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  1. Still no clue who you are or what you're even talking about, but you seem salty
  2. I've never fought on a pure account, so it's hard to judge. However, there's a lot more to warring then just switching gears and being able to hybrid/tribrid. Even amongst people who've warred in the main scene for years there're still gaps in quality, as although it's not too difficult to learn, it's hard to master. If you really take all the skills in account that are required to be excellent at warring, then I think mains need a little bit more than pures. It's still comparing apples to oranges though.
  3. I like the old and new ones, but we still beat RNG in the 30v30 run in just saying
  4. On sunday night we fought the 30v30 final vs Renegades in a best of 3. There was a dispute over CC leaving but the tournament officials decided that we won. R1 ending: R2 ending: RNG won 25-24 R3 ending: Thanks for the fight Renegades
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