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  1. Organised a CWA with the Lithuanians on this fine Sunday , the fight itself was fairly competitive both clans keen for the Win. Round 1 was so close that we even drew which we didn't even think was possible. Round 2 & 3 we picked it up and took the rounds fairly comfortably in the end. Thanks for the scrap Round 1. 25-25 Round 2. 25-23 Round 3. 25-19
  2. Set up a battle with AE for this Sunday night, usual rules 30 minute cap P2P multi spells. We met at east light and the battle began from the start we controlled the fight with strong transitions and catching clump after clump. The fight ended up lasting 45 minutes as it was extra clean. Thanks for the battle gamers Pictures
  3. cleared them in 5 mins doubt anyone vidded that
  4. We had planned to battle CD in F2P today but they pulled out of the battle at the last second. We approached a few clans asking for short prep battles but nobody was keen so we just headed up in search of lootation. We managed to run into The Supremes cleared them a couple times then ran into NL. Despite them trying to mass Hl discord to battle they could only last a couple minutes vs the mighty Rising clan! Pictures
  5. Nobody seemed to want to battle today so we didn't prep and just went out with 18 warriors. Mid way through the PK we spotted Anonymous community and PMed speedy for a battle. He agreed to multi spells 30 minute cap. The fight began we took control with some nice barrage piles and after around 20 minutes they decided they'd had enough. Thanks for the action! Pking pics: Bas down
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