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    whipz vs. sharkbrew

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    [08:46] <07%Parm> IR EVEN HAD OUR LOCS [08:46] <07%Parm> VIA TANNIE [08:46] <07%Parm> so did sv 01[08:46] <07%Pixel> lmao [08:46] <07%Parm> via tannie 01[08:46] <07%Pixel> bro i wouldnt even blame a member for leaking to ir tbh [08:46] <07%Murd> why dont u sweet talk iur to give away the leak 01[08:46] <07%Pixel> what r they gona do to it [08:46] <04@[eoP]nICK> srsly consider this [08:46] <04@[eoP]nICK> would u guys [08:46] <04@[eoP]nICK> all chip in [08:46] <04@[eoP]nICK> to hire hitman in signapore? 01[08:46] <07%Pixel> LOL [08:46] <04@[eoP]nICK> it cant be 2 expensive surely 01[08:46] <07%Pixel> parm said that earlier 01[08:46] <07%Pixel> lmfao 2 weeks later... [23:37] <04@debb> [eOp]NIck [23:37] <04@debb> hm u think it would cost for a hitman [23:37] <04@debb> in singapore [23:38] <04@[eOp]NIck> l00l [23:38] <04@debb> im being dead srs [23:38] <04@[eOp]NIck> i asked the same tihng [23:38] <04@[eOp]NIck> like 2w ago [23:38] <04@[eOp]NIck> lmfao 04[23:38] <04@[eOp]NIck> Pixel ^ [23:38] <04@[eOp]NIck> debb r u still coming to sydney] 01[23:38] <07%Pixel> its actually fucked to think how many people have said that 01[23:38] <07%Pixel> lmfao [23:38] <04@[eOp]NIck> l0l [23:38] <04@[eOp]NIck> rip [23:39] <04@debb> i hope tannie dies irl man [23:39] <04@debb> i actually pray to god [23:39] <04@debb> he dies lmfaoooo l00000000000l @debb wuu2
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    sorry eop...

    sorry eop but i do not off lmfao i know its been a tough time in eop lately... considering the fact that i log in once a week on sharkbrew.com and see this. considering also that i heard my dear friend 'dull' left you... (not sure if news was legit but w/e) plus i could not find ur weekend topics it was inevitable that when you fuc with the chinaman, you are gonna suffer a loss. i shouldnt be posting this but i guess i need to give the final kick to u into u graves men hhhhh aint got time to take more. https://pastebin.com/kAaBLkt3 ^^ go pick ur best ^^ if u want full logs, pm tannie#0817 on discord, if u have banter to provide, pm me too, if u have even anything lmfao. 88 great banter and i will expose the next big thing. I hereby claim another win over eop lmfao Chinaman - 2 eop - 0 neither the golden era nor the platinum era could withstand me hhhhhh
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    Hopefully FOM learns their lesson pking in our wilderness. After FOM ran from daddy all weekend it was only right for us to claim our 100m gold coin from our dogs. Maybe next time pauli.... 43/76 yes's - Saturday lol 50/85 yes's - Sunday lol 43/120 ML = FOM LOL 50/120 ML = FOM LOL
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    EOP Member - ThatBoyRange

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    Fo R3 audio ft TEAMSPEAK LOL

    Since Fo wanted to post their audio last week of EoP vs Apex r3, here's THIS WEEK's r3 of Fo vs Apex! @Jamz called for 2 seconds before realising they had no chance to let Divine take the heat l0l! Some Warlord you are buddy. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT VOICE L000000000000000000000L
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    yo karmas a bitch aint it kid l000000l @Jamz
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    Eruption of Pures try out Clan Wars

    EOP you'll forever be our dogs, your clan is trash and you're already second guessing about reopening. You can continue to use any fake propaganda you like but this is the real deal. If you're that bored and want to listen to dull crying and being demoralized, watch the video below. You may aswell go join ROT already you dogs.
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    sup declares on apex

    last thread was bait, enjoy
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    EoP Productions --- Fo Senior boards

    7 am and ur brown ass is posting java based medieval time simulator guild forum leaks lol
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    Foe HQ

    Eom summed up in one picture...

