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    Rage vs FOE COTM Decider

    After FOE has dodged organizing the COTM prep for MAY (it's july) for over 1 month while offering fo any date/time (including weekends), Slushpuppy finally setup the date for this Thursday (tomorrow) at 6PM EST. The fight will be 3 rounds, F2P, 1 def cap, matched, knockout. Who will win? Will FOE even show up? Vote in the poll above.
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    How things have changed...

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    Rage vs FOE COTM F2P PREP | 3-0

    There's a lot of FOE members posting on this topic about how often they beat Rage and Rage is losing their core members. If it's that easy to win why not just show up and do it? It would've crushed Rage morale and been free hype. Hopefully someone can post an actual reason they skipped out on this because I'm pretty confused and disappointed tbh. Hopefully FOE does have a reason, a bunch of 20+ year olds having egos so fragile they can't face a possible loss on a computer game is pretty sad.
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    Rage vs FOE COTM F2P PREP | 3-0

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    Looking for competitive clan

    Should probably just give up the habitual attention seeking you've done on these forums for the past 3~ years and just join a clan and be normal lol
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    Rage vs FOE COTM F2P PREP | 3-0

      Rage massed up a strong 40 bears for a F2P prep vs Final Ownage for May COTM (after they avoided scheduling for over 1 month) The prep was scheduled by Sharkbrew at Thursday 6PM EST. Rage showed up only to find FOE was doing 9v9 P2P inners instead of fighting us 40v40, despite having their whole rank team online. Thanks for the 90M Donation and Signature, FO! Hopefully those inners help improve your very poor matched game that's causing you to avoid! Afterwards, we did a nice drop party with our 90m PRIZE!
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    Local News

    If FOE and LY start beefin...

    What side is SV gonna help?
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    you dont take shit from any1 but your homie fucked your girl
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    1 March 2020 - Fatality rank 'Steve' threatens to ddos a number of Kittygamers members. Kg responds by crashing Fi trips and midweeks for months on end, releasing their demoralised audio on a weekly basis. 18 April 2020 - Fatality rank 'Roman' doxes multiple Kg members, Kg continues to respond in game. 16/17 May 2020 - Kittygamers makes history by ending Fatality on their anniversary in both servers (0 aftermaths), and leaks Fi rank discussions regarding closure. 17 June 2020 - Fatality relents after months of abuse and bends the knee to Kittygamers. Justice served, history made.
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    Vendetta | 65-75 Combat | Kings Of F2P

    Clan Information Invite Only Discord: https://discord.gg/vNuv4eF Team Cape: 8 Vendetta Opened Its Doors in 2018 , Founded By Jay , Ryan , Kold , We Are Now Re-opening As XLPC Vendetta has been known to be one of the most dominant F2P clans during the small era we existed in. We brought in a community full of straight F2P gods into a playstyle that dominated almost every clan we faced matched opts. The community has remained together before hand for years, later connecting 2 separate communities to make one dominant F2P community. Even after Vendetta most of the core guys have remained with other groups to join other clans to even better their F2P core with every community knowing that Vendetta single handily can carry any clan in F2P. With most of the ranks still apart of different communities in the LPC scene, & with an aggressive and outstanding XLPC dominant core group of individuals, we are happy to announce that Vendetta will be returning to the XLPC scene to have a blast as we once did in F2P, from fighting down opts as we used to love to do, to participating in F2P Preps Requirements: ( Invite Only ) 65-75 Combat 40 Attack 80+ Strength , 80+ Ranged , 80 Magic Video's First Opening Trip https://youtu.be/jc_Pc_8AJhQ First Prep Ever Losing Only 2 People Round 1 https://youtu.be/lbE_3WaBh_s https://youtu.be/1SK1Evi5cL0 https://youtu.be/YeKsemfHrHU https://youtu.be/zWZWUIfF6ck https://youtu.be/ZLSZOmhLwFs We Prep/Pkri/Whatever Any XLPC & LPC. jay#4567 or Juicy#2188 To Setup Events.
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    So we just gonna ignore rage rotating rivalry's to match their pulls? supremacy/foe/apex lmfao 😂
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    Rage Vs Exodus P2P Prep [3-0]

    clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Rage gathered 37 Bears for our P2P prep versus Exodus this evening. A dominant performance from the boys seen us come away with the clean 3-0. Exceptional warring and a solid pull to this P2P Clan wars preparation battle - excellent work fellas thanks to Exodus for the fight we look forward to more. Rage Starting: 30 Rage Ending: 18 Exodus Starting: 30 Exodus Ending: 0 Rage Starting: 32 Rage Ending: 23 Exodus Starting: 32 Exodus Ending: 0 Rage Starting: 32 Rage Ending: 27 Exodus Starting: 32 Exodus Ending: 0 @trajan
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    It has come to my attention that Rage Jizzle has been spamming the IP addresses of several Ex-Rage Members that have left his clan. Should this type of behavior be tolerated in the pure community? This is very discouraging for newly recruited pure and is against the laws of Runescape. If any Rage member needs help changing there IP address please contact me and I will help you on discord cookies#1337
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    Rage Vs Legacy F2P Prep [3-0]

    clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Rage gathered 38 Bears for our F2P prep vs Legacy in the clan wars arena. We were able to come away with the clean 3-0, well 2-0 - Legacy had a prep against Fatality after ours so we didn't get round 3 in Solid work lads, we're 2-0 in F2P Preps this week - lets go 2-0 in P2P too. thanks to Legacy for the fight we look forward to more. Rage Starting: 30 Rage Ending: 19 Legacy Starting: 30 Fatality Ending: 0 Rage Starting: 34 Rage Ending: 19 Legacy Starting: 34 Fatality Ending: 0 N/A
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    I have been contacted by three members of terror to bring tanks against FS members using terror capes:
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    COTM - May 2020

    Unfortunately FOE did not turn up at the prescribed time and date, thus Rage auto wins cotm for the month of june
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      In what's probably been the most fun P2P Sunday in a while, Rage massed up a strong 67 Bears for an action packed night out. With nearly nonstop action for the duration, everyone had one hell of a time. Big shoutout to Exodus for making an appearance and helping keep the P2P scene alive, hope to see you guys in F2P soon. The trip was way too action-filled to give an in-depth description of every fight, but below are a few highlights: GWASing Zenith at 50ports Pushing fo from Spiders to old gate (full clear) GWASing Exodus single/multi north revs HUGE GDZ Cluster Return Fight w/ FO/OG/Z/EXO  
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    COTM - May 2020

    We actually did show up at the correct time, 40 players ready for a P2P prep. Unfortunately, Rage logged in with 27 people with F2P gear and refused to go P2P. GG tho? Reference off Rage's own "aftermath"
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    bro 4th of july was 5 days ago man change the shit cursor
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    Taking a kill pic of another clan's from 2 MONTHS AGO LMFAO WINNING TOPIC HERE Real Picture from 2 MONTHS AGO (not even rage's kill pic) TY for not 1, not 2 but 3 TSOTDS IN ONE TRIP FIGHT (LMFAO)
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    Winners dont usually have to pm shit like this... At least your clans name suits you well
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    Rage vs FOE COTM F2P PREP | 3-0

    I mean not surprised fo legit lost their core members 3 times within year coz their ranks are too scared to lose their fragile virtual egos lmfao.
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    Rage vs FOE COTM F2P PREP | 3-0

    its not propaganda m8, your ranks even made us guess corona cases on a certain day to see who chose server, so the whole argument that fo doesnt care about the cotm prep is the only propaganda tried to set it up for 1 month and fo dodgers, its that simple
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    expected result since apex is better than fo and welll.. supremacy is holding last place
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    B S A

