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Found 13 results

  1. Closed team, invite only, 10+ members, ty
  2. | Knockout is a P2P miniwar team originally founded by Nate and Robbyy in early 2017. We aimed to have a mix of people who had been in teams before along with experienced warrers who hadn't. Going through on and off times of being active in the scene while changing the roster up and adding new faces periodically, we are the longest standing open team while remaining competitive and dominant the entire time. We are currently invite only, but if you feel like you deserve a trial, pm Nate Beast#2634, Moni#8827, or robbyy#5580 to discuss. We look forward to any and all miniwars against the community! Feel free to join our discord to chill and/or ask for minis; https://discord.gg/GYxK4QV Founder Nate Robbyy Leader Nate Stigi Legend Moni Member Alex Arro Chad Duncan Lee Nawe Unreal Trial 13D Bodied Lawi Reas Riley Retired Drives Jyst Kai Marwan Nuts Ricke Varjo + many other past alumni Current Record: 187-9
  3. closed team, invite only etc etc give me my tag (very light blue)
  4. Team Dutch Elite was founded 2020 Our aim is to put all the good dutchies together Feel free to message Obey#7249 on Discord if you are interested. Discord: https://discord.gg/VHWkpb7 https://youtu.be/-GSfZgNC7kg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_UGNkvK4SU&feature=youtu.be
  5. Ah yes, welcome to SBA! Interested in joining for some extra activity aside from your LPC? Pm one of the guys below to start your interviews today! Scims#1355 glizzyhellageekin#8601 Erase#7946
  6. nawe

    invite only The Dojo

    The Dojo was founded as an independant team in 2020. Team is invite only and only for part of the community that we've all been around for a while now, until further notice. If you want friend rank in discord (has to be approved) you can pm nawe#8256 For any Minis, Big minis and even some lower opts preps PM nawe#8256 We'll also accept some fun events :] Showcase:
  7. cxntrxl

    invite only UwU

    UwU (United Weeb Unit) Looking for a Weeb Only anime loving mini team? Pm us your myanimelist if you are interested in joining The myanimelist will be reviewed by "sippy water#1264" rigorously for inconsistencies UwU Media *will add more videos as they are edited to comply with 5 vid rule*
  8. Team Brief was founded in the Summer of 2019 and has grown to be one of the most known and respected mini teams in OSRS. Our aim is to grow as a team and individuals to become a mini team powerhouse. Feel free to message Italo#1670 or Fuzzy#2221 on Discord if you are interested. Discord: https://discord.gg/bvJ3Ett Memorable Media:
  9. Kye

    invite only Pups

    You can spy but you're NOT getting in
  10. We are the most own miniwarring team of all time Pm MATT#1117 for miniwarring endeavors
  11. Team Suspect Interested in joining a top tier mini warring team? Come hang out in our discord or shoot us a PM! Jake #9807 8cht #2126 Ben. #0718
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