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  1. Very ez night. No sign of a certain rivalry either
  2. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Damn did this trip go from shit to fit, from rags to riches, from bustin' gas to clappin ass, and from zero to a hundred real quick. We started out with 7 solid vikings in the caves, and it wasn't enough to go against 20+ opt main teams. Therefore, we moved to entrance and began single-to-multi style pking. this must have inspired the other Vengeance Units to slowing trickle in. Not even ten minutes into the single-to-multi section of this trip did we run into Resurgence planning to make some money off innocent pvmers in the Revenant Caves. Of course we couldn't let that happen, so we sent out a little poke in the discord, and within minutes did we go from 7 vikings to 17-20 of us. Quickly we began scrapping in singles while they only had 4 logged in, focusing a couple and not letting them loose. Then they pulled in about 12 "Surgeons" to back up those lost ones. Clearing them out of singles took less than a minute because they are all multi-rag bots. Shortly after this we caught them again DD'd at entrance and we dragged them into multi and flushed them out effortlessly. After this we ran into DC and washed them away. One legendary Viking managed to freeze and spear a singles pker into multi, where he died for upwards to 20m. Resurgence decided they weren't done and wanted some revenge. They rushed back into multi and we began a return fight that lasted about 15-20 minutes in the black dragon area of Rev caves. Unfortunately the clapping of cheeks had to come to an end when they blew their rape whistle for ROT to come bail them out. They can deny that all they want, but how could ROT possibly just take a guess of our world, run up from south caves, and hit us and only us? Good try denying that boys. The trip about ended there after we checked out alter for a bit, as we didn't really see any action occurring. .
  3. Easssssyyyy smoke. Great loot pics by the apps too!
  4. I don't even know what to say about today lmao. It was flat out domination. IMAGINE A TBER GETTING A 16M SPLIT FOR THE DAY.
  5. I didn’t even see this topic lol. That craws bow was so fucking satisfying, especially since it was an anti lure. And then the ags 🤤 Ez
  6. I can’t not play full screen man. I don’t like the little 4x4 inch screen that reminds me of a trinitron crt tv lol.
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