    Rage's Action Packed Fathers Day P2P Trip

    what happened to the Rage I knew? kinda sad.
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    This is an actually embarrassing topic to post.
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    Fudog is just about on the same level as ace krave
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    >To start the trip today, we had a fight with Rage at Boneyard. The fight was a close one, going back and forth for the 5 minutes it stayed a 1v1 Jesus I'm actually embarrassed for you. You know Apex got absolutely fucked when this propaganda spewer says "it was a close one" in a fight vs Rage. It might've been close for 1 minute, but after that point the low quality scrubs at Apex forgot how to eat their lobsters and dropped like flies. You were actually about to get fully cleared lmao, which is why Father Final Ownag had to come rescue their little suicider slaves. No doubt nox was simping in Fo ranks PM's like a good boy, begging for help before his clan was wiped off the map. Why is this fight not in your POV if it was back and forth? Really should've just pretended like this fight never happened instead of adding it to your topic lmao. Maybe Father Fo can give you propaganda advice? Funny too how fo crashed the 2nd fight(the only boneyard fight vs Rage in your POV) and turned it into a "cluster". But in your POV you can clearly see both clans holding hands and running away together after focusing Rage. Honorable Clan Apex turned into a low quality suicider clan that can't compete vs Powerful Clan Rage in a matched opts fight. You hate to see it.
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    Yesterday we proved no matter what Legacy throws at us, We will always come out on top. Today we knew Legacy was out of options, The past 4 Weeks Legashit hasn't been able to produce a Sunday Topic. They haven't remotely been able to come close to us. We have beaten you in every aspect of this game. We massed up 100 Zenith and later peaked at 115 Zenith Pure's to destroy everyone. Unfortunately once again our "Rivals" only pulled 50 people - Week 10. We heard a couple clans were going to CA to try and get some quick action, We quickly moved up and waited for the fight to start. We logged in and saw Blunt Pures east of CA fighting Rage. We quickly caught them southeast in massive clumps. We moved east through both clans and quickly cleared up everyone. We caught TBS and cleared up the teleport spot afterwards we caught a quick bank. We heard a couple clans were near boneyard, We rushed from sperm and found Apex in massive clumps along the treeline. We started hitting everything we saw, Our dogshit rivals Legashit came from the west and we pulled south and caught them in a massive GWAS. We cleared them up and laughed at them, Once they were cleared up we turned around on Blunt Pures who hit us from the east. We pushed them back to sperm and cleared them up. FOE re rushed and we teleported out after smoking 3 clans. We were rushed at sperm by Rev Warriors at sperm, We started smoking through them when FOE rushed us. We fought Final Ownage Elites while Legashit crashed and Special Forces crashed. We stayed in control the entire time. We pushed FOE east of CA to corp back to CA. Legashit took turns trying to rush us with 40 people and we would constantly turn around and blow them up. We caught them in massive clumps numerous times and barraged them and cleared them up. When LY was regrouping in singles after being cleared for the 5th time. We quickly went to singles and forced them to teleport out. We followed them to the bank and flamed them. We waited for something to go down as clans moved to falador, We logged in west of Blunt Pures & Apex fighting. We quickly caught both clans in massive clumps and started smoking through them. Once they were cleared up Legashit logged in from the east in singles. We pulled them back west and cleared them up forced them to the bank. We then cleared up Rage who came from the south. We started fighting LY north of falador until they teleported out and went to regroup. We came south and caught a bank after clearing up everything. We waited for Legashit to do something, They wouldn't. They wanted to avoid their rivals and fight Final Ownage Elites. We weren't going to allow this. We waited for Legacy to enter multi once they did we logged in and barraged them and forced them to teleport out. We continued to storm east and hit everything we saw. We started pushing south and fought FOE at CA for some time. They fight moved southwest as we put the pressure on FOE. After sometime Blunt Pures hit FOE from south near FOG. FOE teleported out and BP teleported out. We rushed Legashit at boneyard and cleared them up within seconds, We continued East on Apex and eventually Final Ownage Elites rushed. We turned around on FOE and lured them to GDZ. Once at GDZ we turned up the heat. We fought for over 30 Minutes. With the fight moving east of GDZ to new gate and back to GDZ. We held the number advantage ingame despite being raged by LY mains. We continued to push through and stayed on FOE. BLUNT PURES FOR ARMADYL GODSWORD RAGE FOR TOXIC STAFF RAGE FOR MASTER WAND BLUNT PURES FOR KRAKEN
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    This is what happens 1v1 btw,
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    tf did you even just say you fucking downie lmfao
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    Stop avoiding my role, give it now as you can see we are very legitimate and extremely feared. Biggest memberlist of any invite-only pvp team etc @slushpuppy https://gyazo.com/3646cbf13f04c6397112fae0f7fec0d4 More POVS: STOP MAKING ME JUMP THROUGH FUCKING HOOPS IS THIS ENOUGH TO SATISFY YOU @puppyslush https://gyazo.com/21c04414724a82c75e95ee0fe8ea35c8 https://gyazo.com/c513bf8c4d918d058a4f7e181904d62b GIVE US OUR ROLE STOP BEING BIASED List of KG Acomplishments: Undefeated: ✔️ 1b+ Pked: ✔️ Most Adorable: ✔️ 50+ Memberlist: ✔️ Most dominant force in multi pvp teaming: ✔️ What more reasons do you need? #StandWithKG YEAH US TOO BUT UNFORTUNATELY EVERYBODY AVOIDS US GIVEN OUR MOST DOMINANT STATUS LMFAO YEAH GET MORE EVENTS VS A COMMUNITY THAT AVOIDS GOOD ONE SLUSHPUPPY Extra Pics: (ty for 1.3m retard @DDOS) (retard) (sad)
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    Who is #1 currently?

