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    Rage Vs Apex 40v40 F2P COTM PREP [2-1]

      Rage massed up 47 bears for the F2P COTM run off prep vs Apex. The prep was very close and competitive as always, but the boys in T-9 retained our title as the #1 F2P Matched clan in the scene as we defeated Apex 2-1 in the clan wars arena. Thanks for the fight, Apex. Always appreciated. Attacking N/A Defending Win Rage Starting Opts: 41 Rage Ending Opts: 11 Run In Win Rage Starting Opts: 40 Rage Ending Opts: 12
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    Kinda sad people like Parm are that obsessed over pure clanning in 2020. He puts all this energy into a clan he joined 2 months ago but where was all that energy when eop was on its last leg?
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    Rage wins 10 F2P preps in a row, Foe loses 10 in a row.. whats new Just rage things 🐻👑
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    Yikes Rage

    This @Edgi rage proud member was spamming foe members on discord hours before prep l0l KISS MY BELT LMFAO
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    Re: Using fear to keep members in line

    If you're wanting a practice that 90% of clans (not just Legacy) use to deal with people who sell themself for $2 an hour then you'd need to do more than a topic. You'd be looking for a while to find a clan that doesn't dox or ddos leaks/rats. Gonna have to work on some alternate solutions if this common method is now to be outlawed, but it would probably help sharkbrew and their stance on doxing if they didn't let their discord become a breeding ground for irl leaks and attacks first.
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    Re: Using fear to keep members in line

    Unfortunately a topic was posted today describing clan ranks threatening their members against leaking. As much as leaking your own clan locs for gp is reprehensible, using doxing as a threat for in-game related misbehavior should not be tolerated by community members and clans. Not only does these threats reflect badly on your clan, but these sort of behavior would make pure clanning unappealing to new recruits who may want to adopt Pure clanning. If you are a victim of such threats, feel free to drop a DM to any of Sharkbrew high ranks. In the past we have helped people mitigate some of the fallout that could come from Doxing. Furthermore, if you are being threatened with DDOSing, do learn how to protect yourself by reading this https://www.sharkbrew.com/wiki/Ddos_Mitigation_%26_Protection We hope that entire community can put aside differences to discourage these sort of behavior
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    Hello fellow members of FOE, today I bring you an interview conducted by my correspondent @Parm of a sad and broken Rage rank, Edgi. After months of his clan being battered by FOE, he finally broke and called my correspondent on Discord - crying his eyes out and answering many questions. I felt like after the devastating blow dealt yesterday - 5/22/2020 during the 50 V 50 F2P Prep that showed once again that FOE is superior and are the only owners of the Belt. After yesterday, I would like to present the mentality of these broken ranks and broken clan, and once again prove why FOE is forever BETTER. Feel free to watch below as this installment of FOE Network brings you 20+ minutes of a broken High Council of Rage. ~FOE Network
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    Grats to Zenith and LY for remaining undefeated vs each other for the 4th consecutive month!
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    Rage #1 F2P 10 Preps WIN streak with or without main caller online. Take notes FOM 🙈
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    “Any day any week” LOL.

    Imagine saying you will fight FOE “any day any week” just 7 DAYS AGO now you take it back and avoid. Hypocrisy at its finest. inb4 “stop bringing mains and teaming and we will prep you foe” - (bvg lesbian whisper voice). LMAOOOOO
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    apex virgins heated af that they have 0 activity and pull 40 to weekends only to dickride Zenith lmao Zenith you are completely irrelevant, you haven't won a single prep in the 5 months you've been open. You are the joke of the pure community.
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    makes sense that fo cant fight in singles, they have a bunch of glory hunters that only log in to spam 'l000l' as no-one fights them back. not unique to them, every top clan ends up with these morons and needs to exterminate them.
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    Cup Video Archive: Click Here 6 Captain-drafted Teams | Bo5 5v5 Pkris Restricted: No Ballista, Blade of Saeldor, Elder Maul, Ghrazi Rapier, Kodai Wand or any Nightmare Staves - Round 1: Round-Robin ✔️ Round 2: Semifinals [IN-PROGRESS] Round 3: Finals - date/time announced in the near future Join our discord for live updates: Click Here ≡ Prize Pool ≡ 1B+ Prize Pool Pm Moni#8827 on discord to donate gp to the prize pool ≡ Rosters ≡ Round 1: ✔️ ≡ Round-Robin Recaps (Advancing teams) ≡ Teams eliminated: Many Men & Phoenix Empire - 3 Legged Scientists: 13D - Aleus - Cranked (C) - Duncan - Logic - Moni Forest Crow: Darkx - Ibra - Nox (C) - Spark - Wsupden Lemurs: Kevin - Matched - Moe (C) - Riley - RNG - Shoan Team Covid: Chainsaw - Jake - Marcus1 (C) - Nranges - Oliver - Purifiy Round 2: [IN-PROGRESS] ≡ Playoff Bracket ≡ Match ordering was randomized because 3 teams (3LS, FC & TCV) scored the same amount of points (13). Randomizing was live-streamed by Nox on discord. Winners of our 2018 6v6 World Cup: Grandpas |Winners of our 2019 5v5 Champions Cup: Canaries Apex Cup Archives: Click Here
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    These fucking idiots over at Doom V6 thought they could camp us on mains for months prior to their opening trips, and openly team with clans in order to gain an edge.. It hasn't fucking worked yet lmfa0 @Co0kiezs wuu2 you're paying the consequences now retard. NO CLAN is going to save Zenith from the inevitable. You clearly can't get away with paying a MAIN CLAN to camp us LMFAO! This clan is fucking garbage & everyone should continue laughing at them l0000000000l. Here's the juice: Exhibit A: Zenith's High Council begging #EZ to camp Legacy on the weekends + willing to pay LOL! Exhibit B: Pedophile Elve tries to give his two cents on the matter Exhibit 😄 "Damn aight man." See you this weekend faggots!
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    Zerg Unit 3 - 0 Excel

