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Found 1 result

  1. A Step in the Right Direction For the past few days I've been trying to reach out to ranks from other clans to hold a discussion regarding the LPC scene as a whole and its overall toxic atmosphere. From bringing mains & tanks to 1 iteming & ragging and to a sheer unwillingness to communicate and cooperate, all these things have had a negative impact on our community and essentially continue to reduce the life of competitive Pure Clanning. If you don't already know Fatality decided earlier this week to withdraw themselves from F2P trips because there was no point even going out for them. They were the only clan not involved in a toxic rivalry which included either a main war, 1 iteming/ragging, scripts/bots or calling for aid from main clans. Personally I don't blame them and I respect their decision because if you have been observing, due to any of the reasons stated in bold above, weekends have become a total shit show. Clans can no longer accept a loss without making a fight cancerous, clans can no longer keep some sort of honourable approach which retains meaning to any given victory on weekends. There is no denying that most clans are guilty of this but with a new LPC opening next week we are all hoping that we can move into 2019 with a new approach to clanning and hopefully resolve all the issues we have been faced with. It's time to forget about the past and see if we can shape the future to be a brighter one. So, starting this weekend we'll be working towards achieving higher levels of cooperation with other clans in order to bring back and maintain some integrity to the pure scene. Despite being involved in a few weekends of fighting Apex with mains, FOE will be the first to drop them and hopefully other clans will follow suit. I have included screenshots from private messages from each clans so let's see who can hold their word and who will continue down the wrong path! ----- Legacy: IR: Supremacy: Apex: Awaiting any confirmation from Nox. Fatality: I have no doubt they'll follow the rules as they have this entire time. ----- Most clans have already given their word. I'll make sure to call out anyone if they want to go back on their word since most clans have agreed to unite against any clan that wants to go against it. We have come up with certain measures such as denying action on weekends and weekdays and in turn solely focusing on the specific clan which continues to break the rules of the agreement. Let's hope this is the start to a better scene. Topic created by: Foe Danny I am copy and pasting for the whole community to know on where we stand.