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    wtf is this l00l

    My niggas man... if you gonna attempt to make fake propaganda at least inspect element right, my nigga made the grey text white and bold instead of grey l000l
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    Fudog wins again

    You've been making vids for years and still cant find the proper dimensions.
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    Rage Vs Apex | 30v30 | F2P FT50 [2-1]

    clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Rage massed up 37 Bears for our scheduled FT50 fights against Apex. The Bears managed to come away with the win, we won the the first 2 fights fairly comfortably and lost the final set 50 to 49. Thanks for the fights Apex, look forward to more WIN Rage Starting: 30 Rage Kills: 50 Apex Starting 30 Apex Kills: 39 WIN Rage Starting: 30 Rage Kills: 50 Apex Starting 30 Apex Kills: 35 LOST Rage Starting: 30 Rage Kills: 49 Apex Starting 30 Apex Kills: 50 @Broxx  @Spiral @exzrts
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    Will FOE accept the preps?

    Just a couple of replies I've found lurking through their mini war wins versus us, got me thinking, do these guys really think that they're ahead of us by beating our inexperienced warrers? May as well ask them for a prep again since they seem pretty confident. Oh forgot to mention this as well: Will they accept the preps? Idk how any of their members could even spam something like that knowing that they truly are afraid of prepping. Will they accept the preps? /discuss
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    Apparently FO during the EoP rivalry of last year as well as their clan in general have never tolerated doxing, ddosing and any scum nh activity, their only open retalliation that was apparent to their clan as well as enforced was the use of mains, fair play right? Fight fire with fire, but when you claim to have never doxed, never ddosed as well as removed anyone with that intent? You play victims and remove them publicly whilst still doing so behind the scenes? Word from their former High Council who pretty much ran their clan whilst being there: So I guess that explains how both me and @Finn were railed offline that weekend as well as the First to 50 versus Rage and the weekend prior to that. You've abandoned pretty much everything that your clan stood for, you're not even a shadow of your formserselves as everything your clan stood for has been eradicated. What is FO now? A poor mans EoP, a clan that outpulls the enitre pure community and finds satisfaction crashing clans up 20-30 which their members have been finding boring as of late, they have attempted to better their quality in P2P yet still find no success and still are not willing to prep anyone with a chance of winning against them. Just close, there's literally no point for you to even continue anymore, everyone that built your clan would be ashamed of what absolute scum bags that you've turned into, it's a disgrace.
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    Shoutout to the boy Salvo for calling it - victim complex kicking in.
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    I swear you were trying to 1 item a rot fight in rev caves the other day? Do you want some sort of consequence too? Let me know
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    Will FOE accept the preps?

    will the runescape clan play runescape against the other runescape clan? I'm moist with anticipation
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    Prep us already sup
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    Wym we did prep and you didn't win a single round lol
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    clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc Today Clan Rage massed up 45 Bears to pk some noobs and that's exactly what we did. The trip started off shit with the same old hit/tele clusters at Al Kharid/Bandits/Corp etc, so we took the cubs deep wildy to have some clean ass fights with Fatality/Resistance/Onslaught. We had some solid scraps with Fatality and an amazing 20 minute return fight vs Resistance at GDZ with the occasional interference from others. Shoutout to Resistance and Onslaught for the nice fight! We ended our trip with some good ole' Fally shenanigans where we hit multiple clumps and got big exp. Broxx Rly Bran
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    holy fuck this is why fo cant compete l0l look at this kid trying to play runescape
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    #1 snipe freezer with mage cape 1?
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    Rage vs Supremacy 4-1