    Zerg Unit vs Excel 3 - 0 Big fat kekecocks laying down the slaps. Round 1 - Attacking, Classic 26 / 26 15 / 0 Round 2 - Defending, Classic 25 / 25 20 / 0 Round 3 - F50 PKRI Plateau 50 / 40 Do you want to join the next big thing in XLPC? The next number one? Course you do. Pop by our Discord and say hi: https://discord.gg/WqumDxd
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    Blunt Purez vs Supremacy PREP [1-0]

    CC: BP PUB We smoked Supremacy first round.. Then they ran. Something about being demoralized? Round 1: BP STARTING: 26 SUPREMACY STARTING: 26 BP ENDING: 15 SUPREMACY ENDING: 0 POV: AND TO CLEAR UP THIS CONFUSION!
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    Rivalry Analysis

    foe - by far winning against rage. i can't imagine rage turning this around anytime soon so long as sup focuses fi (they need allies to compete) sup - sup is raping fatality in f2p and holding it down against fi in p2p, no doubt that sup is winning ly - honestly i cant rly tell whats going on in this rivalry but it feels like ly is winning
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    Brock Lesnar

    Return of the Zerg

    That's exactly what I said to your mother when she asked me if I wanted a rimjob
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    As we all know, Rage pay 2,000,000,000gp/weekend to hire Venezuelan players to help them battle vs the (undefeated) mighty eagles! Because of this, each Venezuelan dirt muncher receives 30 million GP! Enough to feed their family for months! Here is a picture sent by little Chicharito, grateful that he no longer has to lick the ground to find nutrients! Thank you Rage! I would just like to personally send my gratitude towards @BvGand co, for doing such honourable work in the face of poverty. Lil Pablo fighting to earn his keep! Lucero battling hard! Little Amaya sacrificing herself for the good of the economy! THANK YOU RAGE FOR KEEPING THESE PEOPLE ALIVE
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    crazy that @George Sorosis talking about prep wins when he's on a 7 prep loss streak
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    I guess when you lose a 15v15 against RP with no leak this is what you gotta resort to... yikes glad i'm not BU
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    FOE vs RAGE | 50V50 F2P PREP 2-1

    Forums | Teamspeak | Discord After 5 weeks of waiting, Rage finally accepted a F2P prep vs us. Today we massed up 60+ elites for the win. With a pretty scuffed R1, we bounced back and took R2. We went in very confident going into R3 and although we went down for a short second, we grabbed the lead and never looked back. Seemed like there was plenty of talk coming from Rage only to get put back in their place. Clean win for FOE. Thanks for the win. Round 1: Defeat Round 2: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 51/30 Rage Starting/Ending: 51/0 Round 3: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 53/18 Rage Starting/Ending: 53/0 ~Jordai ~Brap ~Cardi ~Paul ~K2P
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    Shoutout to the lads at damage control for farming apex today!
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    Rage Vs Legacy F2P CWA [3-0]

      Rage gathered 49 bears for some F2P CWA action vs Legacy. We done 2 sets of FT50's and one run in on plat and we were able to come away with the 3-0. Some exceptional warring and clumping from the boys in T9 Thanks for the clean fights LY! FT50 - WIN Rage kills: 50 Legacy kills: 41 FT50 - WIN Rage kills: 50 Legacy kills: 35 Run in - WIN Rage starting/ending: 38/24 Legacy starting/ending: 38/0
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      After PKing at revs for over 2 hours, taunting fo all the while, they finally sacked up and decided to come to caves (but not without help!). They logged in and rushed us with pures and immediately began to lose the fight as we wrapped southwest around them and boxed them in. Seconds later, they spammed lines of l0l as their mains logged in. We called for our members to do the same, and it was all over from there. The minimap remained purple for the duration as we focused down all the fo members left on pures. By the end, we started taking down their mains 1 by 1 until they were fully cleared with a regroup at the entrance in singles. We picked up our loot and took our win.   A few highlights below; for the full picture dump visit:
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    Hey LY... I was walking around in my house and...
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    Rage vs Legacy | 35v35 F2P Prep | 3-0

