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  1. Fire Hawk154

    announcement Promotions - Alan Rickman

    Gratz! 😋
  2. Fire Hawk154

    announcement Promotions

  3. Still no clue who you are or what you're even talking about, but you seem salty
  4. I like the old and new ones, but we still beat RNG in the 30v30 run in just saying
  5. Fire Hawk154

    Fire Hawk154

    Clan Europe
  6. Fire Hawk154

    cwa Clan Europe vs Renegades (30v30 ft25)

    On sunday night we fought the 30v30 final vs Renegades in a best of 3. There was a dispute over CC leaving but the tournament officials decided that we won. R1 ending: R2 ending: RNG won 25-24 R3 ending: Thanks for the fight Renegades