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  1. The return of Swag Of Tank
  2. The legend has been recalled to KYP the pussiesss
  3. and you couldn't handle my rag, you hider ahhaha cleared
  4. Someone open up another xlpc clan so RP can have another clan to help them try and compete vs CD

  5. <16:59:53> You were banned permanently from the server by "[Brap] Brap" (imagine missing ur clans opening trip cuz ur a big retard lol)

    Mfw brap cant handle being ragged in a foe  LPC trip so he resorts in banning me from CD as he gets leader, rage ban lmfa0

  6. Lmfao IR still cleared with their mains, Supremacy just keeps winning

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Maaku


      You are mad because we 1 banged all ur mains LOL too slow to v tele

    3. Nh ing

      Nh ing

      @Lord Ex ur still a fucking faggot and bent over the entire trip today lmao

    4. honey


      sup hugged singles for over an hour btw yikes ur warlord is trash

  7. Lol all I see in those pics are fatality mains and 1 itemers lmfao
  8. Fatality cleared returning 1 itemers lmfa0

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    2. Couck


      no one in fi returned in one item or were on mains.. lol

    3. Red Vision

      Red Vision

      Swag, you were camping me in 1 item scim lol.

    4. Satans


      Swag up to his old tricks

  9. CD have retired the legend himself Swag Of Tank apparently for ragging CD members in the LPC scene looking for an active xLPC clan regards The LEGEND
  10. OutBurst still loses with cape switches lmfao

    1. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      bro i saw them such nh!

    2. Godae


      l0l ob trash

    3. exzrts


      They cape switch and camp swag smh!

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