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  1. LOOOOOOOOL Droze breaking already to make fake topics
  2. This sunday, BP massed up 57(0) clogswearing pures for our weekly sunday trip peaked later at 63, U should stop begging other clans to help u... Rat cc got destroyed. 49 in ur vc and 36 in ur cc lad not a good look. Pov : Stacked Pov : Ramz TBA Pov: Cohursted TBA First fight : Scouted a cluster going on at GDZ we quickly managed to take over the new gate and pushed it far west towards the GDZ hut killed everything around the hut. Heard our figdems went to varrock ditch and legit stood there in level 2 wildy entering deeper is NFS, Cleared everything from the north pushed it heavy on the ditch, cleared out JS and HY. Next focus was on the east quickly turned our focus towards the fight east cleared out everything mains and meds came up we took the telly. Viking pit fight : While JS had a terrible trip they had in mind to team up with Hydra and Legashit, we destroyed that full cc. While defeding the Mammoth pit we had foe and terror west, the full cc south we managed to destroy all clans and took the win when mains and meds came. JS cant enter 2+ wildy and after they got smoked at ditch they ended there trip.... Ending picture of the 1 vs 4 ( cleared full cc + Terror) Ending picture of JS after getting clogged in a full CC High council Jens :
  3. U dont even fight bp, all u do is avoid making the worst topics ever u should neck it srsly LOL
  4. Thanks for the battle INT, LOC ZENITHAPEGJS???? @Canny pku see emmm??
  5. We approached Intensity for a 1 def Wilderness PKRI Massing up 18 Strong Polar top wearing Vikings and Fought at CA Anti-BP was no where to be found thought we were camped.... Pov : Ramz
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