Bad Timing

    saw the warlord, nope 😂
  13. tb to the good days lmfao 


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    2. Big Bad Eagle

      Big Bad Eagle

      l0000000000l he was never the same after that day

    4. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      We ended his RS career LOL

  14. god i fucking love you guys
  15. Albania

    @EX CD

  16. Albania

    Envy Rivalry Record in 2018

    envy has never won a rivalry lmfao
  17. Albania

    Which Clan?

    you have lost every single rivalry ever, and closed 20 times since opening the first time, thoughts?
  18. i would personally bring back old MPC, 2k16, even going back to 2k15 was hella fun, everyone flaming each other, big pulls and no1 giving a fuck and making all types of rules. wbu?
  19. Albania

    pure lol ir

    lol ir
  20. clanless atm bro, but open to olympus reopening <3