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  1. Thats part of the reason why jamz, wants to reopen eop so badly so he can continue hes legacy.
  2. "why is none of these persons fired yet" "why is a ly victim" accusing us for ddosing/doxing without any proof, these are once again false allegations. None of these allegations are build in the sense of facts. Besides that if anyone would be responsible inside the Zenith community to do such things he would be permanently banned without a doubt, why would you point your finger in a direction when it literally could be anyone inside this community. Short list of allegations (without actually having proof) DOXING NO PROOF OF THE INDIVIDUAL THAT DID SUCH THING IF THE CASE SEND AND WE PERM REMOVE THE PERSON. DDOSING (NO PROOF) ACCUSING TO BE PEDOPHILES (NO PROOF) prob next thing to see a hider disc talking to a minor and pointing fingers towards mother Zenith. Besides all the allegations it doesn't make none of your shit clans better, to make in this case a clan look bad same as it wouldn't make you as a person better, point the finger towards yourselves. unbiased.
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