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  1. Foe killing eop, fi killing mf, sup killing ir... lmao all these mains clans losing to pure clans.. easy af

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    2. Martin Tyler

      Martin Tyler

      zee owned u fag l0l. u also lost back2back2back f2p preps to apex aka miniwarrer/bridder clan l00l ur confirmed shit at this easy game

    3. JeyB


      shitfits fucking suck Main clan l0000000l

    4. tntprodigy


      you never made ob. you were muted on trips most of the time and during rank meetings you piped down so dont try to pipe up now when literally only 1 person in outburst liked you and he was a spastic also. after fs left you didnt make ob dont even try if it wasnt for us judgement kids to come help ob woulda closed way earlier all you did was make other leave and not wanna join

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