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    Generating Activity 101

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    EOP vs FOE ~ August 25th 3:00 PM EST

    EOP and FOE, pretty much the two remaining/relevant premier pure clans on RS. We were hoping Jagex Cup would be happening this year but unfortunately Jagex HQ has other plans. Everyone knew it would be Foe vs EOP in the finals anyway... So let's do something else. We are proposing the following: F2P 100v100 Clan Wars (or we can do a real fullout in the wilderness) August 25th 3:00 EST challenge 3 rounds 1 Def gear cap Message Solo#7798/debb#0380 on discord
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    Old Nox

    Apex declares on foe (again again)

    Official Clan Declaration Name of your clan: Apex Name of clan you are declaring on: Foe Attach screenshot of your clan's memberlist(MANDATORY screenshot, no links): check their site Attach screenshot of declared clan's memberlist(MANDATORY screenshot, no links): It's private Fight server type(omit one): F2P & P2P Minimum opt count(50% of Memberlist): 50v50 Def cap: 1 Defence Other rules: Times & Date Tuesday August 7th for F2P - 6:00PM EST START Wednesday August 8th for P2P - 6:30PM EST START
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    GODKINGS OF P2P l0l0l0l0l0l Quick reminder Apex vs FOE | 35v35 P2P Prep 2-1 | Nov 29th 2017 Apex vs FOE | 40v40 P2P Prep 3-0 | Dec 12th 2017 Apex vs FOE | 45v45 P2P Prep 3-0 | Jan 11th 2018 Apex vs FOE | 45v45 P2P Prep 2-1 | Feb 28th 2018 Apex vs FOE | 50v50 P2P Prep 2-1 | April 4th 2018 Apex vs FOE | 60v60 P2P Prep 3-0 | June 27th 2018 Apex vs Team Pooptent (fo team) | 35v35 P2P Prep 3-0 | May 11th 2018 Apex vs Team Frogs (fo team) | 20v20 P2P Mini 2-1 | April 30th 2018 nigas even stopped claiming p2p lmaoo shii ?????
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    After getting smacked the fuck up, FOE calls a tele to Edge and requests their members to spam "We will never prep you". Danny BIG SCARED
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    Envy finally got a forums!

    https://envyrs.com/ Wtf is this... You don't even P2P? looks like you got smited for all your +1's so bought 3 sara swords uhhh... this makes more sense comming from an envy rank. Dude write that shit with google paint? P.S. you fergot the north south side on the left. Whole minute long promotion vid and the first/last 30 seconds is an intro? the first clip was you getting clapped losing like 10 opts on the first hit against aao? I mean gz I guess lol...
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    Critical Damage

    Ok Rev cave clan
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    If your clan is doing bad...

    Olympiss paid Calum for a new forums skin, opened their website, tried to build inner hype, found out CD was actually reopening, lost half their ranks, lost half their members, closed before opening. gz fellas, better than the first run tbh.
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    Its Been A Pleasure

    Hey, Community I have been away for awhile and I’ve been busy with life. I have decided to step down from Sharkbrew and ultimately interact with the community minimally. I have decided to focus on project irl and put my 100% in those. I had fun times within the community and getting to know some of you made my experience a unique one. This is a Community is a unique one in where we all have our own individual goals within this game but at times will get together if we have a common enemy. Our community has its moments where it rather starve each other due to personal issues with certain ranks in clans or for gain. The ups and downs are what kept myself going. It was interesting to sit down with a lot of you about these issues. You guys allowed me to help host community events and settle some differences between several clans. I appreciated that and it made some differences within the community. Thanks a lot to those who helped Sharkbrew for the better. A lot of things are still being brought together by Sharkbrew Staff Team. Be mindful and respect them. They’re here to help you. I will be on Discord and if you absolutely need for me to help you with something Runescape related or even IRL related. Feel free to message me. Stay cooperative with the community. A lot of this message is all over the place as I wanted to make sure I did this before I went completely inactive. Be good to each other and be happy with you do within this game and outside of it. Cheers, Kim
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    Martin Tyler

    What was this about?

