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Found 4 results

  1. rage-rs.org | #ClanRage | rage.tserverhq.com | "Clan Rage" cc Today Rage massed up 65 bears for our F2P Saturday trip, we set out with the objective of killing the Unbreakable chimps, and we did just that. We slayed them every time they stepped foot in multi, effortlessly slicing them with our scimitars. We started off our trip by hitting a three-way cluster between Apex, IR, and UB at Dark Knights Fortress. We could smell the sweaty chimps cowering away in the south west room so we immediately got on top of them with our scimitars and dropped their clueless members one by one. We followed this up with an even opts fight against the chimps at north east Boneyard. We patiently defended in the trees, luring them close to us before we attacked, we aggressively pushed south on top of them, dominating the fight from the start. We dropped the chimps opts in-game from 64 down to 50 before they even killed one ferocious Rage bear. Eventually the chimps decided enough was enough and they dipped to singles. Thanks for dying to us LMAO. We continued to camp the chimps in singles because we're bad asses and we weren't satisfied with our convincing win, they called a log out shortly after. After bullying the chimps into regrouping out of Wilderness for another 15 minutes we decided to go and pay CD a visit. We caught sitting with their fingers up their asses just north of Corp, we rushed them with scimitars and obliterated them with one scim push, forcing them to dip to singles almost instantly. Next, we decided to bully the chimps in single a little more since they were too afraid to step into multi, we hopped into them and started killing their members in one versus one fights. Eventually the chimps mustered up enough courage to go multi so we chased after them and began to toss them around Corp Hill LMAO. After UB logged out to go regroup at Edgeville for another 15 minutes (AGAIN) we decided to go pay CD another visit. We found them sitting at Chaos Altar with 45 opts in-game, we pretty much sent them running north west towards Graves with one scim push, thanks for dying to us. After getting word that the chimps had put an end to their miserable trip we decided to go hit a cluster between EOP and SV at 26 Hill. We followed both clans around whilst focusing their pures with our bows, eventually both clans ended up in singles so we decided to call an end to our trip. FeelsGoodMan being in a real pure clan that doesn't regroup out of the Wilderness for 15 minutes at a time. @@Whoppa @Logic @Infernape @K0nt @Breakx
  2. rage-rs.org | #ClanRage | rage.tserverhq.com | "Clan Rage" cc Gathered together 10 bears later peaking at 15 to own up the P2P wilderness and make some moolah. We pked for about 3 hours from approximately 12:30 PM EST to 3:30 PM EST. rage bear pov
  3. rage-rs.org | #ClanRage | rage.tserverhq.com | "Clan Rage" cc Today Rage massed up 55 bears for our P2P Sunday trip, we maintained 50+ bears all trip long. We followed up our solid F2P Saturday trip with an equally strong P2P Sunday trip. We fought both FOE and Misfits a handful of times today, we also owned the chimps in two back to back singles fights at Graves (they were afraid to go multi lmao). After killing a number of the chimps in singles for their plus ones they decided to run multi, we proceeded to follow them and catch them in enormous clumps south of Graves, killing dozens of their members before FOE crashed. @Infernape @Breakx
  4. rage-rs.org | #ClanRage | rage.tserverhq.com | "Clan Rage" cc Rage massed up 40 bears for our scheduled F2P PKRI against FOE. Unfortunately the PKRI was crashed by UB, who decided (rather embarrassingly) to switch between both team-9 and team-30 capes, as opposed to wearing their own capes. We decided to stick it out and bully the chimps regardless of which team capes they were wearing. It didn't take long until our superior single piling forced them into singles (whilst they were wearing our team capes ). We later fought FOE in a F2P FT100. Despite being down opts we managed to put up a solid fight, pushing them right until the very end. Thanks for the fights FOE. chimp clan we're going to break you this weekend, learn to know your fucking place. @Infernape @K0nt @Breakx
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