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    Bears eating in wilderness
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    Rage vs Intense Redemption | F2P Prep 2-1

    clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 The mighty Rage Bears massed up 30 strong for our scheduled fight against Intense Redemption, coming out with a 2-1 Victory Thanks for the fight and looking forward to more! Rage starting: 27 Rage ending: 14 IR starting: 27 IR ending: 0 Rage starting: 28 / Rage ending: 15 IR starting: 28 / IR ending: 0 lost @Spiral POV @Broxx POV
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    clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Rage massed up 36 Bears for our scheduled F2P prep vs Fatality. The prep was pretty close with both clans winning their attacking rounds, however we managed to edge the win as our bears clutched up round 3 to secure the 2-1 win. thanks to Fatality for accepting the prep on such short notice. Rage Starting: 34 Rage Ending: 25 Fatality Starting: 34 Fatality Ending: 0 ~ Rage Starting: 36 Rage Ending: 20 Fatality Starting: 36 Fatality Ending: 0 @Broxx @exzrts @Spiral
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    IR you guys might pull big but don't get it twisted , you're still like #5 in each respective server, grats foe
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    Rage Vs Fatality | 35v35 F2P Prep [2-1]

    Broxx pov for meek mills, ty for prep FI
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    Rage Vs Fatality | 35v35 F2P Prep [2-1]

    Rage wins again.
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    clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc Rage massed up a strong 45 bears for this action packed Sunday P2P trip. The fights today were back and forth between Fally and Bandits and the majority of this action was against Fearless and Supremacy with the boys in Team-9 dominating 99% of the clusters. Shoutout to all Rage bears that showed up! Pics in spoiler
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    Bears on top
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    rage on top
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    fuck me ryan bout to make another xlpc clan now 😂😂😂
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    Cd broken Fi distanced themselves from CD after seeing the cancer CD was and how badly they were getting destroyed which was probably the smart move so yeah we broke the alliance in those terms I dont think we really broke Fi per say, and im sure well have an underlying rivalry with them, but with Foe ir fi and ly all pulling 60+ well be happy to fight whoever and get back to having clean action Funny story, TBR was the one who started the LY FI beef only to leave Ly , reopen CD and get slumped to 25 man pulls. As much as i flame Fi they are a pure clan, with a respectbale history which is 20x what i can say for CD If Fi and Ly go back to being extremely fierce rivals i know itll be waaay cleaner than the rivalry with CD and will be good for the scene My only advice for FI is to not allow CD to come in their capes on mains and whatever else after CD closes. Tldr Cd broken Alliance severed Gl fi foe ir
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    Ok purge closed though for the 10th time again, so who's really ass
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    we dem 🐻
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    Ez for bears
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    Rage wins again
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    beary berries
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    Rage Saturday Marathon / Ft100 v FI

    legend never die btw
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    Rage Sunday Smokefest

    Rage wins again
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    hittin pmg

    Daeva smokes Legacy

    Goodjob slapping those shit kids, looks like you guys dominated from start to finish.
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    Good win thanks for prep
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    @Nibletstriked btw
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    Pure destruction.
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    Rage Saturday Marathon / Ft100 v FI

    Great looking trip RAGE BEARS 🐻