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  1. @Blue ah yess fite me u fatfuk gf rage gamers
  2. On this glorious day we massed up 50 strong fucking elite vikings while dogslaught needed their alliance and dickriders to matchup, We were defending boneyard yesterday while dogslaught send their meatshields (venom) to hit us first, Getting a straight south wrap on the weak side of the alliance (venom) cleared it up catched massive clumps and pushed it straight on dogslaught northeast of boneyard. Quickly managed to clear Dogslaught on top of Boneyard and made em run to ghost hut. While farming dogslaught and venom at ghost hut and eating them for there +1s they ran to CA and the fight continued there Managed to farm dogslaught and venom at CA with the quick returns and strong stand we managed to get a full clear on the alliance, the fight got crashed by an main/med clan at the end so we saw the Anti-bp dipped out and we were the last clan standing, keep making fake endings btw lads goodjob on that, check on the vid that we fully cleared u. Return quicker Dogslaught we legit farmed u + venom and some other vermins, u wont win this btw. check the vid lads make sure to subscribe Pov : Focus Pov : Monk101 Pov : Finley Og quality ... F3 btw walking my dogs out to CA Shooked pray up bubba :') Anti - BP fully cleared, Main clan crashed
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