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  1. Supremacy keeps CANCELING all their Preps (Can't even pull 20!)

    Not a good idea to set up a fight vs Sup!

    1. pam


      Dumb soup stock ASAP

  2. thank you all for this grand award i would like to thank all my teachers, mentors, family, and friends for helping me achieve this goal on runescape.com
  3. I think it has more to do with intent and less to do with numbers. Example, if lets say Hydra and Onslaught prep'd, each could only pull 18 - that's a prep, they scheduled as a prep and pulled their core memberbase. However, if lets say, FOE and Rage did a random 18v18 when they could both mass up more and actually do a prep, it would be a mini. If its a scheduled fight, in advance, that both clans are trying to pull well to, sure--let's call it a prep. How you enforce rules for this, don't know.
  4. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | "Clan Rage" cc After hearing Legacy was out, we massed up a quick 25 men in a matter of seconds to take them on. After clearing them once while disorganized, their big brain leadership decided to start round 2 by logging in on top of us. Safe to say, it didn't go well for them. https://streamable.com/fdwy4 https://streamable.com/ji1nc
  5. shame to see you bullied back onto your pure @D o n bring back imperial i miss the rune loot
  6. 50 yesterday during GMT (our strong timezone) and 35 today during EST. Non-mand, non-scheduled. Feels rage.
  7. Imagine prepping a clan, then having your leader tell you to take off all your gear, join another clans friends chat, and slave for them in 1 item
  8. Was very easy I smoked them.from my mobile device (too lazy to turn on pc but didnt need to)
  9. Sup had over 15 mains last Saturday. We told them if they bring mains again, we will fight fire with fire. If sup don't have any mains this weekend, we wont login ours. We've proven time and time again that we don't need mains or bring them unprovoked. We will not, however, keep getting ragged without retaliation. Balls in their court. If we see mains Saturday, expect an army of rune.
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