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  1. I have nothing to worry about. Your clan, getting nearly perfected in a matched 50v50 today, may have some internal issues to work on.
  2. Someone fucks over their clan? Better auto-rank em up. It's howls all over again I mean this guy literally hit off your staff team at every event and u throw him that elder contract
  3. 🤯 fo members when they realize they're the only clan without clean multi action today 🤯
  4. Genuinely feel sorry for fo members. They have 2 events a week (nothing midweek) and they waste every trip trying to prove a point while every other clan has fun.
  5.   Rage massed up a strong 55 bears for our weekly Saturday PK trip. We began by having a nice fight vs Fatality which started fairly even and ended with us having a +5 advantage before apex followed by fo crashed. We then got a fight vs apex matched opts at boneyard, we took over the fight having a +18 opt advantage when OG followed by fo crashed. You're gonna need to call fo a little quicker next time, Nox. We got two more quick 1v1s with apex, but they were sure to have fo more quickly on speed dial this time, having them crash after going down ~5 each time. We then got hit by fo in singles, as their 75 man pull wasn't confident enough to cluster with LY/Z. We then proceeded to waste the entirety of their trip (no multi action) in singles until we organized a fight with Fatality in CWA. We left around ~20 opts ingame at graves to keep fo logged in while we had a clean fight vs FI, forcing fo to stick around until everyone had ended with no action! Unlucky!   
  6. thnx for fight pm me anytime for preps
  7. how was ragging instead of massing up? not enough ally clans on?
  8.   After running the caves for about an hour, smiting an ags, owning a bunch of vennies/teams, and scrapping with Exodus a few times, we decided to setup a PKRI with the new clan at CA. We gathered 24 men for the fight, with Exodus claiming they had 26 but rushing with 35+, we held our ground and slowly gained opts as the fight progressed. As we hit ~35 in TS an hour or so in, Exodus called a teleport out and we got our ending spam. Thanks for the fight Exodus, let's be more honest about opts in the future. Shoutout to K2P and the boys for massing up 10+ mains/1 item raggers and having 0 effect on the fight. btw, black sallys won't help stop our ending spam lmao - might wanna switch to barrage for that.
  9. How's it feel to NEVER 1v1 as a clan. Think back, when was the last time your clan fought in the wilderness without help? Not vs Legacy, not vs Supremacy, not vs us. Your leader begs for help and bends the knee to any clan willing to off him/put on his cape as he knows he could NEVER do it alone. If this guy PMs me for help, when we've never been allies, imagine what he says to Z/Fo/BP....
  10. @bellremember coming on Rage ts begging for CF to come rev trips since "apex never PKs"?
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