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    Went out with around 18 strong bears ready to take on anyone inside revs, which we did for several hours untill we got pmed by this Toxine kid to team up on some sort of team called Criticall Damage.. Enjoy the logs and the video🤓! Spiral Discord message(s) from Toxine: Legacy.. 😂 (Click Spoiler)
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    Rage vs Supremacy 4-1

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    ~ Just a regular day at the Rage Caves | This was before our run-in.. Topic will be up soon! ~ Stay easy Supremacy! ~
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    After the likes of last week, I couldn't imagine you retards possibly getting another event versus any clan that's currently open
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    at this point, idk if this is a foe vs outrage rivalry or if this is foe vs jamz lol
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    Congrats on the win Sup
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    can a man not enjoy his sleep without waking up to this wtf
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    im sitting outside of the room because this is cringe as fuck
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    Rage Vs Fatality 2-0 P2P Mini

    ty 4 mini
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    lmfao we asked you for a 40v40 to end your terrible saturday trip and instead you hopped worlds and did a 25v25 dead as fuck l0l also you just pulled 24 for a prep last week
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    Lol VD sat on the sidelines and waited until the wild pkri right after, only to get SMACKED and cleared out of wild by noxi/apoc.. bet that was a fun Sunday 😂
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    [Vote] Ace community advisor

    ur never getting voted for shit lmfao
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    wtf is this l00l

    Fuckn hell Fo lose on the daily to a clan with 60 active forum users (Apex). It’s as if forum activity doesn’t actually matter??
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    hahahha gf sup XDDDDDDDD
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    was a mini that pov has 2 karams at 25 def (wtf)
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    Smd Rigour

    Vengeance Sunday evening

    Sm0ked is all I want to say
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    lmfao rd bodied shawns a loser to lmfao
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    Legacy will kill you shitter's
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    l000l @Spiralis just looking so dumb atm you were literally my rank slave spiral, never forget dog
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    Rage vs Supremacy 4-1

    good stuff
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    great trip great gfx great clan soup > rage rage nice trip l0000l
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    wow what a dominant singles performance by clan supremacy Jizzle flaming his own clan when he noticed mustafa getting hit by mains wow what friendship
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    Sharkbrew Legend

    @Sharkbrew Legend

    hello, crims here why do you sound like that? dutch loser lmao
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    This comment right here 10/10
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    In conclusion: foe wins again
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    I think Bloodlet, the #1 matched f2p clan wars team, will remain undefeated.
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    Rage pride baby
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    35v35 min any day next week, done deal kiddo. There’s a reason no important person from rage is asking for a prep lmfao Go to bed LMAO
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    I don't think they knew food was on btw lmfao
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    Fat Scott

    Will FOE accept the preps?

    Ly pulled 78 yesterday while Cd pulled 25 big yikes.... meanwhile I have more respect for the kids still in Cd unlike unloyal gloryhunters like yourself that ditch the clan in the middle of a rivalry.
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    We were out with a few strong bears when we got informed about a streamer with the name 'Hello itz Sonny' which was pking at revs with around 20. We quickly scouted their clan chat and watched their stream to catch some fat clumps only for him to make excuses afterwards why he got cleared. Decided to END his stream for the day by clearing him around 3-4x more in order for him to go singles after making excuses how he got cleared. Sorry @sonny xo I. Big clumps & Making his followers leave. II. Making him and his boys go singles again, reclaiming our dominant spot at the caves. III. Ended his stream and started to host another kid.
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    Ph so bad love pk3 is a fucking retard as well
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    1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)

    Vengeance Sunday evening

    looked easy because it WAS easy LMFAO
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    the reason why outrage trained defense

    ur an applicant that cant afford prep gear so you spectate during fo minis lmfaoo stay dressed in f2p gear reject
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    Outrage Closing Topic

    Very funny bro thanks for sharing
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