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    Emperor Swat

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    Jamie ツ

    Recruiting Services.

    my dude scammed the McChicken from his own clan now needs the funds to wash it down with, respect
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    Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord
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    9-0 on the week while fo / sup are 0-12 LOL
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    The staff team has noticed an increasing, and worrying trend of individuals and clans threatening to dox or threatening the real life of players. DOXXing is a criminal offense in many countries and, it has resulted in real life implications where DOXXers have gone to jail https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2016/07/serial-hacker-doxxer-and-swatter-sentenced-to-two-years-in-prison/ or even innocent lives were ended as a result of mistaken identities https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Wichita_swatting Whilst our community thrives on its competitiveness, I urge all clan ranks and community members to advise and remind their fellow team member that we should keep all shittalking in-game related. Not only these activities cast a dark shadow on our scene, which deters new players from coming in, actual lives can be ruined as a result. -------------------------------------- If you are a victim of doxxing, document all electronic logs, save them and report them to the police. Due to the cooperation of ISPs and law enforcement, it is nearly impossible to stay anonymous anymore
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    Rage's Action Packed Fathers Day P2P Trip

    its fathers day here in the uk too you fucking dumb retard
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    Rage's Action Packed Fathers Day P2P Trip

    You literally got sat in every prep so you left to join apex, who pulls less and you still get sat every prep 😆
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    We do. The problem is that this behavior has become endemic to the community as a whole. When someone steps out of line and behaves in a manner such as this, others feel it appropriate to take matters into their own hands and lash out in retaliation, which creates a pretty substantial domino effect. I have 10 pages of logs of users we’ve banned from Sharkbrew for this behavior. 10 PAGES. That’s 15 users per page. I’ve been ratcheting down pressure to get people to stop, and it still doesn’t deter anyone which means the issue is greater than “just permanently ban these people.” We do, and it still persists. Everyone involved on SharkBrew or in the community as a whole needs to ask themselves what they want this scene to look like, and you cannot act hypocritical whilst doing so. If you’re going to complain about this pervasive and toxic behavior, you better make sure you’re holding your own people to the same standard. That’s how we fix this, by everyone pitching in and holding each other accountable, and not let these people continue to participate in our clans. I can only do so much to ban these people, the rest is up to you guys to set the bar higher and not recruit anyone with a history of aggressive and threatening behavior. If no one will let them participate, they go away and our community will benefit from it.
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    i think its time to ban LY for being huge doxers
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    Zerg Unit visits the Wilderness, twice.

    Zerg Unit visits the Wilderness, twice. I have to give a massive shoutout to the newly opened Exiled Forces. Without you our weekend would've been shit, thank you for the fights -- and respect for fighting down opts a couple of times. Saturday, 13th June - Zerg Unit vs Exiled Forces While Astro and Terror fought their retarded rivalry with every account bar their actual pures (genuinely, your snipe teams, mains, and tanks are fucking disgusting) we got back to some good old, wholesome pure-on-pure action with Exiled Forces. Sunday, 14th June - Deja Vu, basically the same as Saturday. Alright, so as Astro and Terror fought their retarded rivalry with every account bar their actual pures (genuinely, your snipe teams, mains, and tanks are fucking disgusting) we got back to some good old, wholesome pure-on-pure action with Exiled Forces. Again. Except this time instead of fighting 5x on Corp Hill we sniped Terror and Astro outside Chaos Altar before chasing Exiled Forces to Single. Then we took a wander over to Sperm Hill where Exiled Force rushed us down 6. Fair play lads, we respect that. You've got fucking balls. Unfortunately we made quick work of them, and went onto our next fight with (you guessed it) Exiled Forces! Wow. This time we rushed them inside Chaos Altar. Bit of a slaughter, but again: props to Exiled Forces for valuing action over outcome. Ended the night by sniping anything and everyone in Astro and Terror's pathetic ditch fight north of Varrock. Guys, your rivalry is actual cancer. Just drop your stupid teams and mains, come back down to your 50 pulls and fight us. Avoiders. Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/WqumDxd Idle in our CC: ‘ZergUnit’ Get a team-32 cape.
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    are ex-cp kids seriously sitting in a leet tacticz+dmk merge versus joining cp+ir remake!!!!?????
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    Earlier in the week we setup a F2P Prep against Supremacy. We gladly accepted and massed up 40 Zenith Warriors to take them on and we came out on top with the victory. Round 1 LOSS Round 2 Zenith Starting: 32 Supremacy Starting: 32 Zenith Ending: 15 Supremacy Starting: 0 Round 3 Zenith Starting: 29 Supremacy Starting: 29 Zenith Ending: 9 Supremacy Starting: 0
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    easiest fullout of my career, wish i can i retire on this but would rather retire on one that was at least competitive.
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    Rage Jizzle Spamming IP Addresses Ingame

    imagine anybody believing cookiez this retard use to laugh about having 3 booters in legacy now our teamspeak is getting ddosed at preps & we still win lmfaoo
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