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  1. @Crusherthats what your ranks told you? Seems to me like a gry
  2. Massed up 29 vikings for a driveby on Zenith Heard Zenith waiting for OFA to step -18 wilderness Thats NFS either l0l Multiple times logged on top of Z before attempting to hit OFA Thought we were camped.. Had a nice pk trip before and after l0l Pov : killah Is this your reality? Check the map l0l
  3. Massed up 52 Strong Vikings peaked at 59 later on, https://i.gyazo.com/thumb/1200/bb1ac7873296bde73017add001769ffc-png.jpg Dayum what a feast was it for the mighty vikings today, Reminding that JS is closed HIghlighting pictures. Pov JD Went to Boneyard where the green man army was defending, The Vikings rushed from north and took the advantage of the wrap, pushed down south until rage crashed held the bears for a while, Moment of reality Zenith logged in far east and went straight into a 20 man box lines of l0l0 were shattered took the dub when Zenith tellied out. Battle of the mossies : We were defending while Fatality rushed from west fought for a good while, Rage came to make it a cluster so the battle continued. Zenith + apeg tried to be relevant trying to hit this but got completely wiped out ll0l0ll GDZ Farm sesh started when we heared Zenith going to GDZ. Fully Cleared The anti alliance. Hello Zenith, Hopefully Jens vid was clear. This is your reality.
  4. Map was purple… few white dots of z LOL they started with 90 ended with 4 while my clan had 50 viking stomping white dotters
  5. Get over it kid, JS closed LOL
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