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    Nominating callers for GMT/EST event

    Which team?: GMT Nominate 1 Primary caller and 3 backups Primary Caller: Couck Backup: Icyb Backup: Mustafa Backup: Gert
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    Apex scammer clan

    Still can’t believe u closed ur clan over 10 bucks
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    man I got nothing but love for fatality but do you really think you guys, of all clans can be the one to talk about pulls? ya'll pulled 20-30 for two consecutive years. I was there, where were all of ya'll talking shit? certainly not there when we pulled 20-30. glad you guys had a nice pull & a good trip but for you to be talking about this of all people... c'mon.
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    daym idk who that irrelevant xlpc kid is but u aint gotta do him dis dirty ... :/
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    Meet Them With Scims

    Crisis in EoP?

    As you all should know by now, EoP leader Lalo aka Ha 0wn3d2 just left the clan to join Siege with his former EoP leader and colleague Dull. Most of you must be thinking it's because of what happened this weekend (EoP got dicked on their 13 year anniversary, 0 lube) but the real reason is something more complex. As a retired member (probably banned from the community after this post) of EoP myself, I just have to say that the current state of the clan is chaotic. The things haven't been the same since Dull went inactive/left because of drama with a goblin (whom has the most disgusting voice of the pure community) and posteriorly accused of scamming hundreds of millions from EoP members/ranks (proof has yet to be shown). Things in the pirate ship didn't get better with the return of Jamz, the guy with the biggest ego in the pure community and his boyfriend Moe, both who previously were in EoP and left for EoP's rival clan FO. Lalo finally opened his eyes and realized EoP wasn't what he was thinking all this time. I feel sad to see the current state of the clan I commited to during almost 3 years. 3 fucking years of domination being thrown drown the drain. The anniversary was just pathetic, but shit happens, EoP is used to win in wilderness since 2016, and this probably was the biggest loss in many years for the clan. And it's being thrown because of dumb leadership decisions, bad promotions, drama and some gloryhunter seeking for his attention. Yes, I'm talking about you mr Jamz. Ahhh, Jamz, where do I start with your dumb ass...You are legit the most egocentric kid I've ever met on this game, you think everything revolves around you, claiming wins on your calling skills, blaming losses on other ranks. Let me give you a reality check: you can't carry a clan on your back, you stupid moron. Let's go back in time to 2017, during the "Golden Era"; the era where EoP was unstoppable, both in pulls and quality. Don't forget that Fearless closing into EoP was the most impactful to happen to keep EoP being a dominant clan. Oh but who claimed credit for most of the dominance the clan was having? You, "the best caller on the game" () The facts are, your era has to be one of the worst community/wilderness-wise between 2015-2017. You were handed a clan pulling 100s on weekends to both f2p/p2p, the best clan wars quality of all pure clans, active community and yet managed to make the pulls drop to 50 in under 3 months & make forums go completely dead (This pastebin contains 50 names of the people who either left or got kicked during Jamz leadership). Shortly after slumping EoP, you sold high rank logs to FO and went MIA, and thank God, that was the best thing to happen during that period. It's just funny to see you pointing fingers on others when you are extremely worse. My favorite one, which sums up how much of a glory hunter you are: To all my fellow EoP members who still love the clan, I wish you good luck. It's gonna be tough to recover from this shitstorm. Btw debb, stop being a pussy. I still have faith in you and fat Jackk to do the right thing. More of behind the scenes will be released soon, time to cut the grass and show who the real snakes are.
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    1 down, 2 2 go =D

    ========> demmmmmmmmm how much more longer will these 2 last? who will they desperately try to promote next? does ha 0wn3d2 leaving means all my pigs will be gone from eop as well? INTERESTING HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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    the contrary

    im honestly tryin not 2 flame eop, i really tried, but i came across this good banter which i've to share. <3 all eop posted this. but within 24hours.... this happened..... l000000000000000l, did eop claim their home 'gdz' bac for less than 24hrs? and whose idea was to spam 'feels good to b home?' l000l smh P.S. @Lord Ex - stop callin other kids in the community mentally retarded when they actually have illness, i'll legit come 4 u buddy.
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    IR vs Sup rivalry

