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    clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc We got word that Supremacy was fighting Purge at GDZ, so we quickly gathered 25 Bears to put an end to the fight. The fight was clearly a team on crash, as Sup and Purge done their best to keep our Bears at bay but it simply wasn't enough. We held the hut single piling any piss or red hat that entered before making a swift move south east to finish off purge leaving Supremacy all alone. We dropped all their pures and mains within seconds, and caught the final 4 that remained in a 4 man. As we finished them up west of the hut, we moved back east to Gdz expecting there to be a return unit however there was no return unit - Supremacy and Purge knew it was over. We grabbed a fall in, and began to spam hoping that might tempt them to return but as expected they weren't up to the challenge. Supremacy are you starting to realise that this is rivalry you weren't ready for? @Slowky @bvg
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    For the fourth weekend in a row we set out with 80 Bears later peaking at 85. As always we made sure to have the most action packed trip and accomplished everything we planned on. We kept supremacy's trip low quality, forcing them to team with CD mains to attempt to fight us (need more). Whenever supremacy was rg'ing sitting with their thumbs up their ass we had some great 1v1s with FOE and multiple clusters with the whole community. For whatever reason our rivals tried to pretend we weren't there today. They repeatedly put themselves in a bad position allowing us to feast on them and ruin every single fight they attempted, including a 50 man gwas on them at bandits. After getting pounded for 2 hours straight, supremacy ended their trip, forcing their members to get into 1 item dds/crystal bow to rag the big bad bears. BLNT shit stains. Rage ending: Videos @K0nt @Broxx @Anthony Pictures
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    All supremacy have to do is convince 3at to suck a fart out of tetovas ass and the beef is squashed dude
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    How long can Supremacy keep this up? These losers still haven’t posted a pic dump and @Mustafais covered in sweat, holy fuck you’re such a pussy
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    feels good to be rage 80 + pulls every weekend both servers
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    Oh rage what were you thinking?

    the only 1v1 we had today went like this:
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    UB Public Relations

    Unbreakable Returns

    Unbreakable is reopening. We are not reopening for nothing though, and with our return we are hoping to also help return the clanworld to a better state. With our opening we plan to help revitalize the clanwars scene, re-popularize fights that are not endless return fests sitting on return spots, and help bolster a new scene with less cancer and more fun for all clans. In the coming days I will reach out to all other clan leaders about the direction the clan scene is going and how we can make changes for the better. It is my hope that we can agree on a new way forward, and with the first steps I have already made with some clan leaders I feel it is possible. Starving clans wasnt always the norm, endless return fights where nobody wins wasnt always the norm, cancer wasnt always the norm. These are problems we can tackle together as a scene without the cancerous influence of previous mentalities. Feel free to join our discord as we get our site and teamspeak ready in the coming days. All ex-members and people who wish to be a part of this new way forward are encouraged to hang around in discord as we set up. See you around. - HANU https://discord.gg/TKwkv3s
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    Unbreakable Returns

    that's what we said too then foe forced a rivalry with us and lost it l0l
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    we could be having some nice high opt fights on a f2p saturday, but edgis sand crab recruits make 3at shake irl lmao
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    rage never lose.
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    The Perfect Start to Slumptober / 99 Bears

    Played with my eyes closed today. 47 kills. 2 staffs, 0 deaths.
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    thanks for the rune sets idiot
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    holy fuck what were supremacy thinking, my boy @Rage Guyalready told you about the forfeit - get it done.
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    I Rep Dutch

    yikes rage

    i left the clan, afterwards they banned me because it would look bad for them.
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    Yuck! Rage is a doxxing clan???

    u sound like a 12 year old trying to sound 23 on mic btw
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    really out here making full in depth aftermath topic over a mini huh?
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    Wednesday PKRIs vs Legacy

    bears on top
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    hahahaha i bet they wont even show up
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    Outrage & Supremacy

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    Anti-Rage is going to need more clans to stand a chance!
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    I Rep Dutch

    yikes rage

    you are giving 0 contribution to rage only a bot typing
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    @Crafted exilent cape counter exposing urself lmaoo. Clueless ranks propaganda l0l.. 1:13 for the ultimate exilent/runelite cape-counter swap shows u used mains vs us in that clean 1v1 and claimed the win lmao if ur lying do it right.. Even CD posted it on their forums. congratz on losing topic rage did this to u ..
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    Suck a dick shitpremacy
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    The State of ‘Outrage’ 2

    sometimes i feel bad commenting on how bad your topics are, like insulting a special needs student
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    35 Defence?

    yo i made an account on here just to say i think you some of you guys need to relax before you die in your 40s due to high blood-pressure it's a game just like every other game; im just trying to enjoy my time and i don't really find weird propaganda posts and like salty kids whining about someone flying around the wild in adamant lol don't be jealous of my beautiful heavy rune gloves ur tiny frame can't support! and my XXL SUPER heavy ballista and when i pull up on u camouflaged as a venni in rev caves snakeskin bandana and smack a cheeky 78 on u with my huge whopping heavy ballista you will see the errors in your ways and you will instantly feel the urge to take a bath and spend more quality time with your grandparents if they're still in ur life ya spergs. love u - samurai armour pure profuse
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    Rage vs sup

    envy pulled 120 that doesnt make u good lmfao ur quality is dogshit
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    They have been shit the whole time legit only reason they held on to being open is so they can say the were a clan for x amount of years
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    B S A

    Rage Violate Legacy [P2P PKRI]

    my POV coming soon for the CA fight.
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    what are u doing in my caves?
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    ur legit most retarded person I've seen on this site. quote me and I'll post the vid of you crying on discord call again lmfao
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    35 Defence?

    After being declined from Rage for applying with a 35 defence account, it looks like baldy/profuse is going to be accepted into Supremacy. After then going to Supremacy, here's what the ranks had to say about his app:     with the only voice of reason being the member rank, Lucky Egg 
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    B S A


    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    Grey Wolfff's introduction

    Tah a 45def Turtle Swede 45 def dam u must hate your clan
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    AK 4U

    FOE Council 2k19 -

    10m I join btw
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    rage leader has cd all over his chest

    ah yes looks like ayb was calling an rsn and you deem it topic worthy
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    Unbreakable Returns

    Oh those guys who made a tank team to rag xlpc? Hmmm lol
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    Resistance vs Rage 23v23 4-0

    Big resistance clan. Thanks for action RAGE
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    i dont think ive ever had an easier rivalry.
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    Ima Grizzly

    missin u all

    Who r u?
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    It's shocking how a new neutral clan entering the scene became the target of a clan who pulled near 100 by the use of mains, doxing, and other nh antics, and then a few months later the new clan forced that same old legacy clan to cancel their trips. Jamz and his 50 personalities really have done a number on them, grats Outrage!
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