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Found 397 results

  1. Forums | Memberlist | Teamspeak 3 (ts.foe-rs.com) Final Ownage Elite scheduled two preps with fatality this week: 1 on the P2P server today and a F2P prep this Friday. We started our performance against fatality strong by claiming the 3-0 win over them today in P2P. Good job at the fights lads and see you Friday for F2P! Thanks for the prep fatality! Round 1: Win Final Ownage Elite starting/ending: 40/25 fatality starting/ending: 40/0 Round 2: Win Final Ownage Elite starting/ending: 40/32 fatality starting/ending: 40/0 Round 3: Win Final Ownage Elite starting/ending: 38/27 fatality starting/ending: 39/0 ~Belgian ~Austin
  2. P.S DEAD LIKE AC LMFAO we were out milking the wild as usual clashed with di once or twice and cleared them ,the third time they regrouped and decided to fight us , took us a while to understand each other as to what world and location but by the time we got there it was decent, went back and forth with a few +1's but in the end they decided to take fake ending and leave the battlefield welcome to aest , gf DI our "Warlord" wow sad https://i.gyazo.com/...ed3a85a78e4.png [image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.] https://i.gyazo.com/...d355cf20a8b.png [image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.] https://i.gyazo.com/...4322aee940a.png [image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.] https://i.gyazo.com/...8f942dc305a.png [image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.] http://tldr.me/1auw27i.png [image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cHm96dmlyk zybez link http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1717247-4ners-vs-di/
  3. Having Teamspeak loaded up this Sunday Night we stopped our slaying and PvMing and headed out to the wilderness. With 30 of the lads rearing to go we were hoping there would be some action after getting word from TUF's leader Liam that they were supposedly going to close us this Sunday Evening? Videos: We waited an hour for them to mass up so we took our talents to Bear and Lava Dragons where we came across some small teams which we made short work of and filled our looting bags. With TUF finally ready for battle we rushed from dwarves hitting them at gap. Dropping their magers we made it easy work to tank around and pushed them back into GDZ hut. For the next 20 minutes we transitioned easy piles and watched TUF members surrender their hides, rune and split bark over to us. Knowing the time was near we threw up some spams which made them call of the returning giving us our second clear win vs TUF this week. Thanks for the action lads.
  4. We had some minis set up vs Judgement with a best out of 3 (sets) and came out with the 2-1 victory. Gj to everyone who attended why is this tagget as mains lmao gg anyway
  5. Held hands and skipped through the wilderness to find a couple nice loots. ^ Jakaarhut member dropped his ahrims+ torags helmet on telespot......
  6. We heard alliance were pking at 44s so we decided to single lure them to agility arena. Although we had similar numbers they logged for some reason. But one of them wasn't so lucky. A little while later we heard cutthroat were trying to single pk. We hit them outnumbered and still managed to get a kill on one of them. Only one guy came back to help this poor fella. ( Herb got the kill and isn't on so I took a pic from my video ) Mass spearing an ags at easts ^.^ Rest of kills: Another ags:p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eprq02iVC94
  7. Original Topic : http://yoloboys.net/...ance-x2-and-vr/ We started the Weekend off with an hour long fight with brap. 30 Minutes into the fight @Lord_Lugia managed to spec one out. Respect to brap for fighting in our timezone and fighting heavily outnumbered. Next we found an alliance member Soloing at Mage Bank. He tried xlogging on an axe but it didn't work. We found him again less than an hour later http://yoloboys.net/...fault/smile.png [image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.] Boom Saigon wasn't too happy about the incidents and declined his Application the next day. Moving on we caught a Not so Violent Vr member roaming around Mage Bank and managed to skulltrick him (lol) for some nice loot + his firecape Here are the rest of the kills:
  8. Wasn't much out today but we managed to get some nice kills. The evening started off with an Impulse member getting fulled and trying to xlog on a lesser demon without auto retaliate Fighting rot 8v15+ and Herb managed to spec out one of their only hybrids Rest of kills: Spearing out an ags to end the night http://http://yoloboys.net/forums/ #Yoloboys
