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    New terms....

    10m still can't save your clan tho
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    xLPC Weekend Recap

    Btw im still waiting on IMT and SKO sunday topic.
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    So you actually recorded yourself leaving cc.
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    Highly unlikely fi will make a topic after getting skullfucked for over 2hrs so I’ll do them a favor. after fatality forced their members to endure being curbstomped for nearly 2 hrs they decided the best way to make reparations for this terrible performance is to join our cc and camp our new recruits at sand crabs. I wonder who made this 200iq play. couck. No surprise here. Imagine feeling that helpless & demoralized that you feel the best way to get even is to stunt the growth of new members’ account. This guy couck is a habitual failure and idk why this peabrain still holds leader. however this toxicity cannot go unpunished. If you continue to camp our members at sand crabs you will be ending your f2p trips in less than a month as you have done in the past. Take your L in stride no need to deprive ppl who probably weren’t even there to completely smoke you from gainz https://clan-fi.org/topic/81736-dear-disabled-main-clan-users/ And btw couck keep CP’s name out ur mouth August 4th btw Watch Fatality get perfected in F2P here: https://legacy-rs.org/topic/1327-legacy-1-f2p-saturday-~-destroying-fatality-x7/
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    Not So Happy Ending

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    Live footage from the smackdown below Rage massed up 40 Grizzlies to absolutely maul the cp parody clan known as immortal. I could say it was difficult but holy fuck it was way too easy. Calls single piles in a 40v40 > complains that xlpc preps are like miniwars (cp parody clan propaganda at its finest). I suggest you guys take another made up vacation this weekend, because every single one of your members will be sent to lumbridge repeatedly until you decide to call it quits. Rage Starting/Ending - 35/30 Immortal Starting/Ending - 35/0 Rage Starting/Ending - 38/20 Immortal Starting/Ending - 38/0 The cp parody clan could not face the embarrassment of losing to brit bongs so they forfeited with the utmost disgrace!
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    Lord niggest

    No pocus or focus
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    FORUMS | DISCORD After hearing that Vengeance was pming basically anyone to come help them fight us, we knew we had their back against the wall. Despite them pulling 45 members (infested with spies) we massed up just over 30 men to put these fucking rejects in the grave. We got word they were fighting up at GDZ so we rushed and found Vengeance/PD/SV there. Right when we tele'd up Vengeance walked into clump after clump, which came to be the theme today really. Our quality shined while they make themselves look like fucking retards, walking into massive clumps, getting 1 hit and of course losing multiple +1s. As the 2+ hour fight went on, Vengeance kept inching to singles. Towards the end it was essentially them sitting in singles with 10-15 in game while they had 30+ in channel. After 2+ hours the dumb fucks finally figured out they weren't winning and ended. Thanks for the +1s (staff and zgs) and get ready for this every week Vengeance. If you are tired of being lied to, running to singles, hearing excuses and starting seeing the light, PM Will the Trill#7882 or Stl Arrow#5125 on discord like your fellow compatriots who are realizing the truth. Tired of being in a clan who flames people's family and 3 year old kids? Start making easy money today; compensation can be negotiated! 💰
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    Lol fatality

    Pictures explain them self. Our aftermath topic will be up when we're done pking, Enjoy your inners though !
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    can Apex stop hiding from fo please lmfa0

    i'd first like to apologize on Remy's behalf for the cringe about using logic waah waah sometimes when he gets stressed he doesn't think before he types Danny - Remy - Pasco -
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    Torture of ROT

    keep the torture
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    Complains about a 40v40 prep being a mini, meanwhile they're the clan which is calling single piles? You can't make this shit up
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    Pics say otherwise 🤷‍♂️
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    feels bad to be a viking. Heard some of their members died 15+ times today for nothing. Talk all the shit you want, you got dumpstered all day.
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    FORUMS | DISCORD So the boys prepped a few days to hunt our girlfriends on this fine Sunday. We headed out with about 27 Surgeons around 3EST to sweep caves while we waited for the retards to mass up. During this time we ran into Jaja i believe in which CT came in and made them run so we then scrapped with CT for about 10mins til clan world decided to show up so we left satisfied with the little scrap we had with them and moved to the next agenda. Knowing Veng is a bunch of pussies & openly refuse 1v1 action anymore we decided to hit them before their fight with AE started. Knowing they had PD on standby & were baiting a 2v1 for the retard rag main clan we decided to bring anti-pd to the party making this a shitfest cluster. For the majority of the hour that we were shitting on Veng (down +10 opts & with mains in rag focusing us), we joined their shared CC that they had with PD and trolled them as we continued to explode their mages for free mystic. Knowing Veng leadership and 95% of their member-base are extremely inexperienced on how to handle anything but killing PvMers in rev caves we knew just something as simple as being in the same CC as them would have them all over the place, which it did exactly that & not too long after that they made their way down to dwarves and eventually to boneyard where they tellied out with the excuse "we nope'd out of there as we have no reason to involve in the current crashwars in the scene". Little do the retards know they involved themselves in the crashwar the minute they openly teamed with one of the shittest main clans a part of it lmfao. Keep suckin PD's dick & you'll soon end up just like Porygon, closing and mass joining them. Cya next Sunday shitheads. 👍
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    Today CD approached us for a last minute PKRI, so we massed up 40 pigs later peaking at 45. Unfortunately since it was last minute CD could only pull 20, so we gladly sat to their opts. Intel told us that SUPREMACY planned on crashing, so our friends over at CD HQ agreed to team on crash. Knowing SUP was going to crash, the accounts we sat were patiently sitting at Graves in a different world awaiting Supremacy's arrival. As soon as they crashed the 20+ pigs logged out, logged in and forced Supremacy to singles. Afterwards, Supremacy massed to our opts so we set up 2 fun 1v1's against them with Fearless outreturning Supremacy in both fights to come out on top after forcing Supremacy to singles. Fudog pov: Exzrts pov: Thanks to both clans for the action see you out there when we officially open!! Join Fearless today!! https://discord.gg/RuNuxnW PM Godae#9828 on discord to leak!!!!!
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    Imagine using rot meds as an excuse

    Imagine actually tweeting about runescape.
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    @wolffffreally showed his in game skill today!! Another easy day ending vengs trips
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    Dillon Howlett

    Lord niggest

    If you look closely you can see @Ace Kraverunning around looting so he can buy his daily mcchicken I guess $10 don't last very long @Ace Krave
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    imagine running twice in a row when you have 10+ ops and mains in your cc. stay shit sybren and friends
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    Easy smoke for res! Well done boys 3-0 btw
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    veng so bad lmao. can't even fight without having PD there and it still didn't help. Keep making sharkbrew propoganda topics to look good, cause that's all you have besides PD's dick in your asshole.
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    lol ly

    So you leaked your owns clans locations... Are you a fucking spastic?
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