    My analogy for the IR vs sup rivalry: sup: we deviced this new weapon sir crafted, we call it a nuke! This will surely sway the rivalry in our favor. crafted: good job men we will use it promptly in every situation *fighting ensues, supremacy have moderate success, atleast its enough to keep them relevant.* -IR + supremacy parley after the new weapon was revealed-: titans: Crafted your ways of warfare far exceeds the code of honor crafted: stfu retard we have the upper hand now LOLOLOLOL -meanwhile at IR HQ- Titans: supremacy has this new technology, its halting their decline. Zo: Might be best to put 30 points into the research tree for the development of nukes. -weeks pass- Xhesi: My lord Zo we have developed the nuke, not to mention, according to our Intel its far superior to sups design Zo: excellent, we have reached a point of no return, this is our time to strike *IR drops fat nuke on supremacy* crafted: pls off guys this is really unfair
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    FOE vs APEX - Prep/Fullout

    this is completely out of question lmao, first fo needs to climb back up against the likes of ir/fi/sup and then beat siege/eop and then finally, meet us friday at 6:30 est for a shot at the belt
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    Follow me on Soundcloud @ Lil Car Crash Also Brap you cant delete this lmfao nice try
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    unbiased, GJ Sup. Nows lets see you get the FOE treatment. when you beat them like 5 more times they will just hide and claim #1 F2P.
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    sad if true but seems more like an attempt to get hype again as starting a rivalry with ir for no reason didnt work
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    my first time in your voice channel and I was not disssppointed. I need a serpentine helm to dodge all that toxicity but overall you all managed to hang in there and eventually listen to Tanny sing some Celine' Dion. Overall, I can not imagine any main clan meeet up on audio and talk for an hour on Discord without people rage quitting. Maybe it's because you are all stubborn but it was a good time nonetheless. Thank you for being a good sport. Eruption of Mains and Foepremecy. Better luck next time! Oh and hi Intense Redemption.
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    this is cringe dude, kinda obsessed...
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    Ace Krave

    Apex scammer clan

    Scamming is bad.
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    DMK Killa

    Nox kicked me from Apex

    did you burp on ts?
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    ahh yes the only #1 f2p clan thats lost about every f2p prep vs eop keep it up tigers, thank you very much.
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    @Moni maccaroni didn't you retards just get bodied by supremacy lmfao? Go make another mediocre GIF montage no one gives a fuck about. Please don't bark again until you have at least a .5 w/l ratio against us this year. Also everyone go check out his latest piece of shit creation: Here's another recent GIF of his: Hybridman 6 coming soon!
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    Ironic Last f2p win vs. EOP? We claim #1 P2P because we beat every CONTENDING clan. You see how you don't fall into that category? Whereas EOP is either #1 or #2 at this point for F2P. I gave you props for beating pussy FOC clan not being #1. Cuck
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    the contrary

    this is why i hate the community sometimes. i was literally there. fo didnt take fake ending. i wud know if they did, u are a rank and yet u cannot post legit replies.
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    Maybe your problem is that you're victimizing yourself and saying IR are the problem when realistically your clan is. Who would want to make an agreement with someone who can't take responsibility and will most likely continue to bring mains anyway
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    Pure community roast topic

    WoW tHiS iS tHe BeSt RoAsTiNg ToPiC i'Ve EvEr SeEn!
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    Apex scammer clan

    Rune javelin is not a general rank, hes been an app for almost 3 days lol @Spiral every clan you touch crumbles (rd/px and soon sup)
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    @slushpuppy didn't tyen get demoted for the same thing? (using mains vs pures and threatening pure clans to snipe them with mains as a moderator of sharkbrew who is supposed to be keeping the pure in pure community) I hope the fact that he's sup doesn't make this ignored, because it's probably another reason why sharkbrew doesn't have full support from the pure community because it seems to support the use of mains by the clans it favours.
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    Nice try @slushpuppy
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    phebz why lie men?

    You made a whole new topic surrounding your own death, god bless tannie!!! XD
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    - Lost your last P2P Prep ✔ - 1-6 vs Apex in P2P this year ✔ - Avoided Apex for 4 months ✔ We pick the date and time and you show up for your (very slim) chance at the belt.
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    free money for playing runescape

    i know another way to earn free money for playing runescape... Godae#9828 on discord
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    September 25, 2018: Siege masses up 32 hungry owls for a bird fight with the Final Ownage Elite clan. Due to some unfortunate circumstances we dropped our defending round, but we quickly fixed up and took a convincing r2 win followed by a clutch win down 3 in the pkri. Thanks to everyone who showed up and to the eagles for the fights. hoot fkn hoot warlord robbyy Trajan Caroline -uploading-
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    Attention all Vandetta members

    how about you join them so they pull 85
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    FOE vs APEX - Prep/Fullout

    Ace Krave's integrity vs. An account with 10m bank Who wins?
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    FOE vs APEX - Prep/Fullout

    Hopefully it happens. Fo spent months avoiding the idea of preps any day of the week against Apex and their declarations, so now that Fo sound(?) like they want to prep, it's only fitting that they comply to the day Apex have offered. Or are Fo still playing the excuse of not prepping because their feelings were hurt and want an apology?
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    godkings of p2p and fo will never be able to reclaim the title in this lifetime
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    How can u claim #1 f2p matched if u cant beat EOP lmfaoo
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    Fake topics

