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    Like we haven’t seen this before..

    Fo is using mains again trying to match pulls of clans pulling higher than them. what a surprise. anyways, till next Saturday lmao. 🙈🙊🙉🤝
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    Rage Vs Apex | 30v30 | F2P FT50 [4-2]

    clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc Gathered 30 men to face off against the shark clan in some capped 30v30 F2P FT50's. We fought 6 rounds in total, coming out the 4-2 victors - Thanks for the fights Apex
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    Message to stupid bears

    first name: k1ng location: arabic occupation: wave studies hair color: bald a revival of the solo parody memes is upon us
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    Rage vs Apex F2P PKRI

    P2P PKRI?
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    if your not in supremacy your doing great so far.
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    Bears on top once again, nobody can stop us hahaha
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    Haha fo is doggy

    Haha fo is doggy
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    Rage could have left after we brought them down to 5 but we didn't. Foe tried a fake ending but it doesn't surprise me. "Never cheat never lie unless its for a fake ending" - Foe Danny. Rage are F2P and P2P kings.
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    for all the guys who didnt read full topic As all Rev Dragon fights do, the fight became increasingly less clean with multiple Apex members returning in 1 item. At this point we had nothing more to fight for and dipped out with the win.
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    Return of Purp

    Proud of my eagles taking #1 F2P CWA #FOEPRIDENIGGA 🦅💧🩸 Warning message to rage: U WANNA USE MAINS? LOL lets see how long u last vs my tank squad 😂🤣
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    Love to see it. Gz fellas This is how the scene should be from now on
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    Rage Saturday / Foe Attempts to Play Dirty

    Another easy weekend trip for Rage! Fo knows their place thats below us l0l
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    Not only did we show them in game that they should leave the RAGE to us! But look at the magnificence of this topic, tells a story that no one can deny. Having said that please take a look at the LY topic posted by @Viikings, I mean if you need a laugh its gonna do the trick. How embarrassing must it be to post that shit up with it being you P2P Sunday 1 Year Anniversary Topic. RAGE #1
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    Ngl ur banter has been getting even worse than it already is and idk how that’s possible
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    13.5 hour return fight #rage foe cleared
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    gf foe + mains + sup + lithuanian pures
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    Let's Rage this weekend.

    Let's Rage this weekend.
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    ca$h carti

    30 def

    rage accept up to 99 should give them a try
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    Rage end Legacy's rev trip in 3 hits

    clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc We got word that Legacy were pking in our caves, so we gathered 30 Bears to give them a serious beat down. It only took 3 hits to end Legacy, they took their 30 man pull and done some F2P Inners after we victimised them🤣 Legacy this is punishment for your sins, you're always so quick to run to Fo and Sups aids but where were they when you needed them most? Hey good fight though Legacy, Thanks for playing  @Logic @itmesolo pics is spoiler
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    rage ranks/members claim they are fighting 3v1 every weekend and complain how they can't get a proper 1v1 with foe. Well here's your chance; PM any foe rank for a 50v50 minimum cwa fight any server for your 1v1, if you dare that is 🤣
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    Rage Vs Supremacy [3-0] P2P Tourny

    Ty 4 the clean fight rage.
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    yo Logic man you're fucking stupid man, youre one-- y-you're one of the people that takes 10 minutes to get in game. if everyone- i-if everyone has a brain, you can do what i want to do it just requires a brain to do what i want you guys to do. obviously some ppl dont have it
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    Rage keeps it classy. Foe keeps it Fudog.
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    must have been fun being a foe member - dying over and over and over again for 4 hours straight xd
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    foe had 5 pures in-game 90% of the fight, safe to say RAGE WON again cuhh
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    Rage Roflstomp Fo In The Caves

    damn u smoked foc and everyone who tried to help them gj bears
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    Rage Roflstomp Fo In The Caves

    very ez win gz rage
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    Mg F T W

    What was your First Clan?

