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[P2P OSRS] Blunt Purez | Official Sunday | 30 Vs 35 Onslaught 2x | Ft. Fatality Foe RW FS Supremacy

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[BP] Blunt Purez | Pulls 35 Elite Snipers For This Sundays Pure Event |

As We Grouped Up [OS] Onslaught Asked For a 35 Vs 35

We Agreed & Defend Chaos Temple [Ca] It Was A Great Fight & A Good First Lesson For [OS]

They Wanted A Rematch, Which Turned Out To Be A Way Better Fight As They Defended Bandit Camp .

 We "Destroyed" Revenant Warriors [RW] in a Full Out Slug Fest, As Thier (40-99 Defence) Was No Match For Our Elite Tactics

We Fight [FI] Fatality But Foe Crashes Leaving Us To Return & Clean Up The Wild..

[FS] Fearless Gets Caught in a 20 vs 20 North Of Bone Yard | Where Supremacy Crashes Only To Get Clumped By BP The (Clump Gods)

Hope You Enjoy This Action Packed Full Of Bang Outs Clumps & Hundred Of Pkers That Came Out This Sunday.

photo ezgif.com-biggestone.gif

POV: @Mallu

photo ezgif.com-biggestone.gif

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