    good shi my niga @Heismberg ur full rank team (10ish ppls) are on vs aao,ir,sup, but if its pex or fi none can make it..? damn niga
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    13 Defence

    Supremacy vs Foe 20v20 [2-1]

    BEST P2P MATCHED L00000000000000L they just lost to you!!! YOU BOTH SUCK L0L
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    whatever happened to this energy fo? [thx]

    worry about yourself lmfao
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    Whipz Strikes Again

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    Goodluck I guess? Guess it will be cool to see u and envy battle for worst clan in history
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    My highly educated and incredibly wealthy interweb associates have informed me of a conspiracy going on... keep flooding recent topics freaks
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    New Gmaul Meta (?) Ft. Moni.gif

    Testing out the Granite Maul. What do you guys think about the new meta? /discuss
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    Slushpuppy and several other staffers have requested that I make an introduction to the community. I will be breaking from the traditional format/template used on this website. Who Am I? My name is Victoria, and I'm from the United States. I've been playing RuneScape on and off since the Classic days, spanning around 16 years with more than a decade of actual clanning experience. I'm a bit older than the majority of the clanning community memberbase as well, and I work professionally as an educator. The majority of my time in clanning had been spent with Damage Incorporated, and remained with them from late 2007 to the end of 2016. As of early 2017, I have been more or less retired from the overall community and currently maintain a CWA team called Lions. Why Am I Interested In SharkBrew? Slushpuppy had suggested to me that community administration has taken an interest in hosting Main Clans and Teams, which I think is great. Currently the only communications platform the Main Community maintains is Zybez, which I am also semi-active within. I generally lurk a lot more than I post, but I do make the occasional comment or topic when I deem it necessary. Slushpuppy invited myself and several others from the Main Community to represent our body of players, so I hope to get to know some more members of the larger community as well. I think that this collaboration between the pure and main scene can benefit the long term health of our community, to help strengthen dialogue about the PvP aspect(s) of the game and what we can do to improve upon it. Despite the differences between our communities, we really are two halves of the same coin. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and if you have any questions my inbox is always open. Alternatively, you may message me on Discord as well.
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    EOP takes the W over Fo once again

    Been a month and still no response meanwhile Jamz has left 10+ times due to the following: Safe to say Big W for EoP
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    EOP made a favorite sb rank in their awards? zoinks
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    Point of no return

    We're at the point in clanning where the biggest rivalry right now is FI vs MF vs Ace Krave/Purge. R.I.P.
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    that white page nigga brought no bolts to a pkri and resulted to chinning his own members.. made me laugh, respect
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    i got banned from eop discord after this

    no one cares fom is dead lol
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    ir dead haha, @Zo . what was that again about making my time in supremacy a living hell? I've literally bullied your clan into far worse than irrelevancy. I'm not going to stop until your head is on my wall as a trophy faggot.
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    Gatekeeper Promos + Main Ambassadors!