    The irony, this is the same excuse for the mains you use lmfao! What a coincidence?
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    credits to our boy nick1 free him btw snakeys Highlights: 3:47 - random kid starts crying asks to randomly run around the pond for god sake! 5:46 - awkward cringe ts all callers down lmao 6:00 - Titans and harmz get very excited and think they are bringing it back (mike squeals lmfao) (most awkward part) 6:13 - Harmz tries to get a 'edgi did this to you spam' (edgi already left ir LOL) and gets kypd again told to stfu by [elite]nawe! 8-23 - Titans calls north to singles for a re-group, tone of voice and silent ts ensures, they know they lose the fight 9:03 - Titans voice cuts out, silence for 30+ seconds and some random calls random w clw, titans agrees 9:10 - Titans losing speech followed by flaming their members Stay ez, titans.
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    Dear EOP members

    Face it, summer is around the corner. Your clan is relying on mains, shit propaganda and doxxing. Imagine your leader attending other clans trips and preps because you can't win your own. You get beaten by FOE, Apex even SUP. You will forever be a wilderness clan who rely on the usage of mains. All i say is EOP members, leave your clan now before it is too late and retard dull ditches you again. Imagine being told to get defence with one of the motives being to stop you going to another clan. It seems Brap has already left after rejoining because he realized it was a huge mistake leaving FOE, how many more will follow? Protection has started for ALL EOP who leave for any other clan, EOP ranks will be targeted in many ways if they decide to retaliate on members who leave for a better gamer experience. This post is not saying leave or else, its saying if you do want to leave but wont due to fear of EOP ranks doxxing you dont worry. Any EOP member who leaves and gets doxed, post on sharkbrew. It WILL be dealt with. Good luck kiddos
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    The following is confidential information released from the School of Pure Clanning after a student was found to be falsifying their results on the Pure Community website "Sharkbrew". Doctor Professor Koshar IcyB, an expert and lecturer at the school, commented that the student is simply trying to cope with his struggles of his first year back at university and "wants to look good in front of his classmates".
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    You wanted the audio leak game, let's play the audio leak game. I can guarantee you stop leaking audios before I do. Cya whenever you wana respond with some audio I guess.. https://eop-rs.org/topic/108301-final-ownage-10-controversy-and-drama/ Enjoy P.S: No matter what you post to prove to the members of your clan you fabricated this, just know: we planned the whole thing, ain't nobody really sucking your dick to rejoin LOL.
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    IDK, wild guess, maybe cos its not ur clan?
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    Whipz Exposed

    Just check the encrypted IP on this account and it appears to be @Kim posting as RRA. Pretty sad we have an overseer abusing her acp powers to try and justify herself.. Honestly not surprised at this point. #metoo
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    Imagine if we actually managed to get Foe and EoP to work together in our capes lol. We'd win a Nobel Peace Prize.
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    First it's we aren't open Second it's you run from us Third it's we don't fight you Now it's beat a clan who got their first F2P win in three years of being open versus us Just fucking close already lmfao.
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    EOM Doxxer Clan Hypocrisy + Demands

    Mfw they used my foe ts avatar which is my irl and say they doxed me
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    In case any of the ir ranks read this and/or titans specifically: Yes your clan is going to die and I am making sure of that personally. The joy i get out of seeing your crushed members bleed their emotions out into your discord in the following pictures gives me endless satisfaction. Also stop crying and threatening EoP, not going to say that again or be any more clear about it (titans) (:joy:) Onto the breakdown: stay easy, titans.
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    Wait a minute...

    What's the cap again?
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    best ranks in the scene atm

    jamz is literally posting this on his alt account l0l
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    Feels bad for Pkeru [OB CLOSED]

    @Pker4life lmfao fucking loser, closed your clan. On coma and still smoked you 34-0 never forget. BTW u never made your 1 year mark your anni was june 9th feels bad men.. love you @WarChild & @Chalu Btw was ez..
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    Re: Ir/Hotkeying apology

    when are you quitting rs?
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    Bullying Misfits in Wild & CWA.

