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  1. Megahit

    cwa [MAIN TOURNAMENT] CE vs TT 2-1

    We were matched up against Team Trinity in 3 categories of the Sharkbrew tournament. After two weeks of negotiating, we came to agreement of a best of 3 in a 30 v 30 run in. Round 1: 21-25 (warm up round) Round 2: 25-24 (Despite a cc leave at 24 v 24) Round 3: 24-18
  2. We got drawn against our pals Revenant for the 40v40 Knock-Out and Run in. We mastered up a strong 47 men for this event allowing us to drop a few men. Our styles were a bit fucked for the fight due to a lack of magers allowing for a intense scrap but we managed to take the win with 14 men left. Revenant had to leave after the Knock-Out giving us the win in the Run In. Thanks for the battle m8s Knock-Out Ending
  3. Got matched against Rev in the F2P 30 v 30 Knockout & run in for the Sharkbrew Tournament. Thanks for the fight Rev KO ending: Run in ending:
  4. Got mached with Seals in f2p 25v25 KO. GF Seals. Ending :
  5. We set up with Divine Forces for the 25v25 Category of Sharkbrew Tournament. We pulled 39 so ended up with a very strong lineup of 25 warriors. Both rounds went the same really we took control and snowballed out of control. Thanks for the action DF and gl in other categories. R1 Starting: 25v25 R1 Ending: R2 Ending:
  6. Megahit

    tournament Sharkbrew Main Tournament

    Name of clan/Team: The Rising Link to Memberlist(Can choose to send it privately): - Link to your clan/team site(If any): http://tr-clan.com Discord/Teamspeak/IRC Link: https://discord.gg/D9YZmMH Which categories are you signing up for: Free To Play (Knockout) 25v25 (Knockout) - Default Rules 30v30 (Knockout) - Default Rules 40v40 (Knockout) - Default Rules Free To Play (First To 25/FT50) 25v25 - Default Rules 30v30 - Default Rules 40v40 - Default Rules