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  1. i was thinking the same thing lmao
  2. Welcome. You should come hangout with Supremacy while you train up. We have a really strong GMT base. Supremacy-rs.com , drop an intro sometime/come hangout on teamspeak. Our ingame CC is Supremacy_Rs but is currently on smiley+ talk power due to spammers. I'm working on a baby pure myself similar to your stats at the moment.
    1. Sliq


      Thought that was eop for a second. Looks like eop/ir lost again

    2. Massing


      I have never seen that many mains in a pure fight.

  3. BvG

    pure clans app

  4. There are no clans with good aussie bases right now. Clans that P2P Pk regularly, that I know of, are Supremacy, Misfits, and WAR. There may be more. Supremacy-rs.com - Misfits-rs.com - ruthless-clan.com If you're looking for a competitive clan that actively competes, any clan that uses these boards will suffice, but I'm a bit biased towards SUP. Goodluck.
  5. BvG

    pure lol ir

    it is man, final year of university, hows things w/ u
  6. BvG

    pure lol ir

    hey jamie
  7. BvG

    pure lol ir

    I come back for the holidays only to attend a trip where IR brings 30+ mains, starts with +20 opts on Supremacy, then after 10 minutes starts suicides for 4 hours without even putting up a fight. Expected more.
  8. ha, sorry man, no time for that anymore. my leading days are over
  9. we'll have to catch up sometime man what clan u in now