    @Mediator @Brandon A more recent addition to the sb staff team, Brandon took no time in getting to work for the betterment of the community. Despite initial hurdles with the rejection of a pure community tournament due to the decision of specific clan leaders. Brandon has successfully started a main tournament with many clans and teams participating. I hope you continue generating events for both scenes and congratulations on the promotion. ~Andy Defeinetly of the newer additions to the higher staff team, and a really hard working one at that. Starting the main tourney and solo running it basically shows he's fully capable of a mediator rank without question hopefully moving forward we can really see more of his leadership in other parts of Sharkbrew. ~Moni These @Gatekeeper's have been promoted to represent their respected clans and help us understand and learn from the main scene. It's pretty evident, High staff don't have much experience with main clanning or the main community in general. We hope these new reps help us with our lack of knowledge in the area. @jay. Is representing Fatality @Paul Representing: Sanity,Renegades and Seals @RobJr Representing: Renegades,Seals,Silent Ember and Kanini @Victoria Victoria has been main clanning since 2006 and much like @slushpuppeh is clanless and is known as a neutral bystander who will be able to offer us insight without the burden of looking out of one clan in specific. Her clan history because she is currently clanless 2006: Dark Slayers -> Commander 2007: Aether -> Warlord Late 2007: Dark Dynasty, Death Monkeighs -> Member(s) 2008-2016: Damage Incorporated -> Legend and Officer 2017: Reign of Terror -> Intro With the introduction of these gatekeepers into the Sharkbrew community we will be introducing the new @Runite Ambassador rank. By working with our new Gatekeepers, we pledge to build a conducive environment for the main community. Stay tune for regular pure and main community events! @Counselor @Overseer @Member @Veteran @Ambassador @Gatekeeper @Mediator @Kingpin @VIP
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    @Elve Don't @ Nightmare again like LUL?
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    missing a well organized tournament with unbiased ranks like @Shadows :/
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    Shouldn't you be monitoring SharkBrew Discord rn?
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    u went and posted 4 old gifs of someone after they posted 1 of u and now ur saying u didn't take it srs (mfw)
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    Instead of acting cocky and flaming, act humble. Do not act like retards when we are willing to give the most p2p clan wars action in the pure community. You guys are decent players already but no where near the top yet.
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    After being outpulled and humiliated in 3 trips back to back to back as well as getting 3-0'd by RP in a 19v19 mini (NM ranks purposely didn't want a 20v20 because that would make it a prep), a demoralized Nightmare pulled through today with 24(LOL DAFUQ) on their MANDATORY official sunday trip and cancelled after hearing Rampage massed up 75+ . This is a worrying trend for this newly opened and self proclaimed "#1 XLPC". How many weeks or even days do you think it will be till NM closes?
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    King Koer Jr

    Envy rank confession part I

    #AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.COM Several disgruntled Envy ranks came to me asking for advice and sympathy. For so long they have been putting up with Hassan's bullshit and today was the last straw. Here are the confessions of Envy Part 1. 00:20 - Envy elder confirms losing to Rampage in a prep 00:50 - "It's 4pm, time to throw in the towel" 01:23 - "Envy loses to 80 level 3s" 01:50 - the reason why hassan doesn't p2p 02:10 - "why the fuck are we returning?" 03:00 - the reason why hassan calls in arabic 04:50 - Envy needs alot of work [in p2p] 06:15 - hassan gets paranoid and kicks 5 recruits [because of aao] 07:10 - envy elder makes excuses as to why they suck 08:35 - we bring mains because we suck 10:10 - confirmed teaming with fi
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    lmao nice alt harmz u dumb dog my nigga mustafa is back home enjoying his summer while killing the anti sup alliance live footage of mustafa rn: !seen nawe btw lmao
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    Gods Return - Olympus XLPC 2018

    this looks like a desperate remake not even close to what olympus was at their best change the name spastic dont ruin a legacy
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    Damn FOE can't use the "fullout us" excuse anymore rip, gl w/ ur rivalry vs EV
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    Name: rob RSN: battlescape CONTACT INFO (Discord, IRC, etc): robbyy#5880 Youtube/Twitch/etc (If you win it will be mentioned publicly and one the winning topic) lol youtube.com/robbyy
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    Fatality this is really pathetic.

    do you happen to have the number of anyone who asked?
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    this is how fo ranks always act when interacting with them:
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    Don’t ever refer to yourselves as legends of p2p again lmfao
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    lemme recap the hotgun timeline of the whole situation: 1. brag about some1 elses win 2. brag about how hard ur "baiting" every1 3. get called out and have a mental breakdown 4. actually lose vs apex (lol) 5. try to find a bullshit excuse for dq 6. get called out and responded with a real excuse for dq 7. get flamed back 8. tap out?? definition of playing yourself l0l, specially considering his past history (VR)
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    Imagine leaking to someone through Steam chat lmao. I got this kid to leak to me during Saturday's trip under the notion he would be paid 5m. What a cheap slave. Are you going to try to hide this, @Pker4life @King of kings, or take it like a man would? How could you think I wouldn't expose you for what you for the rat you are?
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    your sb name is literally prep war but fo has been terrified to prep apex ever since jamz left LOL
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    What was this about?

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    Whipz Strikes Again

    LMFAO imagine being as boring as you