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  1. BvG

    GMT/(Fuhlex) re-intro

    long time
  2. Dear IR, We're Glad We can make progress in the prep front. We Challenge you to 2/15 F2P and 2/22 P2P 8pm Est - You have 24hours Titans, Quit trying to Take a conversation out of context =]

    1. GeorgeB


      So you're declining their prep?

    2. Peace seeker

      Peace seeker


    3. hotkeying


      px fucking closed now ur slaving in sup

  3. BvG

    pure account 75 cmb looking for clan

    This. Timezones suck for aussies and there are no aussie friendly pure clans right now. Legacy is a new clan that needs numbers and has a lot of potential - legacy-rs.org. Supremacy is my clan. Very accommodating to newcomers and I could personally help you out. Supremacy-rs.com.
  4. BvG

    pure account ISO a clan - R A R A

    Join sup supremacy-rs.com we have lots of rage guys here. i'm sure you'll see some familiar faces. im 103cmb myself there are some large men in our clan.
  5. BvG

    Apex Scared?

    FOE should've left after their first full clear instead of sitting around spamming until 5 apex tele'd up in 1 item and died for bones for 6 hours. With that being said, it's obvious that FOE won the initial fight - hands down, only to later lose a re-engagement due to mass amounts of IR coming online in Apex capes in combination with their foreigners going to sleep later on. Apex clearly planned on this, which is why they suicided for so many hours, and FOE should've seen through it. Who you want to call the victor is clearly up to perspective, but more realistically - FOE won initially, then Apex took a win hours later.
  6. @TooLegitadmin says ur validated
  7. Yes, we are. I'll talk to an admin right now.
  8. Hey, toolegit. I'm from bama as well. The pure clan world is a lot smaller than it used to be. While it has a strong GMT base, there's plenty of EST and good event times over in Supremacy. It's mostly old clanners/faces around there, with experience and leadership that would meet anyone's standards. Give it a look. https://supremacy-rs.com/community/
  9. BvG

    flaming NTPC clans

    do u by any chance have a gender studies degree