  9. No need for a story. We'll let our kills do the talking. Mog time for 50m~ dropped acb & b ring
  10. A fun night out for the lads! FT: Brap/Alliance Edited by iKrz, A minute ago.
  11. Forums | Memberlist | #Cutthroat on IRC Cutthroat vs. Scrilla Family After clearing scraps in the wilderness today, SF approached us for a CWA fight. We had never heard of them but gladly accepted the challenge and after some waiting we agreed on terms and met them for a fight. (17:56:21) (Hannibal) one of u in an acb (17:56:27) (Hannibal) its fine (17:56:28) (Hannibal) dw (17:58:23) (Ahab) we have problems with him (17:41:24) (Hannibal) why did u guys bring sb (17:41:43) (Ahab) we are allys We were a little surprised to find SF merging with SB to fight us, but after that it wasn't shocking that they also broke the gear cap. Despite this, we easily eliminated them and secured the 2-0 win. Thanks anyways for the fight SF. Round 1: Win CT starting/ending: 16/12 SF starting/ending: 14/0 Round 2: Win CT staring/ending: 16/9 SF starting/ending: 14/0 Video :\ should find better allies...
  12. Forums | Memberlist | #Cutthroat on IRC We started off the day with some luring & scouted and hit a few small random teams. Below are some highlights: Eventually, we ran into AC at gdz and fought for about 30-45 minutes dragging the fight to newgate. We started with less but gained throughout the fight and claimed the win with about 17 on TS. Definite respect to AC for not returning in rag after 5 minutes like most other teams we run into. (Of course in the ending pic below there are several 1 itemers falled in) We ended for a bit after that and then went out later when we heard Rol was at run rocks...
  13. Going to start broadcasting our loots here for you guys to see since people in the pure community have mains aswell enjoy We went out knowing cutthroat was trying to lure Mog Time to 50 ports, so we hit them on log in killed a few for mystics/+1s. After we ran out brap from Mage Bank and them needing to drop 30+ brews/restores with 20+ AF tanks they headed to 44s where they would fight some on their level (below us of course) sinister, and some some finish team were fighting. We quickly took advantage of that and took a Sinister member out for everything. + ACB. During the time we saw Swede Badass and his 1k+ viewers were PKing, we all know there isn’t a point of hitting him in singles with that many. But after all his warnings from brap/wiggled he still fell for it. Image[http://forums.zybez.net/public/style_emoticons/default/woeh.gif] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts Later we lured a Jaakarhut member, but we sadly got loot glitched oh well. After every clan ended knowing we were out while they watched us on scouts. We headed up to Mage Bank and hit some random team and quickly 2-0d them. After that we just cleaned up the rest of the loot since otherwise they would have been free to roam around wild. Just some random PvMers. #YoloBoys
  14. Forums | Memberlist | #Cutthroat on IRC Cutthroat vs. Silver Blood Earlier this week we were approached by Silver Blood for a CWA fight. We were a little unsure of how it would go considering SB is mostly mains but we agreed and set up the fight. We won the first round quickly and dominated the second resulting in a 2-0 victory. Thanks for the fights SB Round 1: Win Cutthroat starting/ending: 17/9 Silver Blood starting/ending: 15/0 Round 2: Win Cutthroat starting/ending: 17/12 Silver Blood starting/ending:15/0 Video & Pics
  15. http://rs-ct.net #Cutthroat @SwiftRIC Headed out early today, decided to give east's a try, only to run into Moonwalkers but they quickly evaded due to not having many left so we tried out luck at graveyard. Cutthroat vs Impulse Impulse tried hitting us with even ops over at the Graveyard, for some reason Cerialbox22 decided to stay and solo after his team teleported, we got a quick full tb on him and killed him within the minute. Minutes later we found them a second time at Graveyards, as they logged in on our DD, we got a Half teleblock on Failtankk, then a re-tb while he was tanking, making it 2-0. After clearing them from Graveyard, we headed over to Chins where found them again Got another full tb on Cerialbox22 and killed him for his second ahrim's set of the day. After that, we headed back up to chins to try our illustrious lure, only to be called retards by Team Impulse.. AND THEN CAME NUMBER FOUR After this, Impulse was pretty much done for the night, but we continued to feast, as usual. Waggle tried, then he died. After this we did our usual route of multi pking/luring and just overall devouring. BONSWA MID LEVEL WORLD
  16. We decided to go out for some late night fun to see if any teams were out in multi. We ran into a few small mans around GDs and RDG. At this point we had about 11 and heard there was a team of 20 or so mains tryin to take over our spider. We couldn't have that so we suited up and headed there real quick. We cleared them in about 15 or 20 minutes, and then they rushed us again and got cleared once more. Then we finally headed towards corp to put them out of their misery. Pics of hitting randoms throughout the night: Pics/Vid from our fight at Spider https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gEgMd_4hng Here are their starting ops (we had 11) Clearing Corp Out Good job to everyone who attended!
