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    Went out with around 18 strong bears ready to take on anyone inside revs, which we did for several hours untill we got pmed by this Toxine kid to team up on some sort of team called Criticall Damage.. Enjoy the logs and the video🤓! Spiral Discord message(s) from Toxine: Legacy.. 😂 (Click Spoiler)
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    Rage vs Supremacy 4-1

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    ~ Just a regular day at the Rage Caves | This was before our run-in.. Topic will be up soon! ~ Stay easy Supremacy! ~
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    After the likes of last week, I couldn't imagine you retards possibly getting another event versus any clan that's currently open
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    at this point, idk if this is a foe vs outrage rivalry or if this is foe vs jamz lol
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    Congrats on the win Sup
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    can a man not enjoy his sleep without waking up to this wtf
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    Vengeance thursday cave dominance

    Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ PART 1 Today we massed up 30-strong Vikings to head to the caves but before we did that, we decided to do a couple of rounds of inners to warm up. After massing for a short while we headed to the caves and oh boy are you in for a read... We started off our trip by clearing the open CC SV who we took down with ease. We got our clear pic and telied out. We quickly got a re-group at the entrance cause we knew, we were the strongest team out. We ran into another open CC, this time MOI, who to no surprise put up a better fight than SV. After we had gotten our clear pic we ran into SR, and they were up to no-good. We ended up clearing them three times during our trip - even opts. WG decided that they wanted in on the fun but after a 5-minute scrap, they had to dip due to us clearing them one-buy-one. During the masacre we ran into several pure teams who got smoked without even putting up a fight, this resulted in several +1s taking from them. PART 2 We caught wind that there was taking place at GDZ between ROT, SV & AF meaning we had to come up and clear stranglers. We banged out several SV who as per usual were randomly looting as well as being off-pile. After a short while we ended up smiting a random main for his Armadyl crossbow and at that point, we decided to head back to the caves. PART 3 The caves had more loot in its pockets which were waiting to be claimed. That meant we ran into SR again as well as WG who we once again ended up clearing after quick scraps. SR did surprisingly well considering they are an open CC providing protection the pvmers. They had around 30 opts as well but due to our superior quality SR came out short. Which resulted in yet another clear pic of them. At this point we had been pking for 4 hours and decided to call it a trip. Resurgence didn't dare to step a foot in the wilderness due to their horrible ability to pull people. Another day where Resurgence hides - nothing new.
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    im sitting outside of the room because this is cringe as fuck
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    Rage Vs Fatality 2-0 P2P Mini

    ty 4 mini
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    lmfao we asked you for a 40v40 to end your terrible saturday trip and instead you hopped worlds and did a 25v25 dead as fuck l0l also you just pulled 24 for a prep last week
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    Lol VD sat on the sidelines and waited until the wild pkri right after, only to get SMACKED and cleared out of wild by noxi/apoc.. bet that was a fun Sunday 😂
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    [Vote] Ace community advisor

    ur never getting voted for shit lmfao
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    wtf is this l00l

    Fuckn hell Fo lose on the daily to a clan with 60 active forum users (Apex). It’s as if forum activity doesn’t actually matter??
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    hahahha gf sup XDDDDDDDD
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    was a mini that pov has 2 karams at 25 def (wtf)
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    Smd Rigour

    Vengeance Sunday evening

    Sm0ked is all I want to say
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    l000l @Spiralis just looking so dumb atm you were literally my rank slave spiral, never forget dog
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    [ir] nawe leaks outrage audio for a McFlurry

    fo is dogfo nice slump
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    wow what a dominant singles performance by clan supremacy Jizzle flaming his own clan when he noticed mustafa getting hit by mains wow what friendship
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    Sharkbrew Legend

    @Sharkbrew Legend

    hello, crims here why do you sound like that? dutch loser lmao
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    [Vote] Ace community advisor

    good bait
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    This comment right here 10/10
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    [Vote] Ace community advisor

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    jamz always been a hypocrite and a psychopathic loser that takes this game too seriously.
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    I think Bloodlet, the #1 matched f2p clan wars team, will remain undefeated.
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    Rage pride baby
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    wtf is this l00l

    come on chase ffs, can I get a yeehaw?
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    wtf is this l00l

    Yeah, pulling 70+ consistently isn't going to happen anytime soon. Maybe FOE should accept some preps and pipe up if they win, it's a bad look when a 14 year old legacy clan expects some sort of weekend trip rivalry a month into a new clan. Inb4 but ir and eop closed into you (we have 15% of each of their ML in the clan, doesn't even total to half of the people we have)
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    35v35 min any day next week, done deal kiddo. There’s a reason no important person from rage is asking for a prep lmfao Go to bed LMAO
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    I don't think they knew food was on btw lmfao
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    Ty for action
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    Kiss this dick xd my nigga had one good day where his butthole wasn’t destroyed by big daddy rage and he starts to pipe up LOLOL.
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    Fat Scott

    Will FOE accept the preps?

    Ly pulled 78 yesterday while Cd pulled 25 big yikes.... meanwhile I have more respect for the kids still in Cd unlike unloyal gloryhunters like yourself that ditch the clan in the middle of a rivalry.
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    Outrage vs Team Briefs 4-0

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    Noxious vs. Smoke - First To 50 CW Event

    40-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: Noxious Pub | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48 Noxious massed up 15 shooters for a First To 50 event in clan wars after Sunday trips vs Smoke. Talk shit again and i'll give you the apoc treatment dumbasses. NOXI Ending Score: 50 Smoke Ending Score: 38
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    Willing to do any server 25-30 opts let me know...
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