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  1. leave the rage to us

  2. wahahhahah tele out from my clan again and again hahahahhahahahahahha
  3. ~ After winning both of our CWA events today, we headed out for our second Rev mass of the day around 10PM Eastern, after hearing Supremacy and Legacy were PKing without permission. We quickly shut them both down, ending their trips in only a few hits each. We then ran into DC a good few times and had some nice fights (wins) over them. Another day, another long set of wins for the Bear clan. ~ ~
  4. glad to see you upgrade from Legacy to a better clan, Vikingz
  5. feels good to end F2P 2019 on top

  6. ~ Rage Massed up 22 Bears, later peaking at 30, for a PKRI vs BP. Apex would later hit the fight, turning it into a cluster. Also, some raggers from very bad clans tried to stop us but were not very successful! Sad! We cleared up everything and remained the last clan standing. Thanks for the fight, my 420 bros. If you want PK trips at all hours with a community spread across multiple timezones and constant action, PM bvg#6616 to become a bear. ~ ~ 50+ Pictures in the Spoiler Below ~
  7. Supremacy keeps CANCELING all their Preps (Can't even pull 20!)

    Not a good idea to set up a fight vs Sup!

    1. pam


      Dumb soup stock ASAP

  8. thank you all for this grand award i would like to thank all my teachers, mentors, family, and friends for helping me achieve this goal on runescape.com
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