  17. Topic entails a Godsword kill, some randoms in mystic/rags and some hefty lootations from Violent Resolution Then we fought Violent Resolution for some time, we cleared them numerous times and they ended up calling RoL and ended up becoming a 2vs1 against us so we called it a night, but it's safe to say we made a lot more than our few deaths to the combined strength of both of these main clans. Thanks to everyone who attended, was a great night Image[http://rs-ct.net/public/style_emoticons/default/happy.png] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts
  18. 6 hours into our win vs Infliction, Valhalla thought hitting us when we were tried would be an easy win. Well they were dead wrong. As we spawn killed them for hours they cried to IMP for help. Around an hour in we were fighting IMP/VH. It wasn't long until we broke the weak VH members who wouldn't dare return after a few deaths, but IMP actually believed they had a chance against us. It only took us 8 hours to break their hopes and dreams. Once we wiped them off the map, IF magically woke up from the slumber we put them in. Waking up replenished and new from the sleep Jaja put them in they would "claim" they been there the whole time. LOL. It didn't take long until we forced them to take fake ending in a different world. Not long before they tried to fake a few kill pics. At the 17 hour mark we had successfully cleared any IF/VH/IMP from the world. Really funny honestly when these silly foreigners think they can take a cheap win against Jaja. We never dropped under 20 the whole 17 hours and I'm so proud of every member who stayed up and sacrificed their Sunday for this sorry attempt of a win by all these garbage clans/teams LMFAO. #JAJA Come at us. Real Ending Fake ending attempt #1 IF Fake ending attempt #2 LOL Random +1s we got during the fight We will have a full 16 hour Video of the fight, courtsey of a Jaja member who streamed the whole massacre on twitch. As soon as it renders and or shows on past broadcasts will be uploaded. Try harder next time, IF even though it won't be enough anyway.
  19. #CUTTHROAT http://rs-ct.net/ Started by leering onto the prey at 44 portals before our usual multi brigade, only to find a hunting soldiers, who quickly became the hunted. After this we found a few more randoms in junk gear, not really worth showing, but we furthered action to the bear where we would feast upon our next treat.. Ahrim's Bottom, Ancient staff, etc in inventory Then we decided to venture off to the spider, where we were spearing out veracs between team action: Overall, was a fun day, not the most active, but we feasted. Thanks to everyone who showed up
  20. IRC: #Cutthroat Website: http://rs-ct.net/ We begun the day quite early, when Scotty, Jordan and Myself were at 44 portal and found some small team that tried to compete with the three musketeers, it did not end too well for them. From then on we decided we would go and multi PK for a while, since single was a little inactive apart from raggers, I think it's safe to say we made the right choice. After killing some randoms for mystic/rags/veracs items we ventured upon VR who had been trying to dbow and tele us on login for the last 30 minutes, I quickly got in contact with an informant who told me their world, after a few encounters with them we knew their log spot and quickly assembled to seize Azn Nitrous for a Range Void set and a Dark Bow https://youtu.be/J3wO5vtt2ho Moving on.. After clearing ROL 7vs9 we decided to go back up to chins, only to find another delicious meal waiting for us. I found GGR's team of young combatants and decided to see if they would follow me into multi.. THEY DID.
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