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  1. honey

    pure applying for jobs is hard

    wasnt ham warlord for like 2 weeks then get demoted for being a mute lmao
  2. fo ended 45 mins into the trip all because IR pushed them around like dogs all over the wildy lmfao
  3. honey

    Slushpuppy bias against IR? Why?

    yes i also agree that slumpremacy have been slumping since hpc era
  4. honey

    Is this the end for Supremacy?

    whats going on over at suckpremacy HQ?
  5. honey

    How to kyp a rat for dummies.

    3/10 non bias btw
  6. honey

    IR vs Sup rivalry

    soup have been slumping and using mains since HPC era nothing new
  7. yes i agree IR had an amazing trip with 90 PURES in multi all at once YES we punished soup for over 1 HR until they called EV and FO to save them lmfao stay dead soup
  8. soup got gwas'd left and right today lmfaooooooooo
  9. sup have been in a slump since HPC era lmfao and they are still pulling 50 l0000000l after 2 years l0000l