      Rage Massed up 45 bears for a F2P Prep vs Legacy. We took the clean 3-0 victory. Thanks for the fight, as always, Legacy. Attacking Win Rage Starting Opts: 31 Rage Ending Opts: 25 Defending Win Rage Starting Opts: 36 Rage Ending Opts: 21 Run In Win Rage Starting Opts: 35 Rage Ending Opts: 17
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    Saturday King Of The Hill GDZ hut?

    I'll be too busy chasing zenith around at level 5 fog since they won't ever go GDZ vs us
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    Return of the Zerg

    April 2014. A crew of bogans and a Brit made a clan with the worst name pure clanning has ever seen. What should’ve been a joke turned into one of 2014-2015’s standout clans, claiming and holding number one matched opts for over half a year. July 2015. After revitalising the lower, mid, and high level pure clan scenes our leaders got tired, they had real lives to lead. Our members didn’t have the direction they needed. We closed. Zerg Unit drifted into memory; but remained in hearts. Now, five years on, besieged by a global pandemic after some wank ate a bat in a Chinese backwater, holed up in our bedrooms as if it were 2014 again, we’re back. We’re xlpc. It’s happening. Same leaders. Same core. Same Zerg Unit. Forty Zerglings attended our prep versus Astro last night - our first event in five years. More will be coming to the next; and you could too. Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/WqumDxd Idle in our CC: ‘ZergUnit’ Get a team-32 cape. And be ready to do what Zerg Unit does best: save the scene, with style. #ZU2020. Reqs: 70- combat.
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    Return of the Zerg

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    Xlpc down, Lpc down, we are coming for you ROT
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    Zenith opened officially in February, which was apparently 6 months ago. Corona is indeed effecting the IQ's of my Legacy friends
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    Imagine having 4 capes in your inventory on a Saturday and Sunday. Yikes
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    @Parmbroken already, left foe 🤣 what happened? i wasnt even trying? 😪😬
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      Rage massed up a strong 80 bears for our weekly P2P Sunday trip. Despite FoM having around 100 and quite a few mains/meds, we decided to take them on down opts. We managed to get a few full clears on FoM 1v1 and then had a farm sesh at CA where we beat them down to 1 item over the course of an hour or so. Fight 1 We began the trip by spreading East of Ruins in multi in hopes that FoM would rush. Luckily for us, they sacked up. We took over the fight early on pushing them northwest where we fully cleared them. At this point, Zenith/Ly/Apex/FI/Etc rushed in and we had a nice little cluster. Fight #2 We heard Supremacy was fighting Zenith at sperm hill so we rushed and went to town on them. We cleared up both clans before FoM rushed us from the north. We got aggressive on them pushing them west to corp. They had ~20 ingame to our 60+ when Supremacy rushed from behind to attempt a 2v1. We tele'd out with our victory. Fight #3 We defended CA and FoM decided to login on top of us. Despite starting the fight down 10 or so, we quickly took the lead and held it for over an hour, breaking many of their members into 1 item after losing all their sets and fully clearing FoM at multiple points. Eventually FoM gained to around 110 on ts to our 78 or so and at that point we called it off after one hell of a fight. We kept an advantage for over an hour and only lost it for around the last 15 minutes or so. 
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    lesbo bvg stop avoider

    2 weeks of avoiding, and now you and all your ranks have blocked ALL FOE ranks on discord.. grab you inhaler take a deep breath lil guy it wont get any easier for rage stop the propaganda n lets just fight bro?
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    Congratulations to successful pure clans Zenith, Foe and Misfits! Clean pure on pure action for all! Legacy were so intimated by the wall of 60 Mountain Men that they stayed put in their basements, and as a result no mains were present at the fight! Glad to see angry shitters know their place
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    Blunt Purez Vs Rage [P2P PREP] [2-1]

    stop crying they are BP and 3 ppl in a 30v30? come on lol just take the L
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    lol they got blown the fuck up
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    Why do FO think they can dictate when we prep!! Last 3 Preps Results: October 17 2019 : Rage 2 - 1 April 3 2020 : Rage 2 - 1 April 22 2020 : Rage 3 - 0 (FO DQ) Stick your "refuse to prep" bullshit up your arse. 👑🐻
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