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  1. Oliver should never be allowed back into any community ever again. who is to know if he scammed fellow community members. Disgusting rat. Props to Sharkbrew for putting in the 200m.
  2. Terror has always recycled RD members since the xlpc days. It’s bound to happen
  3. Elve has always been some sort of creep since the early days of OSRS. He even tried to e-date Renee & fat christy. Kid has never changed
  4. You seem out of touch, their staff has changed within the last few months
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord  After our convincing victory in the P2P Prep earlier in the week, we massed up 50~ strong elites today to fight Intense Redemption in F2P. We were ready to show IR that our level in F2P is far beyond any other clan currently and we took the 3-0 victory with perfectly clean rounds and strong performances all around. We are close to reaching our 300 win milestone, currently at 290 Prep wins since 2015. Good shit today boys. Thanks Intense Redemption for the fight, hope to do more again in the future. Round 1: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 35/28 Intense Redemption Starting/Ending: 35/0 Round 2: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 35/26 Intense Redemption Starting/Ending: 35/0 Round 3: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 32/20 Intense Redemption Starting/Ending: 32/0 ~Utc ~Ar u there ~Duncan
  6. ``Lucas

    Seasonal XLPC

    they should be seasonal
  7. @holydreams @Salso @deer @Titans @2ndch4nce @Backstabbed @Poo @hotguy@'Jamie @Crunk @Maaku @COACH @nawe @Opticals @Sliq
  8. I forgot to add :rofl: i edited them in now ty
  9. Why did it become acceptable to bring mains in the LPC scene? In 2016-2017, clans were starving the likes of Eruption of Pures for bringing ten through twenty. Now, the casual amount is 40-60. What has happened to the community?
  10. Do you think this weekend, clans will keep their promise? This year, Apex & IR went to clan wars twice and forced other clans to do the same. Do you think clans will revisit the mini-game this weekend?
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