    @Couck you just embarrassed your whole clan, Jesus. Why would you not atlwast watch the video before making this topic.
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    Nox: Foe prep us Friday 6:30 EST? FOE: No. *makes thread on SB*
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    Discord: http://eop-rs.org/discord Teamspeak: ts.eop-rs.org On this fine Saturday the Red Giant set sail with over 70 pirates looking for some quality F2P pking action with the boys. Fo spent the entire week chatting shit for some reason (even though they lost to supremacy in cwa again lmfao?) So we knew we had to give them the smoke. When the opportunity arose, we did just that. They spent the entire rest of the trip getting autistic spams at hollow tree while big eop was ready to fight high wildy in multi - fo is scared as usual! Congrats to all the other clans for their good trips, I wish I could say the same to you final ownage eggs! Stop hiding at Hollow Tree and spamming you fucking pussies l0000000000000000l. Got a 1v1 with our pussy ass rivals final "ownage" tanks after they tried to hit us when we were hitting a cluster. When they first rushed, they came in spamming thinking they'd just chase us out. You should have seen their fucking faces when we fought back. We made them run back and forth from hollow tree to corp, but we fucked them up no matter where those faggots ran. They would try their best to start logging in tanks to fight us back, but it didnt matter. They tried to call sup, but it didnt matter. We cleared those losers regardless. When we cleared them then came back from our RG, they fucking dipped away again to avoid embarrassment twice lol! ] Maybe the next time you clowns decide to fight us it won't be for 20 seconds and than run when you realize tanks+mains won't help you in this situation. Down 30, 20+ mains against us, we still win. Champions.
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    no1 takes sup srsly because of the fact that they tried to implement a league of legends rank for miniwars + fo been avoiding for 4 months now
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    gz fs ez 4 fs

    Hi on this fateful saturday, the strongest main clan Fs decides to go out on a hunt for mains. Upon hired by Pure Clan IR. 61million gold pieces to anti-rag Supremacy Mains. we peaked at 40 but some of them are retarded af. After the trip we decided to visit sand casino and chucked everything, went in twice all in and won till 256m. everyone walked away with 10-24m. below is the 2 audio link to our ts during the 2 yolo chucks https://vocaroo.com/i/s1LGTSOcxfzw https://vocaroo.com/i/s1ZG3RueOSVb Gz Fs.
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    does my buddy malc know u took psyche's gfx dont make me tell him
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    FOE vs APEX - Prep/Fullout

    apex only does fridays under the conditions that they wont pull on monday-thurs but they pulled 60 vs eop last week on a thurs hope it happens!! (would also like to see sup vs apex) <- xd
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    IR smoked by jagex

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    Nox kicked me from Apex

    I don't even understand? I fucking tried integrating myself into the community for the last three weeks...legit I idled ts whenever we had events, and I'd chat with people on mic as well. Now that I'm no longer apart of the community, holy fucking shit that Dre kid had the grossest voice i've ever had, he legit sounded gross LOL. That N Ranges kid, jesus christ don't get me started - kid had the river thames flowing around in his mouth, DISGUSTING. I don't understand how not ONE person voted me for an award, even just one person, like why couldn't I get a vote, I did everything? I tried to be nice to that Nick kid one day and he full on flamed me lol, like I don't think he knows me and he just straight out roasted me? I got a poke from coach saying that my mentor had been assigned, his name was Moe. Moe legit trolled me the ENTIRE time, he just giggled and laughed and wasn't even speaking english, couldn't understand him...the only words I could understand were that he wanted to face-fuck me, what the fuck? Who the fuck goes on the internet and says this shit? I 'm done with pure clanning, my first experience and now my last. Never again. Those awards looked so cool and im fucking pissed off I didn't get a vote for anything. Im out.
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    Probably because if you're from certain clans your posting is generally moderated much heavier than others and your freedom to post is restricted. And then you can't have a proper discussion about clanning because someone from a favoured clan is allowed to block discussion through the use of overzealous slander and will face no repercussion. I think when the hypocritical nature of moderating comes in, nobody ends up caring (prime example is despite not being allowed, people saying someone's mum has cancer freely, but then people getting banned for calling someone a negligent dad) Short answer, no incentive to post efficiently and constructively and the treatment of people from clans the staff do not like is sub-par at best.
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    Where will EOP members go when EOP closes?

    why do u care so much about what they do
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    Fake topics

    Did you forget to switch accounts?
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    1 down, 2 2 go =D

    pregains will be getting leader no doubt, then they will close like olympus