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  1. Lay u down

    weekend ONSLAUGHT SUNDAY 14/07/2019

    Looked fun Gorrila’s respect tough ❤️🦍
  2. Need a Blunt House? Add: RosaLynLee#1219 on discord ! Thanks for the fights everyone <3
  3. Lay u down

    weekend BP Sunday - 4 Way Cluster

    B L U N T P U R E Z | Need a chill house? Pm RosaLynLee#1219
  4. Lay u down

    cwa Rage Vs Apex | F2P Prep 30v30 [2-1]

    Goodjob Bears 🐻
  5. He mistyped it, Gj stoney scorpians! Thx for the fight OG
  6. Sunday 16-06-2019 started off with 35 Brutal Stoners and peaked later with 40 Stoners. We had nice crashes and fights here and there, check the vid below! Main fight on Sunday vs Onslaught + DC Mallu pov https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwHZYhkM9dw&t=5s Monk101 pov https://youtu.be/tKBf2rN8SX8 it was a nice sunday for the stoners i wanna thank every clan for it! Wednesday 19-06-2019 we started of with 18 stoners in the cave and peaker later 22. Cleaned CD and LY and had a good fight vs resistance! They asked us for a clean pkri at Ca, Resistance defended good and returned like beasts! But we outdamaged them and took the win! Check the vid below! Monk101 Pov https://youtu.be/oBx22Po_Vew Thanks for the clean fight resistance! Anyone looking for a chillhouse to smoke? Add RosaLynLee#1219 on discord Have a great day everyone! Blunt Purez out! 💚💚💚
  7. Gz rage, dont poke the bear
  8. Started off with 18 Stoners and peaked later 22 in the caves fighting Gorrila’s (Onslaught), Demons (Deava) Elites (Foe) thanks for the fights lads ❤️ MAIN EVENT: Pkri ( Blunt Purez vs Legacy) Meanwhile Clearing Legacy in the caves X4 with good fights tough ngl. They offered a Pkri in CA and we said go defend and gave legacy a good fight! Thanks for the fight legacy! If u need a coffeshop to chill in with a great community : Add RosaLynLee#1219 on discord! Blunt Purez out!
  9. Lay u down

    Supremacy vs Legacy F2P Mini + FT25

    Ez 4 Sup
  10. Leave some legacy for us