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    Nigga putting Vendetta (an XLPC) as one on his record. Keep in mind half these kids are level 60s LOL. OH AND LETS NOT FORGET THE FACT THAT U PUSSIED OUT OF A MATCHED OPTS KNOCKOUT VS VENDETTA.
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    it takes just one pm @Nibletand you'll never see this guy again please take this route pussy show me how real you are and ill show you how real this game can become l0l
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    Rage Saturday / Fucking Clans Down Opts

    impressive win against legacy
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    We approached Fatality for preps both servers.. F2P was the first one happening today, we fought well and took home the 3-0! Thanks to Fatality for the prep, see you soon for the P2P on Thursday! Thanks to everyone coming! 🐻Exzrts 🐻Broxx 🐻K0nt Rage starting: 29 Rage Ending: 24 Fatality Starting: 29 Fatality Ending: 0 Rage starting: 29 Rage Ending: 23 Fatality Starting: 29 Fatality Ending: 0 Rage starting: 27 Rage Ending: 18 Fatality Starting: 27 Fatality Ending: 0
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    Rage vs Outrage | F2P | 30v30 FT50 | 2-0

    Good fight bros, sloppy round 1 from us as we didn't warm up and very disappointing for us to blow that huge kill lead in round 2. Looking forward to our first KO prep next week.
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    [FOE] Midweek - Ending Outrage

    also you should probably add a vid so you can show what really happened... i'll do you the honor
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    wait is fo talking about preps? 400+ days since you last prepped apex...?
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    gave sup a fat slap in the face, u like that @Craftedu little nerd
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    Introduction COTM/CWL/WCOTM used to be a household name for clans looking to compare their performance and activity in Clan Wars and Wilderness. You can find the origins with (former) sharkbrew rank @Bradenwho came up with the idea of tracking clan wars preps during an era where prep activity had all but collapsed. Thanks to his system, there was a noticeable increase in clan wars activity. Over the years, we have seen many changes, but the hardest hit so far was the migration of Sharkbrew from IPB3 to IPB4 in 2018. This had rendered all of our systems obsolete, and combined with my increased irl workload, I was not able to code up a replacement... until today: League System I have limited the number of dependencies with IPB, therefore we can foresee this system being used for many years to come! https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/clans/cwars https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/clans/wilderness This is a unified system that tracks both clan wars and wilderness. The system is based on weighted point values as shown here: Clan Wars This system tracks all preps(20v20+) and fullouts. Unlike previous systems, we award points based on rounds won. The formula goes as follows: For winners: points gained: numbers_of_rounds_won * 1.00(winner points) * 3 For the losers points lost: (total_number_of_rounds - number_of_rounds_won) * -0.75 * 3 To mitigate the effects of a loss, the losing clan will not lose as much points as gained by the winning clan. Also because we are counting rounds won, winning at least 1 round in a 3 round prep can prevent you from losing a lot of points! Also all preps are capped at 5 rounds to deter point farming. First to 25/50/100 counts as 1 round. Wilderness The goal of tracking wilderness activity ties into Sharkbrew future plans of advertising pure/main community events to the greater public with the help of sharkbrew's twitter account. This system is designed to demonstrate which clans have the most activity. I will post a topic in the future detailing our plans. There are no winners or losers; every topic(midweek/weekend counts). The higher the opts, the more points your clan will receive! Midweek: opts/10 * 0.2 * 3 Weekend: opts/10 * 1.50 * 3 When will the system start? I will be counting all events starting from the 18th of august onwards. How do I participate? For now, create a clan group: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/gc/cat/1-runescape-clans/ Then PM me on discord to be added to the system. I am working out kinks to the system. Promotions With these new systems up come with new promotions: @Break- Overseer- As one of our senior ranks I am thankful for your loyalty to this site. You been with Sharkbrew and by my side through Sharkbrew's ups and falls, and I thoroughly appreciate your presence on this site. You have put in a great amount of work into countless various systems that the sharkbrew community, and this new rank is the cumulative of everything your had done. @Yak- Mediator - Inspite of your many IRL commitments, you have dedicated yourself to the management and upkeep of the discord. Your activity has been excellent and I would like to see you achieve more with this rank With this out of the way, Sharkbrew is looking for new ranks to help us propel this community into the next phase. Within the next 2 weeks, we are going to promote no less than 6 new gatekeepers to help us run various systems. If you have already applied, please take note of your rank application topic link as I will need you to reply to a future topic indicating your continued interest at being a rank of this site. If you haven't applied, please feel free to apply by clicking the link at the top of this site
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    your shit clan got run over despite your mains and there's nothing you can do about it, sandcrab.
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    Outrage doxxed my mom, so I did this...