    Few questions: 1. Which clan was your first clan? 2. What year did you join the pure community? 3. Are you currently in a clan? If so, which one? MG F T W
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    200 vs 90 kinda lame

    Gonna be interesting to see how long the Ly and Foe alliance last
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    did rage even had any action today?
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    Rage vs the world baby. Only clan to ever hold a rivalry against the entire scene and still come out ahead 😂. Nobody has ever done it like rage has and I think this is cementing ourselves forever in history as the most dominant pure clan to ever bless the game both OSRS and pre eoc. Gz bears
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    Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The Vikings were approached for a CWA Vs NL and we quickly jumped at the opportunity. Single Spell 22 Vikings Vs 19 NL. Big shoutout and respect to NL for jumping into something new! Only their second CWA and first in many months. Improving every round! Hopefully more clans take this lead. We did 3 rounds of first 25 and Vengeance being the much more experienced clan came out on top 3-0. GF tyff and enjoy the vid.
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    ironic that this is a Gordan Ramsey reference and we all know how much you like your food...
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    Well done UB!
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    Why is your log out at the ready
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    well didn't want to put it in here, but our Danny, wasn't even there the last hours, even while he confirmed he was right?
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    Rage the real Kings of gdz. Embarrassing performance by main clan / propaganda clan FOE lol
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    Who’s winning these rivalries?

    nailed it also very biased poll XD means that you're actually scared of the results lmfao (inb4 OH sb is full of rage LMFAO)
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    Rage caves for 5+ hours today, other clans you have our permission to go out now.
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    30 def

    Uhhh, @Rage already accepts 70+ Def so
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    Thanks for attending, Rage!

    f2p fullout, when?
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    Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, 2nd February: Final Ownage Elite massed up 75 elites later peaking at 100 strong for one of the easiest P2P trips in a very long time. Lately we have been getting focused by as many Anti-FOE clans as possible but this has not worried us in the slightest. In fact it gives us the motivation to try harder and that's why today was a walk in the park and it will continue to be. We picked up quite early on in the trip that Rage was planning to hit us with their Maxed Mains and any Main Clans they could convince to aid them. Unfortunately for them, their entire plan backfired and we demolished them all day long forcing them to teleport out and drop numbers until they were forced to end. During this time, FOE stood strong with 100. We fought Rage at FOG at the start of the trip, and with an entire Main Clan logging in to hit us from behind (funnily enough they don't seem to care about that). We just moved to the west and forced Rage to teleport out when they were reduced to 30 in game after slaughtering their low IQ members. After a regroup, we then moved north towards GDZ but Rage pussied out and walked back down instead of fighting back after crashing Apex + Fatality instead. We patiently waited for them in multi south of boneyard in a fall-in. They took the bait and rushed from the north and were caught north of the trees in massive clumps. We heard Fatality was preparing to log in behind us from the south so we kept dragging Rage south so that we were in a favourable position when Fatality would log in. As we baited both clans, we managed to have a strong spread of 80 FOE still remaining who forced Rage to teleport out when they realised Fatality logged in underneath them because they were too late. We then fought Fatality 1v1 at CA and held our ground taking the lead and they teleported out when Rage crashed back from the west after getting a full regroup lmfao. A little too late btw. From this point onwards Rage began to avoid us since we had reached within 5 of their numbers. We spread at CA and waited for Rage and Fatality to rush. We called em out for hiding and then saw them towards the north east. We pushed into them and caught them in massive clumps, surrounding them around ghost hut and thus forcing them to run northwest but we didn't give them any freedom so we kept moving with them. We simply destroyed them here and as they dipped west they realised they had no chance anymore. After this we chased Rage around the wilderness and hit em off guard multiple times, the biggest one being at West Bandits when we caught them in multiple clumps as they proceeded to then teleport out in embarrassment. A strong Sunday for FOE and we will only get bigger now. Good luck. The greatest pure clan in history makes history again. #1. ~Real Me ~Deleted ~ Jordai
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    Message to dogshit Fo

    We left because it got boring mushing you around like our sled dogs for over 2 straight hours and you pussies never faught back lmao btw grats @lnfamous Jeton his recent big promotion from retired FOE ----> Member you really on the come up fr fr
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    Breakable - Where to from here?

    do something about it lmfao
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