    Heard misfits were having a pk trip with a wopping 10 people (lmao) We did what we had to do and took care of them in 1 minute and ended their trips. If any misfits that was there feels bad about this; just remember.. you took pride into "hacking" a fi rank and you'll be punished for it untill you're fucking death. We will end you everytime we want & everytime you're out. Since you took this out of the game, expect a reply to you hacking magic very soon! Misfits ended after we hit them and than went to Clan Wars. So we hit them there aswell. and watched as 3 people rage quit teamspeak.
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    Honest Answers Only Please

    Since closing and reopening, it is very clear who is in control of long lasting Foe vs Eop rivalry. It doesn't take a genius to realize that Foe have been completely taking it to EoP in every server for the past month or so but how? EoP is notorious for bringing tanks, mass training 20 def, calling main clans, and ddosing/hacking so how exactly is it that they are losing after having 3 clans completely close into them on top of everything else. How is it possible that Foe is beating them with clean 1 defense pures and nothing else? Both are very fair answers so now I ask you, is EoP just bad or is Foe too good? credits to chinaman
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    About EOP & boring clans

    garbage YIKES ps: It's boring to see you guys doxing bitchin like little children constantly on this website instead of actually just enjoying the game & clanning. if you don't like it just GTFO
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    13 Defence

    With the Most Sincere Tone

    Just so no one in Slumpremacy can forget, Your 0-6 in rounds in the past week. You've lost to EOP 0-3, and also to FOE 0-3. (technically 0-3 because you left before the third round) I'm sure this has to put quite a strain on the meshing of your newfound PX ranks and members with your Community in Supremacy. I would imagine the People that came to you when PX closed have to be thinking: "I Really Fucked Up". I can only imagine some of your delusional members will comment "PReP uS tHeN" below this topic. This is just to Counter the propaganda that is already swelling within your TS. For instance, on Sunday, you used so many excuses to avoid us in singles its pathetic. "Nox told Apex to get on their mains Tele out" and "These Apex members are auto-switching tele out" All the while, Mickey the potato was yelling random shit. To Summarize: 1. Despite the propaganda, you are bad. 2. No matter what the Supremacy ranks tell you, PX, you have made a very poor decision to join Supremacy. 3. "tHeY wOnT PrEP uS sO We aRe beTTer" mentality will not get you through this. We shouldn't have to prove anything to you dogs when you can't beat clans we have beaten repeatedly. 4. Apex will continue to make you slump. Supremacy, it is bad to start a rivalry with a clan while you have a separated community. Not only was your core comprised of PX members that had just joined, In effect you have made It impossibly hard for them to want to stay in a clan losing so often and openly. -Apex sends their Regards.
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    Sunday, May 27th, 2018: Sunday, June 3rd, 2018:
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    The gnome weekly reports a large explosion across their borders at the khazard fortress, causing havoc and destruction at a high level. The death toll is said to be in the 20s, with the main casualties being khazard national guard and a foreign group of tourists wearing what is described as a "team-30 cape". Eye witnesses describe the perpetrators as rich white males wearing red hats. They report that "they came out of nowhere, at least 30 of them, and they obliterated a whole section of the fortress where the tourists were sitting together in a clump". At the gnome weekly, we have recovered a surveillance camera feed that has reportedly been leaked online. Please view at your own discretion (18+): Shortly after the attack, the IS publicly claimed responsibility saying that "this is only the beginning". ~ The Transporter - First Response Reporter of the Gnome Weekly.
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    slush ~ the white knight pure clanning needs ty for the services
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    u legit said u gonna quit 1 week ago
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    Wednesday, 20th June, 2018; We massed up 40 elites, later peaking at 45 for our scheduled fight versus Supremacy. This time around we decided to do a first to 100 rather than a knock out prep. It was a fucking blast, legit haven't had this much fun with cwa in forever. We took home the win in convincing fashion both rounds, really hope to do more of these with other clans. Thanks for the clean fight Supremacy, really well fought from you lads, best of luck with the F2P one tomorrow. First Fight: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting: 41 - Supremacy Starting: 44 Final Ownage Elite Kills: 100 - Supremacy Kills: 66 Second Fight: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting: 41 - Supremacy Starting: 45 Final Ownage Elite Kills: 100 - Supremacy Kills: 86
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    Ace Krave

