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[CP] Typical Saturday Ft. FOE, EOP, RD, Fi

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We left Edgeville with ~45 Corrupt Pures hoping for an action-packed trip, and that's exactly what we received. Throughout the day we had multiple hits in where massive amounts of loot was practically thrown at us, and we had no problem taking it. Thanks to all the clans that made it possible.




Vidded by:










Corrupt Pures Vs. Redemption EOP Vs. Fatality


We got word that Redemption and EOP were having a tussle with Fatality north of 26 hill, (teaming as usual) so we decided to show up to the party and pay everyone a visit. Right as we rushed the battlefield EOP ran to the sidelines unwilling to help their good friends Redemption against Corrupt Pures. Redemption unable to fight us either, they instantly dipped into single where we were more than happy to walk them down to the ditch, laughing the whole way down.








Corrupt Pures Vs. Final Ownage Elite


Defending north of Moss Giants, FOE rushed from the southwest and tried to transition inside of us with their scimitars, however we quickly activated our Melee Protection Prayers and held our ground. Finally with a single push of our own, they were eager to run and dip south to Moss Giants. Thanks for the respectable fight FOE smile.png








Corrupt Pures Vs. Eruption of Pures


Eruption of Pures marched their way up to Moss Giants, challenging Corrupt Pures to a battle. After fighting in single for no longer than 30 seconds, the fight progressed into Multi. At the beginning both clans had their bows out ranging over the rocks at eachother, then we finally decided to push on top of them with our scimitars, killing multiple EOP members, then transitioning back with our bows out. After a couple of minutes or so Fatality finally got a track of the fight and rushed both clans, EOP confused and not knowing what to do decided to run through CP into single zone, putting on their Nike's and running south quickly to log out to safety.










Corrupt Pures Vs. EOP(?) ft. EOP Comitting Suicide


EOP, being as clueless as always, decided they were ready for a round 2. Once again they walked up to us and asked for a fight. They began running into Multi north to New Gate as we were ranging them from the south, managing to run into Fatality on their stroll up, getting sandwiched and cleared within seconds. Maybe next time EOP lmfao roflroll2.gif




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