    the fuck? 4 restores and an occult switch for dscim? no wonder you pack shelves at walmart with a community college level iq lmfaoooo
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    lmfao at any rage member who thinks this mentally unstable man is trolling btw i'm sure rage ranks will still think it's a troll when this loser shoots up his local walmart
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    if he isn't trolling, could a rage rank kindly check up with him?
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    So, TL;DR some idiot bragging about how he’s a 23 year old degenerate ex-convict with an active felony and no redeemable future, so he plays RuneScape all day? I bet his mom is real proud of him.
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    Rage Saturday / Fucking Clans Down Opts

    Today we massed up 50 Bears to strut around the wilderness and prove dominance in the F2P wildy. To start off our trip, Supremacy tried to hit us in singles in an attempt to live up to their name. After 10 minutes of the Bears holding our ground and skullfucking their weaklings, they gave up on the idea of being Supreme and logged in 15+ tanks to try to run us off. We remained in the same location, wondering why they were wasting the highest pull they're going to have in the foreseeable future trying to break us in singles. After 20 minutes, Supremacy realized their tanks weren't changing anything and ran away. After a quick regroup we set up with Legacy at corp cave, where we rushed with 45 to their 55. We started strong and after bringing the fight down to even opts we maneuvered from Corp to Sperm, where our higher quality was able to lower their opts further and further until they began to suicide run from CA, to 18s, and back to Corp in a cycle. After pushing them to singles we took the W and moved on. Next we crashed a 1v1 between Outrage and Apex at fally park. After a quick scim push both clans dipped to singles and the fight ended. Ended our trip with a very close FT100 vs Outrage in Clan wars where we lost 100-99. It was a great fight, gf OR. Videos: King Broxx Pictures: 
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    Rage massed up around 25 bears to take on Onslaught in our scheduled P2P run-in. They asked us to hurry to 378 and just so we did, found out Resistance was there aswell forming a lil cluster.. Could say we were up the majority of the time and pretty much dominating the whole fight. As soon as we heard Onslaught ended we rushed to New Gate where Resistance was standing on the south side. We managed to push up there and catch big clumps forcing them to move west to the 50 portals where they got defeated by the Chaos Elemental boss and ended the PKRI.. Thanks to all! 👑 Broxx 👑 Rly LOOT:
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    ~ Just a regular day at the Rage Caves | This was before our run-in.. Topic will be up soon! ~ Stay easy Supremacy! ~
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    We approached OUTRAGE for a 30 versus 30 First to 50 Free To Play just after our 3-0 versus Fatality in the same server. Victory took place after the 2-0 with the first round winning with +15 kills and the second round winning with +5! Massed up 32 strong bears to get in the portal, ready to rock, ready to own and just so we did! Thanks to outrage for the action and this event! Looking forward for future preps and events! 🐻Spiral 🐻Exzrts 🐻Broxx 🐻K0nt 🐻Codi Rage starting: 30 Rage Kills: 50 Outrage starting: 30 Outrage Kills: 37 Rage starting: 30 Rage Kills: 50 Outrage starting: 30 Outrage Kills: 46
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    After the likes of last week, I couldn't imagine you retards possibly getting another event versus any clan that's currently open
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    wtf is this l00l

    You started flaming us, you shown signs of anti-outrage and attempted to force a full on rivalry off the bat, you used mains against us and tried to break us in singles, you ac'd for clans that didn't fight Outrage, you ddosed me and a current member of the clan two days in a row during pk trip times as well as even go as far as threatening to dox people in my clan. We started off with being neutral with every clan, not tolerating our own members flaming anyone unless permitted to do so, there's only so much a clan can take before retalliating back in some sort of way, so don't try to even play that cringe ass victim card your leader has so desperately been trying to play for years on end. Only reason you don't prep is because you want our members to get bored so you get the people who were attending your preps as well as about to join your clan, back in FOE so you have enough quality and confidence to go into a prep versus Apex and win, you've avoided them for 400+ days and let us be real, you won't be prepping either of us at all, you rather out-pull the pure community and crash everything expecting clans to fight you back down opts or even go as far as teaming with one another to provide you action. Not sure how long you'll be able to keep up these pulls, really not sure how long you'll play it off as if your trips are fun in any shape or way of form but eventually my clan will pull the same as you, at that point you'll have no where to hide. We've got no expectations and a good enough base without even attempting to recruit to withstand anything you throw at us, if your goal is to break us into a point of closure, I suggest you save yourself the time, as it'd be a waste of it, we aren't going anywhere, not for an extremely long time, can guarentee you of that.
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    wtf is this l00l