    Eruption Of Mains

    “Don't dare a person who has nothing else left to lose.”
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    1hour of audio with tyler on foe teamspeak coming soon
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    Gentle Reminder : Eopleak

    [04:04] <12+Parm> was m00 at the trip where tannie didnt have our locs [04:04] <12+Parm> ? [04:04] <Naaldo> debb: lol look at these guys [04:04] <07%[eOp]17> same Naaldo but u never know 01[04:04] <12+Pixel> no [04:04] <07%[eOp]17> xD 01[04:04] <12+Pixel> neither loud nor moo were Parm [04:04] <Naaldo> lemme tell u guys what happens [04:04] <Naaldo> tannie rotates his leaks [04:04] <Naaldo> we caught 1 of them [04:04] <Naaldo> u think he uses the same every week? [04:04] <04@debb> Naaldo ask tannie if he got eop today [04:04] <Naaldo> he got 3-4 [04:05] <12+Parm> kick all fs kids [04:05] <12+Parm> and be leak free [04:05] <Naaldo> he does [04:05] <12+Parm> lol hehehe. tannie#0817 for bantz/guwap/locs
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    Forums | Memberlist | Teamspeak (ts.foe-rs.com) PM a Foe rank in Discord/Teamspeak if you are in a clan and want to make loads of easy $$$. Sunday, June 3rd; we set out with 85 elites later peaking at 95. After a great Saturday trip, we knew today would be an absolute slaughter and completely dismantled the entire pure community. As per usual, we were prepared to defend our throne regardless of multiple clans teaming on us and camping us with mains. Once again, we came out on top with ease and reminded everyone that we are the most dominant pure clan on the game. There is literally nothing anyone can say to undermine what Foe did today. We did whatever the fuck we wanted and no clan had the power to influence any of our decisions. We used eop as a perfect example to show all clans what it looks like when you try and get in the way of the best pure clan on the game. This is the very beginning of Summer and this weekend was a very small preview of what is to come. Good luck pure community. P2P LEGENDS. UNCONTESTED #1 We got word that Apex and IR were setting up a fight east of bandits so we decided to kick off the trip with a fast hit to get things going. We logged in and cleared up everything without a single member from us dying. Fast and easy. After watching eop sit at their so called "home" (gdz) for 45 minutes, we started to feel sorry for them and decided it was time to put them in their place. Without hesitation, we rushed these pussies and for 30 minutes straight it was a complete slaughter fest. While their ranks were on their knees begging every clan on the game to come save them, we were busy killing every mithlord/adamant virgin we came across without going down opts vs them a single time during the fight. After chasing them around their "home" for 25 minutes, they dropped to 20 in game and fled for their lives while we ended with 70 elites. Have fun looking for a new home pussies. We perused a big cluster that was emerging at around lava gate with a few clans. We ran through everyone and pushed through them all till everyone ended up north of mossies in single. Long, good action from the pure community. While we were clearing the cluster, we saw eop scrambling to get to the fight so we decided to give them a reminder that they weren't allowed to join in. We re-gathered ourselves and rushed them at spider hill. The second they saw us, they ran for their lives as we chased them killing every single red member left behind to die. Don't try that again pussies. After evicting these dogs from their home, we left them walking around graves like lost refugees so we decided to redirect them to where their new home is (edgeville bank). We rushed them in singles and made their entire clan panic telle from us. Ran into IR at CA and cleared them in a clean 1v1 without dropping more than 5 people or so. Got intel these guys were fighting in fally so we rushed them and gathered some free loot off them.
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    SUP VS FOE= 0-3 APEX VS FOE= 2-1

    Apex doesn't prep Supremacy for the same reason Lebron doesn't play in the special Olympics.
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    Look, I know you failed high school

    haha @Lenin from rage bears said you're a big loser IRL hahah imagine that a sharkbrew mod flaming u for irl losering lmao big loser
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    EoP Productions --- Fo Senior boards

    A quick lil preview... whilst you weirdos make memes, we be reading ur Senior board. Less meme making more pie catching. Sorry for blurry picture... had to keep my spy hidden as much as possible (was on his join.me and not logged into his forum account like an amateur) Enjoy having a 10 hour rank meeting about this one @holydreams @Jamz Stay tuned for more