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Marketplace Rules & Guidelines

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To assure that trades run smoothly and everyone is satisfied we have rules and guidelines that you must follow.

The Grand Rules of Sharkbrew still applies everywhere, so please keep that in mind. These rules and guidelines are the only ways we can assure that punishments are met through reports and disputes. If you fail to follow these you will put yourself under a risk. Remember that it is your responsibility to assure these things!

Sharkbrew will not be held responsible for any issues if you choose not to use an official middleman.


To service providers:

  • You MUST:
    • Provide the terms of service and pricings of these service to the buyer, either within your thread or before the service begins.
    • Provide the appropriate evidence if a staff member questions the validity of your ownership.
    • Provide a communication method for the buyer and to the staff where you can actively be found e.g. Sharkbrew, IRC, Discord, Skype etc.
  • You SHOULD:
    • Take evidence when it is necessary.
    • Provide deadlines.
    • Assess whether you should take an upfront payment or a security deposit.
    • Make use of watermarks if you weren't paid upfront or taken a security deposit.
    • Make sure you communicate with the buyer.
    • Make sure you quote a total price before the service begins.
    • Make sure you take a security deposit e.g. 10% before the service begins (and have boundaries around that e.g. if they decide to cancel tomorrow after the work has began the deposit cannot be returned).
    • Stay on top of your market thread. If your thread has not recieved a reply within the past 2 months, we will enquire about your activity. If you fail to respond, then it will be locked and archived.


To buyers:

  • You MUST:
    • Assure that you have read and understood the service provider's terms of service.
    • Assure that you have a fixed total price or a quote.
    • Assure that you have the vital evidence through logs of communication.
  • You SHOULD:
    • Make sure you are able to contact the service provider with ease.
    • Make sure you have done a background check on the service provider.
    • Make sure you have created a deadline.
    • Provide proper contact information so that we assure it is you + do not share your account.


The Rules and Guidelines are obviously bound to changes. We hope that you follow what is said on this thread so that we can assure your threads run smoothly.

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