    fs closed get over it loser
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    Fat Scott


    Sup closed IR, no doubt in my mind they can close 30 bears if they wanted to.
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    lmfao supremacy will prep rage ANY DAY ANY SERVER if any rage member truly believes we won't prep them idk what to say LOL the closest thing rage has gotten to a win versus sup is a +5 cape counter lead in a fight they started with +2 (only to pull 31 the next day and have a terrible trip) considering your ranks won't prep us, cya saturday!!!
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    they left r3 pussies
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    40-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: Noxious Pub | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48 Today Noxious massed up 27 alpha males later peaking at 30 to dominate the barbarian village and remain the kings of the hut. Today's trip was all action in PvP worlds at barb village. We had many clusters and fights against Apocalypse, Outbreak, and Vendetta today. GF everyone. Lasty, we had a little problem with some retards hiding in different clans with cape switches on tanks to rag fights today. Pm me on disc to setup tomorrow.
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    Rage Bears gathered up 38 strong for our F2P Saturday with fights against Fatality, Apex, Supremacy and Outrage Had fights at bandit camp, black knights castle, chaos temple, high altar, and finished it off with aft100 Victory against Apex Thanks for the tussles - see you tomorrow for P2P! [TS AUDIO] K0nt @Broxx @K0nt FT100 against Apex @rly FT100 against Apex @exzrts FT100 against Apex Codi
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    Rage's Revs Monday Massacre Ft. LY/FOE/DC

    clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc Rage took full control of the rev caves tonight with 20 Bears over a 4 hour period, pking multiple plus ones and getting several clears on clans such as Ly/Foe and dc. I really couldn't be bothered editing a 4hour video so I've included a few short clips of our pwn, and as always I'd like to give a special shoutout to all the Rage bears that showed up!
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    40-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: Noxious Pub | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48 Today Noxious massed up 19 shooters for a scheduled First To 50 event in clan wars vs Redemtpion. Here's what happened... NOXI Ending Score: 50 RD Ending Score: 23
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    Rage vs Legacy | 20v20 P2P | [4-2]

    Massed up around 25 strong bears to take on Legacy in a scheduled ''BIG P2P MINI'' We won our first set (20v20) 2-0, lost our second set (18v18) and won the final set again (18v18)! Thanks to Legacy for the P2P Action! Spiral Broxx
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    clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Rage massed up around 35 bears strong to take on Onslaught for a scheduled pay-to-play run in, knowing Onslaught would have around 25 we told everyone to leave if they wanted to do something else or had to go.. We ended up having around 30 strong bears and decided to let those 5 extra opps stay in lobby and wait (For when a clan tried to crash our run in or Onslaught ended up having around 30 aswell)! We started off by defending for Onslaught west of Annakarl at the most western white plateau with 25 bears in game, only to receive intel about Legacy trying to hit Onslaught from the west towards Annarkarl - we quickly logged in to world 378 and hit Legacy from behind, making them disappear from the map and continuing to defend for Onslaught. They rushed us from the east and we ended up having a pretty good run in, despite getting focussed by a few 1 itemers from several clans including the Legacy guys we killed we managed to keep fighting for over 40 to 50 minutes holding our ground around Annarkarl. Final Ownage Elite tried to rush us from the west side when we almost ended so we dipped out and took the win. Props to Onslaught for keeping it clean without mains, raggers and 1 itemers - also thanks to all the Rage bears showing up today! Good shit! @K0nt @Spiral
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