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  1. Few guys on a casual rev trip isnt a midweek event, thats what we do daily for fun. And honestly this is The second Time I've ever witnessed that you have been above lvl 1 wilderness.
  2. Haha, yeah but you also declined Bp. And I am member of bluntpurez also
  3. We had our first tournament Match agaisnt Brigada today, and people felt like going to revs after. And you declined 15v15 wildy pkri.
  4. It's 23:13 pm gmt +2 here and its monday. We will see you at The tourny
  5. Oh wait, we also have video, can't wait to see that. If you are not a rev clan stay out of revs.
  6. Oh, but you think we dont have proof? Just wait. You only have screenshots from bank while you spam shit.
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