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  1. Thanks
    Crow Gang reacted to Papa Bear in Reapers are coming join up before its too late!! http://bsk-rs.net/   
    gl site looks pretty sick
  2. Thanks
  3. Poor Banter
    Crow Gang reacted to Sybren in Bsk pks daily between 65-88 cb come check us out y'all Topic: see you soon   
    Name is pretty 'lame' for a 'pure' clan, no offence 😛 Also seen your helmet logo before  Good luck with the clan, but would change it while you're still at the start  
  4. Poor Banter
    Crow Gang got a reaction from Divine HQ in @Brock PM for lessons on how to keep your clan alive!   
    uhh shouldn't you achieve something before you offer lessons?
  5. Poor Banter
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